Speaking of NYC… Flash Billboard in Times Square

I was in Manhattan this week for a few meetings and had some spare time to visit Times Square to see the new ‘Adobe’ billboard. It took me a while to find it, since aside from a quick 10-second ‘Powered by Flash’ video clip that plays few minutes, there weren’t any additional clues.

So in case you find yourself near W 48th & 7th/8th avenue, look for The Color Purple Starring Fantasia billboard and then look right under that. What you’re looking at is the largest Flash Video player in the world! If you want to be at eye-level with the billboard, I’d suggest Foley’s Fish House at the Renaissance Hotel. As an aside, that hotel just went through a massive renovation and they went with this crazy, plastic/organic decor in the place. Kind of weird, but then again, it’s New York.

By the way, is it just me or is that Dana Davis (Monica Dawson/muscle mimic on Heroes) on the blacksingles.com poster?

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