Fellow SE an Oscar Winner?

This is a somewhat random post – definitely not related to Adobe technology, but definitely related to an Adobe employee.

I initially heard about the movie ‘Once‘ from my wife when she saw the premiere at Sundance last year (I was working the festival, and my wife Kaniz came along for the fun), which just won the best song Oscar tonight. So even though the movie has been out for some time, I didn’t actually get to watch it until a month ago. Imagine my surprise when I saw Kyle Thompson, a fellow Adobe SE, moonlighting as the lead actor under the name ‘Glen Hansard’.
Now, I’m sure that Kyle will deny this.. but for your consideration, I submit Exhibit A (a promotional picture of ‘Glen’ for the movie):
And for Exhibit B, here is Kyle with his adorable daughter Elise:
And here’s the coup d’etat – Kyle/Glen with his guitar:
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case!

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