Lightroom 1.2 and Leopard

As noted in Adobe’s Leopard FAQ the current version of Lightroom 1.2 is not fully compatible with Leopard, Mac OS X 10.5. The good news is that we’ll be releasing an update in mid-November that will address key compatibility issues. In the interim, the following list describes areas where photographers may encounter problems with Lightroom 1.2 on Leopard:

  • The Print module may not load
  • The Import dialog and other dialogs can “disappear” below Lightroom’s main window.  The dialog can be retrieved by switching to another application and then returning to Lightroom.
  • Lightroom’s web module may not provide a visual update after a setting is changed
  • The left-side panels in the Develop module may not display properly.  Resizing or closing/opening the panels will correct the issue.
  • The interaction between Leopard’s Time Machine and Lightroom’s catalog files is unknown at this time. Running Time Machine backup or restore operations while Lightroom is in use is not recommended until more information can be obtained

Feel free to share your Leopard/Lightroom experiences in this post’s comments section.

104 Responses to Lightroom 1.2 and Leopard

  1. We have found that the meta settings can not be synchronized across multiple images (ie: white balance in Develop panel) after installing Leopard, but it can be adjusted for one specific image selected. As a note, this is occurring even though we have not installed or configured time machine.

  2. Mike Early says:

    thanks for letting us know some of the key issues … I have been running into many of these since Friday afternoon and it is nice to get official confirmation that it is not just “operator problems” and that help is on the way.

  3. Geoff Young says:

    While the Print module loads OK, any printing I attempt does not pick up the nomnated ICC profile for printer/paper.Using LR1.2 with Pro3800.

  4. Romain Guy says:

    Another one that I’ve seen reported on Apple’s forums and that I’ve experienced first hand is that any JPEG whose metadata was written with Lightroom will crash Finder/Preview on selection/open. It’s pretty bad since every time I select one of my pictures in the Finder, it relaunches. The same picture will open fine in iPhoto, Camino, Photoshop, etc.I can live with the other problems since they are constrained within Lightroom. Crashing the Finder is a tad more annoying 🙂

  5. John Fieber says:

    There seems to be a bad interaction between Lightroom and Spaces as well. I find with full screen mode, spaces will spuriously shift from one space to another. I haven’t identified a particular pattern yet.

  6. Flash templates do not preview in the Web module at all.

  7. Kim G says:

    Why the delay? Hasn’t the LR team been working on Leopard dev builds for a while? Did Apple change Leopard that much between the last few builds and GM?I’m just curious because there are a lot of professional photographers who aren’t tech savvy and are going to just upgrade and be screwed because of this.Then, there are those of us who’ll hold out until this necessary piece of software gets updated for Leopard. Either way, it would be nice to know what happened.

  8. Hi Tom, no problems here: MacBook Pro 2.2. LR runs in its own spaces window.[Good to hear. Thanks Thorsten. -TH]

  9. Volod says:

    Importing from CF card became unreliable too. Sometimes it works, sometimes it stops before all photos are imported, sometimes it displays error message. When it detects duplicates, the message is unreadable and says something like “F…..” instead of what it really should.[Thanks for the information Volod. Clearly I only posted a partial list of Leopard compatibility issues so I appreciate everyone adding their concerns. -TH]

  10. John Fieber says:

    The spaces interaction may require a dual monitor setup to trigger.

