Airtight Interactive Web Galleries

The authors of three excellent Flash-based web photo galleries, Airtight Interactive, have agreed to let us integrate with Lightroom!

Download Adobe Photoshop Lightgroom Web Gallery Templates for SimpleViewer, Postcard Viewer, and AutoViewer:

SimpleViewer :
PostcardViewer :
AutoViewer :

Unzip the archives, and save them into the “Web Galleries” directory in your Lightroom settings folder:

  • Mac OS X : /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Web Galleries
  • Windows XP : C:\Documents and Settings\[username]]\Application Data\Adobe\Lightroom\Web Galleries
  • Windows Vista : C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Web Galleries

Relaunch Lightroom. These should now be visible in the Web module. Enjoy!

39 Responses to Airtight Interactive Web Galleries

  1. Søren Steffen says:

    Hi,I miss the watermark option in Simpleviewer?[ I didn’t know Simpleviewer had this feature. I’ll try to see if we can’t add that in an update. Unless one of you figure it out first! 🙂 — Andy ]

  2. Doug Klippert says:

    My installation says “Web Templates”[ Go ahead and create a directory next to it called “Web Galleries”. – Andy ]

  3. David Pascoe says:

    mmmm I have a Web Templates directory under Vista, but not Web Galleries. So your instructions are not quite right. So I put them into Web Templates and now I get a message in my Template Browser.[ Create a new folder called “Web Galleries” next to the “Web Templates” and put them in there. — Andy ]

  4. John Nack says:

    I’ve posted examples of each gallery here.J.[ Thanks! -Andy ]

  5. A. Dias says:

    It seems that there is a null file in each archive. Lr did not see the galleries.[ I’m not sure what you mean by “null file”. Have you upgraded Lightroom to version 1.1? — Andy ]

  6. Hello-I’ve copied all three into the Web Galleries directory and restarted Lightroom (1.1 on Mac OS X), but they are not showing up in the Web template browser. Any ideas?Just to be clear what I’ve done: downloaded the zip files, unzipped, copied the resulting directories (airtight_autoviewer, airtight_postcardviewer and airtight_simpleviewer) into the Web Galleries directory.Thanks.

  7. sandro says:

    I work on osx. I create web galleries folder in/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom.I put inside it my 3 folders obtained after unzip process of your 3 .zip.I open Lightroom and I can see new galleries on the right, in “Gallery” menubut I can’t see it on the left menu “Template Browser”. So nothing appear in the preview panel. I hope you understand my problem..

  8. rob Davidson says:

    I tried placing the un-zipped folders in the web galleries folder… nothing available in lightroom (1.1)put the folders in web templates.. got a list of components in lightroom, but they don’t display anything.I’m obviously doing something wrong!

  9. danielBrown says:

    I put the results in the Web TEMPLATES folder and, obviously, nothing happened.Might want to mention that there is both a web galleries folder AND a web templates folder.LOVE these templates. Thanks to all for making them Lightroom-compatible!db

  10. Roger Walton says:

    C:\Documents and Settings\[username]]\Application Data\Adobe\Lightroom\Web GalleriesI have failed miserably here! I have no folder labelled “Application Data” in C:\Documents and SettingsAny help much appreciated.

  11. Alexander Kirsch says:

    I installed the files on the german version of Lightroom V1.0. I can select the Web Galleries but in the generated Galleries is the gallery.xml file missing. Thanks!

  12. the autoviewer appears in my lightroom web module but the images won’t load up?

  13. Doesn’t work in my caseunder Win XP

  14. Deacon says:

    wonder what Im doing wrong, Im using vista and while I had a web galleries folder to begin with when I extract to the folder and start lightroom I get no action.all the other templates seem to be good but no new entries. I have some 0kb files that dont want to copy over from the archive, are they mac only files or something?

  15. I’d already made galleries for SimpleViewer and PostcardViewer (and had planned on an AutoViewer gallery as well). Why make these now?Anyone interested in comparison can click through to my website.Matt[ Hi, Matt — For 1.1 I added support for using xslt transform in a flash gallery. This was required to get these working on windows. Feel free to crack these open to see how they work.]

