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Engage 2008 (From Adobe Developer Connection)

Engage 2008—held in San Francisco on February 25, 2008—is Adobe’s annual conversation on the future of applications and the web, bringing together key thought leaders and influencers to share perspectives from a broad spectrum of industries. In this video, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen and CTO Kevin Lynch begin the dialog and show you what’s coming next from Adobe.

Watch the video here:

A quick media hit

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been doing a few press interviews/briefings for the AIR launch, and I actually got quoted in an article.. for your reading pleasure:

Fellow SE an Oscar Winner?

This is a somewhat random post – definitely not related to Adobe technology, but definitely related to an Adobe employee.

I initially heard about the movie ‘Once‘ from my wife when she saw the premiere at Sundance last year (I was working the festival, and my wife Kaniz came along for the fun), which just won the best song Oscar tonight. So even though the movie has been out for some time, I didn’t actually get to watch it until a month ago. Imagine my surprise when I saw Kyle Thompson, a fellow Adobe SE, moonlighting as the lead actor under the name ‘Glen Hansard’.
Now, I’m sure that Kyle will deny this.. but for your consideration, I submit Exhibit A (a promotional picture of ‘Glen’ for the movie):
And for Exhibit B, here is Kyle with his adorable daughter Elise:
And here’s the coup d’etat – Kyle/Glen with his guitar:
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case!

Abbas 3.0 Released Today!

After a decade of development, it’s reported that Abbas 3.0 was released today at 12:01am ET. Unfortunately, similar to the previous 2.0 and 1.0 releases, Abbas 3.0 will not ship with with any release notes or documentation of new features or updates.

Based on past performance, analysts expect that Abbas 3.0 will be slower, heavier, and generally less responsive, with no significant feature enhancements or bug fixes. The only new module that has been publicly announced to date is the ‘parenting add-on’ – whether this new functionality is a success still remains to be seen.

The 3.0 release party is scheduled for tonight, with a very limited invite list.

(Well, I thought the above would be kind of funny, in a technology/geeky kind of way, but now that I re-read it, it’s really not that good.. but what the hey. I’m 30, it’s my birthday and I’ll do what I want!)

Happy New Year!

Just a quick note to wish everyone a safe and happy new year! ’08 should be a good one!

Merry Christmas, Eid Mubarik, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa!

Just a quick note to wish everyone a joyous and safe holiday season! The busy personal schedule is taking a priority over the blog, but I’ll be back at it soon enough!

A few photos from the sales & marketing conference

I promised that I would post a few pictures from the recent Adobe sales & marketing conference.. and since I didn’t actually bring a camera myself, I had to rely on others sending me some of their shots.. I’m not sure what the official Adobe policy is on posting these publicly, but they’re all pretty generic, so I’m guessing it’s cool.

Adobe turned 25 this year (started on December 2, 1982 I believe) – so there was a big party on the Thursday night to celebrate. It was held in a huge tent/pavilion the size of two or three football fields! The main act was Smasmouth (lead singer pictured above), who actually put on a pretty good show, but the audio levels were way too high, making it impossible to actually talk to other people. C’est la vie.

Any companies out there that haven’t yet done an ‘Idol’ type event? Well, last week was Adobe’s turn – and I must say they did a pretty good job with the whole production. The best part was the judges – Terry White played Randy Jackson’s role quite well, including all the Yo Dawgs and telling everyone they were a little ‘pitchy’.

So here’s my brush with a Photoshop deity.. that’s me on the right and John Nack (Photoshop PM) on the left! Boy do I look short next to John – and he’s not super tall, which makes me a little vertically challenged.

I also got to meet Bruce Chizen (outgoing CEO), John Warnock (co-founder of Adobe, inventor of postscript) and Chuck Geschke (co-founder of Adobe), which was kind of neat.

Overall the conference was a ton of fun. I really do feel privileged to work at Adobe – not only because of the great software and technologies the company is known for, but also because of my brilliant and inspiring co-workers.

By the way, the above three photos are from Terry White.. and he has a much more interesting post on the 25th Anniversary Party.. so check it out.

‘Demo Challenge’ win at Adobe Sales & Marketing Conference

At the conference last week, all the SEs (System Engineers) and Evangelists were invited to participate in a demo shootout. Entries were judged prior to the conference and two finalists from two categories (Creative and Acrobat/LiveCycle) were selected to participate in the ‘on stage face-off’ as part of a general session (~2000 attendees).

My team’s entry made it to the finals and we (Adam Pratt, Lynn Grillo and I) got our chance to present our demo – taking an XML file of book titles, producing a multi-page catalogue in InDesign, output to PDF, output to Digital Editions and output to Spry-based (Ajax), mobile-friendly webpage. Plus, we took a low-res video of a guy dancing, stuck our manager’s head on it using After Effects, keyed out the background using Ultra, and brought the video into Flash for web playback, and used the same video as overlay advertising for the Adobe Media Player. All in 5 minutes! Whew! Well, most of the stuff was baked in advance, so it was merely a matter of getting through our ‘script’ with some jokes thrown in for good measure.

Our opponent in the face-off was Rufus Deuchler, an evangelist from Europe, who did a fantastic demo on LiveColor and Kuler in Illustrator.

In the end, the ‘applause-o-meter’ determined the winner – us! 🙂 Our team had decided in advance to give the $2500 purse to charity – and we’re hoping Adobe will match the donation. One of the nice perks of being an Adobe employee is that the company will match your charitable contributions on a 1:1 basis up to a certain amount, so we should be able to make a small difference this holiday season.

Changes at Work!

One of the problems of working at Adobe is that there are so many exciting things going on at the company, it’s hard to decide where to focus. “Should I dive deeper into Flex or AIR or Flash or Creative Suite or Connect or Mobile & Devices or Production Premium or or or… ?” Get the idea?

Therefore, when I was recently presented with a choice of a slightly different, more focused role within the SE team, I decided to accept (Although I haven’t made the final call to my future and past managers!). My new role is essentially going to focus on our Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional and Flash Media Server business, which is super exciting!

So as I start a transition to my new role over the next few months, the focus on my blog will probably shift to these technologies. Wish me luck!