On the road to Memphis…

I’m in Memphis today to present Flash to the local AIGA chapter. Actually, since my colleague Josh Margulis is officially credited as the presenter, I only provided some assistance. As one would expect, the AIGA folks were pretty creative about promoting an event which takes place on Valentine’s Day!

Since I haven’t had a chance to present with Josh before, I was really looking forward to it. The only hitch was that it ain’t easy getting to Memphis from Toronto (and then from Memphis to Philly where we’re presenting at an event the next day).
So just to give you a little peak into the life of an SE, here’s my itinerary for Feb 14:
4am ET – wake up
4:30am-4:50am – car service to Toronto airport (YYZ)
4:50am-5:50am – get through customs & security
6:25am – YYZ to Chicago, IL (ORD), arr 7:18am
8:25am – ORD to Memphis, TN (MEM), arr 10:13am CT
10:45am CT – Get to event venue (by smelly cab)
3pm – Finish up session (skip lunch), wait 25 mins for a cab back to the airport
4:20pm – Get to the airport, eat a crappy lunch/dinner
5:55pm – Start writing this blog entry
6:57pm – Fly from MEM to Charlotte, NC (CLT), arrive 9:30pm ET
10:15pm ET – CLT to Phialdelphia (PHL), arrive 11:35pm
12:20am – Check into hotel
So that’s 1 province and 4 states in a 20+ hour day. It might sound like fun, but it wears on you after a bit..
But in the end, it’s worth it. I get to do what I love (talk) and I get to meet some great people. For example, the AIGA folks gave me a couple of parting gifts: a ‘Day for Flash Lovers’ t-shirt AND a Sun Studio, Memphis shirt!

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