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More FMRMS info on

This morning the Adobe Developer Connection posted two articles to support the FMRMS launch:

Introducing Flash Media Rights Management Server (by Desiree Motamedi)

Exploring content protection options with Flash Media Rights Management Server (by Laurel Reitman)

Both are featured on the FMS Developer Center:

as well as the ADC home page:

New AS3 Reference Guide Published

Hot off the presses, the official Adobe technology platform ActionScript reference for RIA development is now available. The notebook-format document provides a complete ActionScript 3 API listing for Flash Player, Flex 3 and Adobe AIR.

You can read Mike Chambers’ blog entry about it, or download the PDF here. It’s distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License, so you are free to edit and redistribute the file.

More news from kuler…

More news from kuler (, an Adobe web-hosted application for exploring, creating and sharing color harmonies. A new version of kuler desktop is now available, to accompany the official release of AIR , the Adobe development platform to deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop. The Emerging Creative Technologies (ECT) team at Adobe is excited to support the AIR development platform and to extend the current kuler functionality of RSS feeds.

New features include (Feature Guide below:

  • Browse color themes from the kuler website while offline (up to 100 themes cached per feed)
  • Drag and drop themes onto your own desktop as transparent “tear offs,” which can be scaled and viewed over any application
  • Access themes from Mykuler (must be signed in)
  • Download themes as ASE (Adobe Swatch Exchange) files directly from the kuler desktop (must be signed in)
  • New RSS feed “Random”

Moving forward, as additional functionality becomes available in the AIR platform, new features will be added to the kuler desktop.

A quick media hit

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been doing a few press interviews/briefings for the AIR launch, and I actually got quoted in an article.. for your reading pleasure:

Adobe AIR (& Flex 3) now in production

Absolutely huge news!

Adobe AIR just went 1.0. As the official Adobe spokesperson for AIR in Canada, I’ve been busy doing over/interviews with journalists across the country in preparation for the AIR launch.. and it’s finally here!
With the announcement, Adobe also added to the already impressive list of customers (eBay, AOL, FedEx, Nasdaq, SAP to name a few). Newcomers include The New York Times, BBC, and Deutsche Bank. Pretty darn impressive for a 1.0 product (whatever happened to waiting for the first service pack, or a 1.1 update??)
Also, Adobe Flex 3, the free open source framework for RIA development, moved from beta to production.. so all in all, a super exciting time to be at Adobe (or to be an Adobe customer)!

Some of my favourite AIR examples that you can install today:
Shifd from NYT
Others at the AIR Showcase site

Analytics Reporting Suite – Awesome AIR app!

If you use Google Analytics for your web or blog traffic, you have to check out the Analytics Reporting Suite developed by Boulevart of Belgium.

Built on the AIR platform, the tool lets you access your Google Analytics data from your desktop, the UI is a vast improvement over what Google offers, you can export to PDF, Excel or XML — and it’s super, super fast.

You’ll need to download AIR from Adobe Labs first, so what are you waiting for? Hit up Adobe Labs and then install the Analytics Reporting Suite!

Get Buzzed!

It’s been a harsh winter in Toronto this year (although this week has been very mild), and since I could never bring myself to wear a toque (Canadian for winter hat) lest it ruin my hair, I decided to buzz it off a couple of weeks back.

Ok, so maybe not the best segue to talk about Buzzword, by far the best online word processor on the planet, but you’ll just have to forgive me. Naturally, this stunning Rich Internet Application (RIA) was developed using Flex (by a small startup called Virtual Ubiquity, one of the original recipients of funding from Adobe’s $100 million venture capital fund announced at MAX 2006). Fast forward to MAX 2007 last October, and we had Adobe announce that it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire Virtual Ubiquity. Yay for us!

I think this acquisition could prove to be a game-changer for Adobe as it dives deeper into the ‘knowledge worker’ market, currently dominated by Microsoft. Not an easy task, but considering the sheer size of this market, it’s certainly worth the old college try. Plus, the trend of people increasingly making use of online applications in favour of desktop applications (I’m thinking of Facebook here) bodes well for RIAs as a whole.

To actually get to my point: if you haven’t already, try Buzzword today. I think you’ll be amazed! Aside from the brilliant interface, one of the things I really like about Buzzword is that it is truly a collaborative authoring workspace.

And while you’re here, check out SlideRocket, a Flex-based RIA for building presentations. Now, if somebody can just develop an Excel-like RIA, I think we’ve got a little suite on our hands. 🙂

Random Flex Resources

As you can tell, I have a lot to say after my week away. Here are a few Flex-related resources I came across over the last week or so:

  • – this should be any Flex developer’s first stop for all things related to Flex.. I guess I hadn’t been there in a while and missed the site revamp. A huge improvement in terms of usability, so bravo to the site owners.
  • – Either this guy has some serious time on his hands, or he’s a really, really fast typist/developer. Lots and lots of useful examples.