Slideshow Tip #2

If you’ve ever used Lightroom v1.0 to present a slideshow directly from the application, and had to interrupt your presentation, you probably know that it does not necessarily pick up where it left off. You might have also noticed that Slideshow (like Web) does not honor the selection in the FilmStrip. It always uses all of the photos in the FilmStrip. So if you’re presenting live slideshows, here are a couple of tips that may help you out.

Holding down the shift key when you click the Play button will cause Slideshow to start with the active photo, but will still play all photos, regardless of how many photos are selected.

Holding down shift + command (control on the PC) when you click the Play button will cause Slideshow to start with the active photo, and only play the selected photos, repeating when it gets to the end.

Finally… if the selection thing drives you crazy, you’re not the only one. This selection logic (at least for Slideshow) is slated to change in the next release. 🙂

7 Responses to Slideshow Tip #2

  1. Tim says:

    You can do a Filmstrip selection in Library or Develop if you’re doing an Impromptu slideshow.

  2. George,How about a No-Repeat option?

  3. The no-repeat option would be a good 2.0 feature request. :-)G.

  4. Kimberly Charles says:

    Hi,If anyone can offer some help with a couple issues I have been having using Lightroom with Windows XP on a Sony Desktop, I would greatly appreciate it.I cannot seem to drag and drop in any of the modules…In Survey View, for instance, I see the white highlight frame light up around the photo I click on…but then when I try to drag it into another position, nothing happens. In Slideshow mode, I want to reorder the slides and I am not able to drag and drop or move any of them. The white hand changes to a fist, but then a circle with a slash appears and I can’t reorder them.Also, I am unable to collapse the program to take a break from Lightroom and check my email, or use another program without having to Exit Lightroom. The top bar with the Minimize, Maximize and Close (X) is missing from my Windows version of Lightroom.Thanks so much for any help,

  5. laurie Usher says:

    I teach at Olympic Community College. How/where should students save their libraries for computers that are in a lab with DeepFreeze. They have access to 100mb server space. Suggestions on preferences to preset for this environment?[Laurie, I’m not familiar with DeepFreeze but I recommend that photographers who need to switch between computers often, use a fast, portable, external drive to store their catalogs and current projects. The ability to split and then re-assemble catalogs for project-based work makes this very easy. Don’t forget to check the option in your preferences to store the presets with the catalog. This way, many of your important settings will travel with the catalog. -TH]

  6. Keri Mankos says:

    Hi,Help! I have lightroom and am having a problem in slideshow. I have a client who wants to show a slideshow during the dinner, 241 slides. After about 70, it goes back to the beginning skipping slides 71-241.. ?Keri

  7. Question to all……………I want to re-arrange the position of my images within the library so when I export I can give them a new file name and order.