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Here’s another entry i had on my blog in April that might be useful for LR journal subscribers – Barry Young.

I have been using Lightroom frequently for about 5 months and thought i knew the product fairly well until i started watching Chris Orwig’s Training DVD from

In the 5.5 hours of play time, I learned a great deal and it’s definitely helped me to work my way through LR a lot quicker and more efficiently. Even the basic F5, F6, F7 and F8 show/hide panel commands, that Chris repeats over and over, has the desired effect of planting those shortcuts in memory so you don’t forget them.

If you’ve been using Photoshop for years (as I have), you may be tempted to think you don’t need training, but believe me it’s worth the time. Lightroom is a completely different beast from Photoshop (and Bridge) and after the training you’ll really appreciate the functionality that LR has to offer.

Here is a link for two books that Chris recommends for Lightroom on his website.

NAPP’s Photoshop User Magazine also now includes Darkroom, a supplemental magazine which focuses purely on Lightroom features.

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  1. Johnny V says:

    If you had to choose one way to learn Lightroom…hands down I’d recommend Chris Orwig’s tutorials on Spend the $25.00 for one month and view the tutorial….you’ll learn a ton and really see the power of Lightroom.I do have a Lightroom book but it’s far easier for me to learn while I watch another person working and explaining the program.I have no affiliation with the above…just a happy Chris Orwig / customer.John V