  11. Michael Mandel says:

    After installing Leopard and Time Machine I worked in Lightroom’s develop module without any problems. However, when I relaunched Lightroom the next day, I got a message stating that my catalogue was courrupted. I used Time Machine to restore the catalogue from the previous day and have had no further difficulties other that not being able to use the develop module. Now I see from the above post that I shouldn’t have run Time Machine when using Lightroom. Did Time Machine cause the corrupt catalogue or was it caused by something else and I should consider myself lucky for having Time Machine running?[Michael, thanks for the information but I don’t think we can pinpoint the cause of the corruption from the details you provided. Again, I would just caution against using Time Machine to backup or monitor your Lightroom catalog while it is in use. -TH]

  12. CARMEN HARTMAN says:


  13. Chris says:

    Does the post above mean that the November update WILL address the Time Machine issue, or WILL NOT? I’m confused.[Chris, I’ll have more details when we release the update. -TH]

  14. Mark Thomas says:

    I find with full screen mode, spaces will spuriously shift from one space to another.A little known feature of Spaces is that if you drag a window to any of the four screen edges you can move that window into the adjacent space without actually invoking the full Spaces screen. I wonder if you could be inadvertently causing this behavior in Lightroom considering that the left, right, and bottom panels can be shown or hidden by pressing the mouse cursor against a screen edge….

  15. Jon says:

    Thanks for the information. Good to know that something is on the way.However, quite surprised that it does not work straight away – developer builds have been available for a long time and to be honest, considering the resources available to you, it should be working fine now, not in a few weeks.

  16. Steve Scherbinski says:

    I have to admit I am also disappointed in the Leopard compatibility in Adobe products. It seems strange that updates were not out before Leopard shipped, especially since it has been delayed. Don’t you guys talk to Apple?

  17. Martin Crook says:

    My main problem is the Flash previews in Web section. It’s blank…… It still produces Flash websites though ?! Apart from that, no real issues to report…… I was expecting the worst, but actually I think it may be runner quicker than it was.

  18. mary says:

    When reviewing images, two up, is there a way to lock the images to normal size. I’m having trouble with images enlarging unintentionally, at the wrong time. Frustrating.Other than that, nice software:)

  19. I installed Leopard this evening and then installed Lightroom. After that I wanted to update from 1.1 to 1.2, and when I want to mount the disk image, Leo says it doesn’t work with Error message “not recognized”. I downloaded the image from Adobe’s website … :/[Johny, I would recommend downloading the Lightroom 1.2 update again. -TH ]

  20. Kevin S says:

    Import Error the received the Apple Export to Suppor Error , If you want a copy please feel free to drop me an Email,I expecteed some minor glitches but I am sure an fix is always forthcoming.

  21. Michael Paxton says:

    Just to add that to the above, I cannot import NEF files into Lightroom using OS 10.5. Actually, I get a couple of images but no more. I have tried from a Lexmark Pro Card Reader and from the Camera.Michael[Michael, try copying the files locally before importing. Use the ‘Move and Import’ instead of the ‘Copy and Import’ option to avoid duplication once you’re in the Lightroom Import dialog. -TH]

  22. John Herdman says:

    HiHere are my problems with LR1.2 and 10.51. Print Module Doesn’t WorkWorkaround:Export photos and print via iPhoto ‘082. Time Machine and LR1.2 Catalogue Not Compatible – IE Corrupts the CatalogueWorkaround:Stop Time Machine from Reading the LR Catalogue (goto System Preferences – Time Machine then click on the options button. You can then exclude the folder that the catalouge is installed in.3. I Don’t use CF Cards but SD and XD Cards seem ok.Hope this Helps until the Patch is released.Keep up the good work AdobeJohn Herdman{Thanks John. -TH]

  23. Bob Harvey says:

    What other features will be rolled into this next update? Can you tell us if there are any tweaks to the sometimes sluggish interface?[Bob, I choose not to discuss future enhancements before the actual release. That being said, this update will address more than Leopard support and the additional effort is one of the reasons why the update was not provided prior to the Leopard release. -TH]

  24. Jon says:

    I cannot import from disk at current location: it just gives me a message saying Some Import Operations were not performed, then it lists all the files I was trying to import. Is nobody else having these problems? I’ve read about people having problems importing from CF card, and the workaround suggested was to copy them to the HD then import from disk – which would imply that other people can import from disk successfully?