  16. Holger Wagner says:

    Hi Andy,the galleries are great! But there are some bugs. Color Palette and Appearence for the AutoViewer aren’t adjustable in Lightroom 1.1The Background color changes for SimpleViewer and PostcardViewer only appear after click “Preview in Browser” .(I use Intel Mac, MacOS 10.4.10).All the best,Holger

  17. Richard says:

    I have copied the folders from the zips to the folder, (which was altready there); and they do not show up anywhere in the web module.LR 1.1Cheers, Richard 🙂

  18. Holger Wagner says:

    Hi Andy,there are some bugs inside the galleries with Lightroom 1.1Airtight AutoViewer – Color Palette and Appearance not adjustableAirtight PostcardViewer and SimpleViewer – Background color changes only visible after “Preview in Browser” click (I use Intel Mac with 10.4.10)All the best,Holger[ Thanks to everyone for all the feedback. I’ll try and update these galleries to address the background color and other issues you’ve identified. But I’m taking a little vacation so it may be a few weeks ;)For those of you having trouble, I recommend a couple of ideas:* Make sure you’ve installed the 1.1 update to Lightroom.* Double check that you’ve spelled “Web Galleries” and all the other parts of the path correctly.* If you still have trouble, try asking at the User-to-User forum:– Andy ]

  19. Chris Joyce says:

    Windows Users:You will see the \Application Data folder only after you go into the >Tools>Folder Options menu in the top menu bar on your Explorer. Under the View tab, please check “Show Hidden Files and Folders”.To see the correct Web Galleries folder, for those that can not, just let Lightroom create it for you. To do that, you must open Lightroom select a small number of photos and proceed to the Web Module. Click on any gallery and as soon as Lightroom starts to create your preview, it will also create your missing folder.Last, you will find the Airtight simpleviewer gallery available in the right hand panel at the top after you have copied the files and restarted Lightroom.Thank you Andy for making these available!Chris

  20. Hans Drieman says:

    I downloaded the files, put the maps in “Web Galleries”, but after launching Lightroom 1.1 I see nothing of Airtight.Hans

  21. joe says:

    Not sure why these have been made as Matt over at has already created these templates months ago. I guess maybe there was an official agreement between Adobe and the airtight company. Also i guess the new ones allow for live preview which is good. I would like to have that with my custom templates on

  22. I checked the forum and found nothing. Any help?TB

  23. Toby says:

    Thanks Chris! I think what might be happening to some windows users is what happened to me. I was looking over in the left side of LR 1.1 for the galleries when in fact they are in the upper right. I don’t know why but it never occurred to me to look in the right panel. I followed the directions and I did not see the galleries over in the “Templates” section. For some reason that’s where I was intuitively drawn to look. I think, since reading posts from some fellow lightroom users with the same symptoms, that I’m not the only one who is making this mistake.Toby

  24. AdrianIII says:

    No such path in my Mac OSX – Lightroom1.1 installation. Mine goes: /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/… There is neither a Web Galleries or Web Templates here. Do I simply add one?[ Sure — go ahead and add it. – Andy ]

  25. Mauricio says:

    Does anyone know where I can tweak the thumbnail size? I’ve looked in the downloaded files (gallerymaker.xml, etc) but haven’t been able to find anything that works.Thanks to Airtght for their work by the way!

  26. This looks great- just one question: I purchased the source flash files for simpleviewer v1.7 to create a custom gallery look- when I tried to copy my custom “viewer.swf” the preview hung at the “loading xml data” progress bar. Any idea how I can get this to work?Thanks!

  27. Eric Rudd says:

    Hey Folks…I was having the same problems as everyone else here. The directions are not clear…the new galleries are NOT in the template list on the left side of the Web Module. They are in the drop down menu next to the Gallery title on the right side of the Web module frame. DUH!!! Hope this helps you all.Eric

  28. Hi there, the templates are amazing! I have read many of the comments above about not being able to see the templates after pasting the files into the “web galleries” folder. I had the same trouble, but then realised that the templates were in Lightroom but I was LOOKING IN THE WRONG PLACE. The templates don’t appear in the ‘template browser’ on the left hand side but in the ‘gallery’ field in the top right hand corner. I thought I was going made but they were there all along.I hope to get time to re-design my site soon!! Enjoy

  29. Where are the templates in lightroom???I had the same trouble as many people above after pasting the files into the “web galleries” folder. I then realised I was LOOKING IN THE WRONG PLACE in lightroom. After clicking the web option, the new templates don’t appear in the template browser window on the left of the screen, but in the ‘gallery’ field in the top right. They were there all along after restarting lightroom.Hope that helps.

