Lightroom 1.1 Update Available

The Lightroom 1.1 update has been posted.  The update links are below as well as the top reasons to update to Lightroom 1.1. 

Lightroom 1.1 Update Downloads:  Mac   Win

  • Improved multiple computer workflow with catalog import/export functionality
  • Improved noise reduction and sharpening
  • Vista Support
  • Additional Camera Support (Canon 1D Mk III, Phase One medium format backs and more)

Update Notes:

  • I recommend backing up your 1.0 library file(now catalog) before upgrading.
  • The Lightroom 1.1 Readme File contains a more detailed list of new features and notes. (Does anyone ever reads these?)
  • For those that tried the Lightroom 1.0 trial and did not purchase Lightroom, the 1.1 update resets the clock and provides another opportunity.
  • This update will automatically replace your Lightroom 1.0 application (No need to uninstall)
  • As with Lightroom 1.0, feedback on Lightroom 1.1 is always appreciated.  Post your comments on the Lightroom user to user forums or submit feature requests through’s request form.  I read every submission.
  • Not sure if Lightroom is running fast enough for you?  Try the Optimze option in the catalog-specific preferences. (See what great information is already provided in the unread ReadMe?)

More information and external resources:

Please let me know if I’ve missed any resources that you find valuable.

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