  25. I already tried yesterday to download it once more, but didn’t work. Tried now and now everything went fine… Who ever can understand it.Thanks.[Good to hear Johny. -TH]

  26. Mark Thomas says:

    Keep up the good work AdobeI actually laughed out loud at this, but now I’m not sure if you were being facetious or not. Personally, I’m pretty disappointed in Adobe.[Mark I’m unsure of the context of your comment. Feedback is always appreciated but it’s much more valuable in a constructive manner. -TH]

  27. Ian G says:

    I really enjoy using lightroom and I find it to be one of the best user interfaces I’ve used for any piece of software.However, this state of incompatibility is totally unacceptable. Lightroom is the only application that’s stopping me from moving to Leopard. Is this going to be the case with each update of OSX. Will have to wait a month to upgrade?[Ian, it’s difficult to predict the future so I can’t say about future OS X upgrades but clearly we’re trying to make this a smooth transition by providing details on the level of compatibility and a time frame for the solution. Also, even as a young product, Lightroom has a reasonable track record for taking advantage of the latest Apple offerings. Lightroom beta 2 was the first professional application to run Intel-native. -TH]

  28. matt says:

    thanks TH. however, just so you know.. as a paying consumer i would expect these things to be resolved much sooner — like at launch. apple provides dev builds for this purpose.

  29. Had upgraded to Leopard, just assuming Lightroom would work fine since it was such a newly developed application, and knowing Adobe will have had access to Leopard developer builds. Glad to hear an update is coming soon though with others, would have thought that there might have been more widely publication of potential corruption issues, if they’d been identified—perhaps I just missed it. (However, there has been no discussion in the Lightroom podcast of Leopard compatibility, for instance.)Anyway, a couple of bugs I’ve encountered:* I confirm the error on import bug, with the truncated messages as reported by Volod. I found that it imported 129 of 130 images, but wouldn’t import the second to last one from the card… I assumed at the time the file was corrupted on the CF card. I was using Copy and Convert to DNG at the time.* Previously, it was possible the manually alter the import path created by the selected template, while in the import dialog. I have always used this to manually add a level to the hierarchy, by changing YYYY/YYYY-MM-DD to be YYYY/YYYY-MM/YYYY-MM-DD. Personally, I would love Adobe to make the file path templates more editable again, using tokens like in the late betas… I can’t imagine why this more advanced feature was removed, though presumably it was simply in the name of simplicity. (“Advanced” button, anyone?) In any case, under Leopard, most of the time these paths are not editable. (It seems like for about half a second after the dialog box opens, it is possible to edit them at times, so get in quick but if you’ve got shoots from multiple days, you can only edit one.

  30. Chris Lischy says:

    Error message after importing from device. Some actions could not be completed then no info. SanDisk Firewire card reader, SanDisk Extreme III 4G CF cards. No printing with Leopard. Module fails to load. LR will not allow files to be imported and moved to a Network Attached Storage folder. Flashes the screen but does not move the files.

  31. Mark Thomas says:

    [Mark I’m unsure of the context of your comment. Feedback is always appreciated but it’s much more valuable in a constructive manner. -TH]Constructive: I used to work for Adobe many years ago, but today the only Adobe app I still use is Lightroom because it doesn’t need to be authorized. Please remember this going forward. I’m only one customer, but I won’t use software that needs to be authorized. I’ve been stung one too many times by important software ceasing to function an inopportune times. So to have my one remaining Adobe app work so poorly on the new OS is especially disappointing to me. There’s simply no excuse. Not when I have a hard disk packed with sophisticated software which runs just fine.Keep up the good work.

  32. Mark Thomas says:

    Maybe this has been mentioned before, but although I can, inexplicably, get the Print module to load (ironic considering that I never print anything), I’m running into big slowdowns, and when I export JPEGs, they are not sharpened as before.What a mess.

