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Getting your web design to the browser

I recently presented an online seminar on Photoshop CS3 and Dreamweaver CS3 integration/workflow late last month, and I got a lot of requests for the demo files and additional documentation. Now, to be honest, I didn’t create the assets or the workflow script, so I wasn’t sure what the official line was on sharing these things with seminar attendees.. well, as it turns out, there is a publicly available document on that provides step-by-step instructions plus the source files. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find this document on the site myself, so I’ve just shared the PDF and source files here:

Link to Source Files


Live at Macworld!

Today is the last day of Macworld and I’m in the middle of one of my last sessions on Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium. It’s been a great conference (see the recap of the keynote below), but I’m ready to go home and sleep in my own bed.

For those of you that missed my sessions, here are some web resources to help you learn more about the new features of the web suite:

A few other sites I referred to during the week:

‘Demo Challenge’ win at Adobe Sales & Marketing Conference

At the conference last week, all the SEs (System Engineers) and Evangelists were invited to participate in a demo shootout. Entries were judged prior to the conference and two finalists from two categories (Creative and Acrobat/LiveCycle) were selected to participate in the ‘on stage face-off’ as part of a general session (~2000 attendees).

My team’s entry made it to the finals and we (Adam Pratt, Lynn Grillo and I) got our chance to present our demo – taking an XML file of book titles, producing a multi-page catalogue in InDesign, output to PDF, output to Digital Editions and output to Spry-based (Ajax), mobile-friendly webpage. Plus, we took a low-res video of a guy dancing, stuck our manager’s head on it using After Effects, keyed out the background using Ultra, and brought the video into Flash for web playback, and used the same video as overlay advertising for the Adobe Media Player. All in 5 minutes! Whew! Well, most of the stuff was baked in advance, so it was merely a matter of getting through our ‘script’ with some jokes thrown in for good measure.

Our opponent in the face-off was Rufus Deuchler, an evangelist from Europe, who did a fantastic demo on LiveColor and Kuler in Illustrator.

In the end, the ‘applause-o-meter’ determined the winner – us! 🙂 Our team had decided in advance to give the $2500 purse to charity – and we’re hoping Adobe will match the donation. One of the nice perks of being an Adobe employee is that the company will match your charitable contributions on a 1:1 basis up to a certain amount, so we should be able to make a small difference this holiday season.

Flash Media Server & Adobe Media Player presentation

Here’s a slide deck I presented recently at an Adobe eSeminar that covers the new features in Flash Media Server 3 as well as an overview of the Adobe Media Player.

FlashinTO Pecha Kucha Presentation

I had a chance to present at the November 28th FlashinTO user group meeting. The format was Pecha Kucha ( Essentially, 20 slides, 20 seconds each, for a total of a 6 minutes, 40 seconds presentation. My presentation was a quick tour of what’s new at Adobe.