  30. Hi Andy,First cheers on LR what a great program. I got a template from Lightroom Galleries that I think Joe developed. I am having some major problems with LR and maybe the template itself. LRG FlashSlideStrip with PayPal! I guess my first question would be is LR Ram inhibited?(Is that the right word?) I also have some great ideas and would love to talk to someone about them. Here is the link to one of the projects i’m working on. you will see the errors i’m dealing with. Let’s start with that. Many thanks again.Ricardo…

  31. I’ve modified the source .fla from version 1.7 of the viewer to create my own custom look (mostly just a few tweaks). Is there any way to use this (old version) custom viewer instead? I’ve tried just replacing the file in the Web Galleries folder, but the viewer hangs while loading the image data. Any ideas? Thanks for this great work- this’ll save me a lot of time!–[ Andy responds ]Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your custom version of the gallery. Have you tried previewing with the untampered version, and then to put your version of the SWF into the published gallery?

  32. CSprague says:

    Can you tell me if it’s possible for the Lightroom galleries to employ a password feature such that each client would have a password to enter their gallery?Thank you!!

  33. Thanks Andy, I did try that- but to no avail. I’ve noticed a couple differences between the output from LR and from the v1.7 picasa template output (eg. “swfobject.js” is called “flashobject.js” in my galleries). Maybe I’ll just have to try to re-do the modifications…

  34. BobM says:

    Tom, I have just loaded my new imac with CS3 and LR. I have used Adobe DNG file converion for over two years now and am a great advocate for the format. However when I proceeded to downloade my images from saturdays wedding i came across the folowing problem.Using an external card reader my standard workflow is to select the mounted card and drop it over the DNG Converter – that way ensuring that ALL raw files from ALL folders on the card are automatically converted. This has been a very successful and reliable process.I was alarmed when the new DNG converter would not recognise the card, and i had to delve down to each folder and select each folder one at a time to download. is this a change in the way DNG has gone or have I missed some set-up step?My concers are twofold.1. What if I accidently miss one of the folders on the card and don’t download the images.2. I have to stay with the computer to download each folder and keep track of where I’m up to (distractions and other work are now an issue) With the old version, I caould simply point the card reader icon at DNG, select my download folder and get on with the other tasks at hand.Is there a sloution?thanksBob

  35. Luigi Rizzo says:

    Hello. Is there a way to add music/audio to an Airtight Interactive Web Gallery? How could I do that? I’m a flash newbie … :(LR

  36. Lightroom 1.2 + OSX Leopard = no joyIn case anyone else runs into this, while the galleries do show up in the Gallery section on the right-hand side of the Web area in Lightroom 1.2, when I click on the gallery the viewer appears to be blank.Most likely this is a Lightroom issue with Leopard, and not with the viewers, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it.[Thanks for the information on your experience Michael. -TH]

  37. Dan says:

    Ill second the above, getting issues here too. Hopefully a fiw will appear in due course.

  38. This Lightroom integration rocks! I would gladly pay for a few more custom tweaks, like cleaning up the interface (no photo numbers, no links to airtight, etc). And it would be great to have a way to import an html code snippet like a header or footer, as well as tie multiple galleries together in a dropdown or tabs. You do that, and just name your price!—Andy Replies : Thanks for the kudos, Mike. I think that you can get a license for Airtight galleries from the author — cruise over to Airtight’s website for more info: you buy a license I think you can make some of the modifications you requested.

  39. Ziad says:

    Well, postcard 1.1 doesn’t show captions, but postcard 1.2 does. How can I upgrad Lightroom 1.4 to use Postcard 1.2?