  33. Russ says:

    I don’t understand why so many people install a new OS before either: A) testing it against essential applications first on a non-production computer or hard drive B) waiting until definitive confirmation of compatibility is announced. Come on people, this is simply good practices, much the same not using a new camera body on a shoot without testing it first or having sufficient backup gear.

  34. Not really related to lightroom, but I had to drag Fontbook to the trash in order to get Photoshop to work. Fontbook kept giving false “bad font” messages, constantly, and after four tries and four force-quits I discarded Fontbook and now Photoshop loads properly. Fontbook=bad news IMO. — KH

  35. Pete Myers says:

    When I print from the print module the brightness is of the printed image is several stops lower than the brightness of the screen image. If I export that same image and load in Photoshop without changing any settings, it prints correctly. Lightroom’s print module has been fabulous. This makes it useless. Will the mid-November fixes address this?[Pete, the print module is one of the areas of compatibility that will need to be addressed with the update. It’s important to remember that there are other components involved in printing, including the print driver provided by your printer manufacturer. -TH]

  36. @ Russ: Your comment no doubt applies to some people, but for my part I have no regrets about upgrading to Leopard on my primary drive. I am currently booting from a secondary drive in Tiger solely due to the Lightroom issues, and that’s OK, but I already miss a number of Leopard enhancements that had instantly assisted my daily workflow. Don’t forget too, it is early adopter feedback that helps Adobe identify the bugs in real environments, which is critical to ensuring the update addresses all the issues. You should be pleased at those who do this testing on their (and your) behalf. 🙂

  37. tsweimer says:

    I don’t understand why people should have to wait to install and OS that has been under development for 2 and a half bloody years and/or take extreme caution doing so. What are these developers doing in that time? Sure there are going to be a few glitches but have Lightroom’s photo’s crash the finder and preview is a bit of a joke don’t you? Granted this isn’t really a Lightroom issue, more of an Apple issues. Lightroom still rocks compared to Aperture so keep up the great work.

  38. ErlingM says:

    Menu bar disappeared: I do not know whether this is specific to Leopard, but I am running LR 1.2 on an iMac 20″, with LR running in a separate Eizo 24sceen. Suddenly the menu bar is gone (the standardFile/Edit etc. It used to be visible in the main screen, but is just gone. I can´t get to any poperties, neither can I minimize the LR window to see if it is “behind” the standard LR screen.

  39. ErlingM says:

    (Sorry about my last comment about disappearing meny, found a workaround using screen settings on MAc, somehow view settings had been changed)

  40. caroline says:

    imports six files then a message saying. it will not import more than six files at a time via camera or card reader.some operations not performedt…)f…)

  41. Jimbo says:

    My problem with Lightroom/Leopard is the print module; it won’t load. I also wonder, given the amount of lead time Adobe had, why they could not have had some of these problems resolved BEFORE Leopard was released. Adobe is definitely NOT a customer-centered culture.

  42. Rob Lilley says:

    I am new to both Mac and Lighroom – still learning both. Now this bit with Leopard and no print module – If I read correctly there will be a fix for this by the middle of November? How will we find out when and where to get this upgrade (I found this blog on a google search)?I am a 20 year Windows veteran who listened to Mac users tell me how easy and simple Mac is for most of those years. What I have found is that Mac is just a different GUI with most of the same arcane and esoteric problems as Windows.Rob[Rob, enable the Lightroom preference to be automatically notified when new updates are available. Lightroom will provide a dialog with information on the update when it has been released. -TH]

  43. [I]I don’t understand why so many people install a new OS before either: A) testing . . .B) waiting[/I]My thoughts exactly, Russ. Things are getting ever more complex and incompatibilities more and more likely.I have too many mission-critical things going on right now. I have no need of a new OS until my slow time.Not being able to print from Lightroom would have crippled my operation.When I do install, I will have a working OLD OS on another drive in case I have to go back.Ray

  44. Kevin S says:

    I get the same error as VOLOD 276 files on a CF card and it only imported 178. They were all .ORF (RAW Files) I tried both USB and the Firewire Reader but both got the Same Results.

