Welcome to the Lightroom Journal!


Welcome to the official Adobe Photoshop Lightroom blog! This is the place where you will find all the inside information, tips, techniques, and hidden secrets you need to help you get the most out of Lightroom, made available to you straight from the horse’s mouth: the Lightroom team. Once in a while, you may also find links to web photo galleries posted here, as most of the team members are accomplished photographers in their own right. Knowing this crew, there will also be a healthy dose of random, but related posts about all things digital and photographic. But mostly it will just be a place for you to follow the inner thinking of the team, as we work our way toward making Lightroom better and better with each daily build. Thanks for helping us make it great. And please feel free to leave us a comment or suggestion.

25 Responses to Welcome to the Lightroom Journal!

  1. Greytown kiwi says:

    What a great idea to blog.Sitting down here at the bottom of the world at times can feel a little isolated.LR is a great tool, that I am sure will grow more refined and sophisticated over time. Keep coming at us with the surprise features, you made a quantum leap from b4 to v1.I now convert everything to DNG and the results are brilliant !!Thanks again and bring it on!!Geoff Walker – New Zealand.

  2. Congrats on the first post George, I’m looking forward to seeing good stuff here. Andy Rahn, roll on those web tutorials!

  3. David Vogt says:

    Am using Lightroom 1.0. I am very pleased so far.

  4. hey there… looking forward to see what’s coming here. intalled my copy of lightroom last night and it is wonderful. thanks for all the work!

  5. James Haney says:

    Looking forward to continuing the great dialog from the beta forums. Keep the content coming…

  6. jed best says:

    George,Best of luck with the journal. Lightroom really rocks.Jed

  7. Been using the various beta’s and now using version 1.0.One feature that is missing and vital for photographers who shoot sport like me is that Lightroom doesn’t see in-camera tagged images. I’ve discussed this on other forums so some of you may be aware of it. But when shooting football I tag the strong images in-camera and the view only the tagged images. This is vital when editing for press as you don’t need to wade through hundreds of images that though good are not needed at that time – just the newsworthy or story images. In-camera tagging is the only way to do this and Lightroom is at present unable to do this. A serious error in my opinion.

  8. Pål Nome says:

    Congrats, we look forward to many good tips. Will hold two Lightroom trainings over the coming weeks (probably the first ones in Norwegian)….Pål

  9. Jeff Magidson says:

    George Jardine;I wanted to take a moment to publicly thank you for your Lightroom Podcast! I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed listening to them. The 2 episodes with Richard Benson where very illuminating and particularly of interest to me. I first became aware of Benson’s mastery in printing when I purchased Irving Penn’s “Passages” book in 1991. I had read a bit about Benson here and there, but nothing was like hearing him talk in his own voice about his work on the Podcast!Thanks again… keep it coming and I look forward to reading this journal!All The Best,-Jeff Magidson

  10. Tim Elliott says:

    Lightroom is brilliant!, the fact that it was created for photographers by photographers and made available for trial and discussion via the beta versions for all photographers worldwide is a stroke of genius. i believe Lightroom will be accepted as the benchmark for image processing.Well done to the team involved.Tim Elliott.

  11. Jani Westman says:

    Hi George!I’m positive surprised to see that you take the time to do this blog. Now I wait in eager for what to come…Lightroom really is the program that replaces a lot programs in one. Now I don’t have to use Downloader pro, iView media pro, Rawshooter premium, J-album or Camera RAW any more. I only use Lightroom and Photoshop. And best of all, they communicate to each other.Best of luck and take care from Sweden.

  12. Liz Faulkner says:

    Been using Lightroom for a couple of days now and it’s brilliant. I had used Aperture which I found to be very heavy and slow. I have so far managed to bring in OVER 8000 images all with metadata, so for me Lightroom ROCKS!

  13. Sid Jervis says:

    George, I’m glad to see the Lightroom Journal online. Getting more Lightroom information out to everyone is all good stuff. Go LR team!

  14. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments.Much of the team is here in the MN office for the “Virtual Online Launch Party” today…. so we’re a bit swamped. But I think different members of the team have some interesting stuff to share with you in the coming days. So stay tooned. 🙂

  15. Ellis Vener says:

    okay here is the first big hairy important question: Whose eye is that and who made the photo?

  16. George Mann says:

    Have fun at the party George. I unfortunately can not make even the virtual cruise since I am out in the field and have no high speed connection. Enjoy.

  17. You know Ellis, I’ve wondered that myself on more than one occasion.

  18. The eye is Julie Heiser’s. Julie’s our User Research Specialist. Photo by George. 🙂

  19. Patrick Cullinane says:

    Best of luck to everyone with the new blog, looking forward to some cool info on lightroom.Patrick.

  20. Don Ricklin says:

    George, looking forward to some insightful stuff here. Thanks forall you have done for us, and I know you know who I mean.Enjoyed the Party, even with the snafus.Happy Shooting!

  21. Kenuk says:

    All the best for the blog. Looking forward to future issues.Kenuk.

  22. Ellis Vener says:

    Thanks Julie and George!

  23. gaba says:

    This is for me the most exciting software in the last couple of years. Awesome! Can’t get enough of it. 🙂 Thanks guys, for holding to your vision and finishing this brilliant program.

  24. joe says:

    Hi George,I am creating a site with info on how to make custom lightroom web galleries. The site is http://www.lightroomgalleries.comI have a few questions i would like to ask you about lightroom web galleries. If you could contact me via my website that would be great. Thank you!Joe