More news from kuler…

More news from kuler (, an Adobe web-hosted application for exploring, creating and sharing color harmonies. A new version of kuler desktop is now available, to accompany the official release of AIR , the Adobe development platform to deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop. The Emerging Creative Technologies (ECT) team at Adobe is excited to support the AIR development platform and to extend the current kuler functionality of RSS feeds.

New features include (Feature Guide below:

  • Browse color themes from the kuler website while offline (up to 100 themes cached per feed)
  • Drag and drop themes onto your own desktop as transparent “tear offs,” which can be scaled and viewed over any application
  • Access themes from Mykuler (must be signed in)
  • Download themes as ASE (Adobe Swatch Exchange) files directly from the kuler desktop (must be signed in)
  • New RSS feed “Random”

Moving forward, as additional functionality becomes available in the AIR platform, new features will be added to the kuler desktop.

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