  45. Russ says:

    FYI, Duncan: I also upgraded Leopard on my “primary drive” but had mirrored the drive to an external backup FIRST just in case. Because I sideline as a consultant to other photographers, I have to be prepared to help the unprepared…Still, it baffles me that so many people make the leap with no way to back out if there are problems that stop them dead in their tracks.

  46. Jimbo says:

    Congratulations to all of you who do not jump into new OS versions until .3 is out; however, I think you’re missing the point altogether.1. Leopard has been a long time coming.2. My printing problems are not in Leopard. My printer works just fine in Leopard. My printing problems are in LIGHTROOM. It seems to me that puts the ball in Adobe’s court. N’est Pas?3. I fail to understand the logic of waiting to employ a new OS until all suppliers have got off top dead center. Mission critical or not mission critical – what’s your definition of a pro-active, customer centered culture? You’ll get it when you get it? It’s a competitive world out the fellas.

  47. Olivier Jacquemard says:

    Hello,I have a Panasonic LIMUX LX2 and when i use Lightroom with Leopard, only the JPEG are imported (not the RAW) from a SD card inserted in a USB boxe.

  48. Russ says:

    The ball is always in YOUR court. Keeping your workflow running smoothly is your responsibility, which means you need to be sure any changes to workflow that can cause problems can be reversed to the last known functioning state.I’d love to hear what feature(s) of Leopard would be the one to provide anyone with a competitive edge.

  49. Pete Myers says:

    Thanks TH for responding to my last observation about printing. As I noted, the problem does not occur when printing from Photoship, only from Lightroom.Another observation: When I import fotos, after specifying which ones I want to import and where I want them to go, the panel that lets you confirm the import disappears. If I hit enter/return, the import commences. But I can’t confirm the final settings because I can’t get the panel to the front.

  50. @ Russ, very similar to my setup, and exactly what I did too. In terms of Leopard issues that provide a competitive edge, personally in a relatively short period of working in Leopard I found dramatically faster Spotlight search to assist workflow, Time Machine’s hourly backup to be a useful additional backstop to my current backup program, even excluding Lightroom’s database from the backups at this stage, and I was surprised to discover that Spaces immediately proved useful in my personal workflow, since I didn’t think I’d use that at all… But that is just my 2c. 🙂

  51. Jimbo says:

    Competitive edge? I’ve never bought an OS or any piece of software because it gave me a “competitive edge”. My company used IBM and Microsoft – so at work, I used IBM and Microsoft. It was a classical “no brainer”. HOWEVER, when I buy software for personal use, I’m a features-oriented buyer; so here goes: In Leopard I like spaces a lot. Up until 10.5 I had never used virtual machines for anything other than running XP or Vista via Parallels in 10.4. I cannot document this, but it seems to me Leopard is more aware of multiple processors than it’s predecessor. I also like Time Machine. I haven’t had it long enough to grow fond of other features. Nothing here you couldn’t get with other makers software – but it’s nice to have it integrated under one roof. BTW, FWIW NetNewsWire, Snapz Pro, HP printer drivers incorporated in Leopard and ChronoSync all worked fine on Leopard from day one, as does Word and Excel. And as I mentioned before, even though Leopard gives me no competitve edge per se, it prints – which is a function I value a great deal. When 10.5.3 rolls around, you can tell me what you like about it.

  52. Paul Robishaw says:

    The Filename Template Editor in Import does not seem to work properly when attempting to create a custom name template.

