LR Tip: Uploading to a Web Service


Here’s an entry i posted on my blog a few weeks ago, and thought it would be useful in the LR Journal page for those subscribers. — Barry Young.

Lightroom has excellent Flash web gallery generation and built-in FTP upload capabilities, but if you use one of the many web services that are out there you may be wondering how to get your photos on the web. Up until last week i was wondering the same thing. Luckily, there is a solution, which came by way of Tom Hogarty, PM for Lightroom.

The solution is to add an uploader executable into the Export Actions folder. Most of the major services (Flickr, Smugmug, etc) have client uploader mechanisms.

I personally use Smugmug and i found a client uploader which worked like a charm. Here’s the steps:

1) Place your executable uploader into:

Win: C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\Application Data\Adobe\Lightroom\Export Actions

/[user home]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Export Actions/

NOTE: i created an alias from my original location and pasted into the export actions folder.

2) In LR, select the images you want to upload

3) File > Export Photos

4) Select an existing preset that outputs in to web file sizes (I already had an Export For Web preset that i used previously)

5) In the post processing popup should now be a shortcut to the uploader exe – select it

6) Go back up to the preset popup Save As New Preset – give it a name

7) Now when you click Export it will generate the files and add them to the uploader application ready for upload

12 Responses to LR Tip: Uploading to a Web Service

  1. Which is the Windows client uploader that you are referring to for Smugmug ? I am desperately looking for a Lightroom to Smugmug exporterbyoung: The uploader client i’ve been using is “Send to Smugmug” found here:

  2. Don M. says:

    I use Flickr and it worked like a charm. Great tip!

  3. Nick Marques says:

    This works, but Flickr Uploadr crashes if I export more than 2-3 photos at a time.

  4. Nik Clayton says:

    A note about using uploading clients.Make sure you have Lightroom do any image resizing as part of the export, rather than the client program.For example, the Flickr Uploadr tool has an option to resize images before it uploads them. But if you let it do that it also destroys the embedded metadata in the image (keywords, and such like). Which means all your carefully crafted keywords don’t make it up to Flickr.By having Lightroom do the image resizing as part of the export, and letting the uploading program just do the uploading, this problem is avoided.Took me a few days of head scratching to work that one out.

  5. It would be really nice, if the user could decide if the export action should be done to the exported files individually or combined into a folder.Right now if I set up a FTP action as export action to, say drop the files into my webgallery, it drops the files individually into my FTP client.I would prefer it to pass the files + the containing folder onto the export action. That way my FTP program would upload the entire folder.As other would prefer it the way it is now, a checkbox would be nice.Or having the option of uploading files to a remote site by FTP within LR 🙂[Good points all around Anders. Thanks for the feedback. -TH]

  6. Pascal says:

    You don’t have to know the full path to the Export action folder.Just open the export menu and in the post-processing action ,just choose Open the Export actions folder now : it will open a window on the folder. You then just have to put in what you want.

  7. Alex Davila says:

    I have a blog at and would like to post a photo gallery from LR 1.1 to it. Is this possible using the method mentioned above. Any help would be appreciated.

  8. photoj says:

    Thanx this is just what I needed to know. I was looking for a reason for lightroom, knowing that I can send to smugmug just adds fule to the fire.

  9. Jeff Burke says:

    Didn’t work for me. After the export within LR, the SmugMug uploader (for Mac) launched, but the files were not loaded into the uploader.:-)Options / suggestions?

  10. Jane Taubman says:

    I wrote a small utility for windows, to grab all the file names passed in a single export and then FTP them to a selected folder on a standard FTP site. Follow the link if interested.

  11. pete says:

    Here’s a small modification I made to the SmugMug plug-in: you like it, let Jeffery know so he can make something like it in the next version.Pete

  12. Scott says:

    Jeff Friedl has an amazing set of inexpensive LR plugins including many for services like Smugmug. Google “Friedl Lightroom” — won’t be hard to find them.