  53. Ashrakay says:

    I blame Apple for this. 🙁

  54. Ashrakay says:

    Actually, I blame myself for falling into this continual trap with Apple of being an early adopter.[I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself Ashrakay. Early adopters keep all of us in the technology industry on our toes and get these issues out in the open sooner rather than later. -TH]

  55. John Davies says:

    Thanks for posting this, I’ve just spent the last 2 hours trying to “debug” my Lightroom/printing probems and I think I can now say it’s down to the Leopard+Lightroom combination. I must say I’m not too pleased but I’m glad to know I’ve not screwed something up and even happier to know I don’t have to mess around and re-install it (for now anyway).A few days ago I seemed to manage to get into the print module but my prints were bad indicating a bad profle, I double checked and tried again with the same result, I was about to re-profile my printer when I discovered I couldn’t get to the print module today so that lead me to Google which eventually lead me here.I’m now off to CS3 to print, if you guys can fix the “Aplication has Moved … Repair Now” error I get on starting all my Web Premium applications (probably because I’ve moved them into “Adobe Web Premium” folder) then I’ll forgive you for killing LR, assuming of course you get a fix out very soon.-John-

  56. Chris Lischy says:

    Received and installed disk version after using trial version. Entering the key fixed the printing issue. Great! Still, Slideshow is increasing exposure on properly edited pictures by 2/3 of a stop or more. Ugg. Cannot use Slideshow.[Chris, just so you know, the trial version is always going to be the latest version of the software available. The disk that’s in the box is version 1.1 while the trial versions available online have been updated to 1.2. All the trial version needs is a serial number to be the full application.]

  57. Bill Caulfeild-Browne says:

    I have absolutely no problems with LR and Leo except for the Print Module not loading as others have already observed. For the moment I’m simply exporting files to CS3 for printing. The rest of LR has become indispensable and second nature.I think Adobe has done great job right from the very first beta and I’m more than forgiving of a glitch when Apple (suddenly) makes a new O/S version available.Now, if LR could run just a tad faster with my Phase One P45+ files, I’d be in heaven!

  58. Dmitry Soldatkin says:

    My problems are not 100% Leopard related but I think they are worth mentioning here. I keep my photos on a network drive (readynas nv+). Every time I try to convert to DNG files from LR I get error saying that files can’t be removed but LR does not have any problem deleting rejected files from the same location.Second problem is editing in Photoshop from LR. When I try to save edited file (file-Edit.tiff) I get error message that file is open by other program. Is there any hope that these problems will be solved in upcoming mid-November release?

  59. Matt S says:

    I’m running into a problem where I cannot view the window close, minimize, or expand buttons in the top left corner of Lightroom 1.2 in Leopard. Perhaps this is how the program is supposed to be, but I’m fairly certain that in Tiger I was able to view these common buttons (the three small colored balls – red, yellow, green).As LR is viewed now when opened, the Lightroom logo is just under the Apple finder icon and the rest of the top menu bar.Any thoughts? Thanks.[Matt, it sounds like you’re in full screen mode. Hit the F key twice to get back to the regular window mode. -TH]

  60. Bernd Neumann says:

    I had the same problems with the import of photos with leopardas described before: Importing from CF card became unreliable too. Sometimes it works, sometimes it stops before all photos are imported, sometimes it displays error message. When it detects duplicates, the message is unreadable and says something like “F…..” instead of what it really should. LR import and shows only one or two photos and don t import all hundred of photos…

  61. Matt S says:

    Doh! That was the problem.Thanks!

  62. Fred Ehmann says:

    Since upgrading to 10.5 I have had trouble importing TIFF files made with my Nikon Coolscan V. They are usually–not always–grayed out in the import dialog box. Even opening the file with Nikon Scan and changing the creator to PS did not help.Has anyone else seen this?

  63. Kevin S says:

    When trying to import a catalog from my laptop with some of the same files it does not find any duplicates. But when I import the a known duplicate in both catalogs it just adds a suffix to the filename and imports it. I tried this many times with different files it all ends with the same result.

  64. Brian A says:

    I am dismayed that a company of your standing apparently has to wait until the final release of Leopard in order to reveal there are compatibility problems with Lightroom. The problems encountered are not minor. What on earth have you been doing during the OS beta development stages?I would assume Adobe now have many disillusioned users. Is this the way to inspire confidence in your company?

  65. I was a Aperture user until LR proved to be much better application, and has improved still more with 1.2. One of the few features I would love to see in a LR update is the dual monitor feature that Aperture offered. So, what are my chances?[Ron, You’re not alone in that request but dual monitor support will not be added in the ‘mid-November’ release. -TH]

  66. Peter van der Steege says:

    Hello,Just installed LR 1.2 on an iMac 20″ running under Leopard. The program doesn’t work at all. After startup the interface isn’t loaded, and i cannot change between modules (an error occured when attempting to change modules)Any thoughts? ThanksPeter[I would suggest downloading the update that will be provided in ‘mid-November.’ -TH]

  67. Bob says:

    It is now 11/13. Do you have a date fixed for the update to fix the print module yet?[Bob, I’m shooting for mid-November per the above post. – TH]

  68. Paul Porter says:

    Along with many fellow Lightroom customers, I also am awating the Lightroom update to allow for it run on Leopard. This update is the only obstacle preventing me from upgrading and I find it irresponsible on Adobe’s part to 1) not have been prepared to release an update when Leopard went live, 2) not have the update by now, after all this time since Leopard was released, and 3) keep customers in the dark regarding specific plans for the patch to be available. C’mon Adobe, we’re your customers and we expect better service than what’s currently being delivered

  69. I have experienced most of the known problems. I don’t print from Lightroom so no trouble there. Spaces will render the keyboard inoperable in Lightroom (after visiting a non Lightroom space). To fix – all I have to do is drag all the Spaces windows into one space. The Lightroom keyboard starts working again without relaunch. Strange! Can’t wait for the update. I live in Lightroom lately.Single monitor Dual 2.0 G5

  70. Obviously Adobe won’t comment on this, but perhaps the upcoming “mid-November” release relies partly on fixes made by Apple in the upcoming 10.5.1 release? Perhaps we’re being to hard on Adobe…

  71. Roy Beusker says:

    One important bug to add next to the already mentioned problems when importing from CF card: with JPG files imported from Lexar FW800 reader, the wrong colorspace is added to the files (Camera profile instead of Adobe RGB). This doesn’t happen when importing NEF files. I manually have to add the right profiles.When shooting mixed RAW and JPG files on one card (what happens often with me), all JPG files are imported but most NEF files are skipped!I’ve solved both problems by importing with Image Capture and then importing the files into LR 1.2 without colorspace problems and skipping files.MacBook Pro 2.33 Ghz

  72. spencer says:

    My copy of Leopard just sits in its box still wrapped in plastic mocking me. I am torn, I love lightroom but i also love Leopard! Oh TH, why does Adobe make me choose?.Don’t answer that, I know it takes time to develop this kind of thing. I just long for the day that os x, Lightroom and I can be one big happy family once more!ps. It is mid-November now, can i have the update?, pretty please

  73. Paul Porter says:

    I freely admit that I’m being hard on Adobe, but certainly not unreasonably hard. Some more specific disclosure from Adobe would keep us informed and demonstrate some thoughtfulness regarding paying customers.

  74. Dick W says:

    Mac has just released developer 10.5.1 this week so I expect it will delay Adobe on their patch. There are numerous fixes in 10.5.1 as one might expect in a new OS almost from the ground up. Pioneers should wear their arrows with pride.

  75. Mike says:

    Another person anxiously awaiting the “mid november” release. I have a MacPro and I will be adding a MacBook Pro soon, I am waiting on the lightroom fix before making either purchase. PLEASE HURRY! Thanks!

  76. Evan says:

    What’s the story here? (Scroll down past the Dutch entry)Posted today…[We are approaching mid-November, correct? -TH]

  77. Paul Porter says:

    hmmmm, …the Italians seem to have it too: So the list of of 1.3 availability gets bigger. Adobe, quit hiding like a cat under the bed. Come out and tell your customers what’s going on.

  78. JP says:

    Re this:[We are approaching mid-November, correct? -TH]Can you clarify please? Is the update available, and if so, where can I get it. My Mac isn’t seeing an update when I do Help/Check for Updates.Thanks and best, JP

  79. Billy Walsh says:

    1.3 is out now, hopefully this will fix the conflicts,best of luck,Billy

  80. Chris Kitze says:

    Just upgraded my wife’s Lightroom on her Mac mini (just upgraded to 10.5 as well). LR dies consistently after doing almost anything; changing catalogs, scrolling down the screen, etc. Upgraded to 10.5.1 and same thing happens. Any ideas?My wife’s using this as an excuse to upgrade to a Mac Pro Quad like I have. If you have a good answer it’ll save me some money!! thx.

  81. Peter van der Steege [NL] says:

    Hello,Thanks for the update Adobe.I have updated my software to LR 1.3 on OSX 10.5.1 today. On my macbook pro Lightroom works fine, but on my iMac 20″ 2.16 Ghz i still have the same error note: an error occured when attempting to change modules. So the programm doesn’t work at all on my iMac. Any suggestions?thanks Peter

  82. Stollentroll says:

    Upgraded to 10.5.1 and 1.3 – the fnder still crashes when trying to open a jpeg *arghhh*This problem is known for weeks now … and nothing improved – jpegs worked on in LR are still not closed properly!![See my post on Lightroom 1.3 and OS X 10.5. This is a finder bug in how Leopard reads XMP metadata. This will require an OS update. -TH]

  83. Andrea Susa says:

    Does Lightroom 1.3 allow the use of Time Machine to backup or monitor ightroom catalog while it is in use?It is not clear for me.Thank you[Andrea, this is not recommended at this time. -TH]

  84. Ben Stenning says:

    I’ve just started running leopard and LR 1.2 and have just discovered the problems with compatibility issues between the two. I followed the update prompt to download the 1.3 update to fix these issues, but when I found my way to the update/download page it only has links to either 1.1 or 1.2 downloads… 1.3?? Any ideas? Hope it’s not just me being thick!

  85. caroline says:

    i cannot find the link to the 1.3 download either. i cannot find the download page anywhere on the adobe website. the link from the update prompt on lightroom takes me to this link – someone help please?thank you[

  86. Fred Ehmann says:

    I have updated to 10.5.1 and 1.3. Lightroom now hides the dock. By that I mean the dock in inaccessable–doesn’t matter if hiding is turned on or not. I have to switch out of the Lightroom app to see or use the dock. That can’t be expected behavior, right? (I have not seen this with other apps yet.)[Fred, hit the ‘f’ key a few times to cycle in and out of full screen mode. Once you know why it’s happening you’ll find this to be a nice feature. -TH]

  87. I’ve upgraded LR and OSX. When I insert a CF card in the reader the import window shows the squares for the images with no preview of the image. When the images are imported into LR the previews are normal. Any suggestions Tom?

  88. polizonte says:

    After upgrading to Leopard, a number of my photos were no long recognized by iPhoto but presented no problem for LR and that was before today’s LR 1.3 update.

  89. melissa says:

    If you run into import errors on Leopard, can you open and see if there is interesting information there, please?Also, try to run Image Capture in the background and see if that helps.And a question:Have any of you changed the default three letters at the beginning of your filename?(I have a reproducible case inside Adobe here, and I want to see if there are more bugs out there than this one)

  90. Daisy Su says:

    I had the same problem with the print module as well when I first upgraded to Leopard. Later, I decided to try to open the LR with my backup catalogue. Voila! It worked. I was able to open the Print module without failing and actually printed a picture. Then, I switched back to open my current catalogue, the Print module was loaded ok and everything is back to business. The LR version was 1.1 at the time. Hope this helps. I then upgraded to 1.3 just today and no problem at all. ( I did not reinstall LR at all).

  91. Fred Ehmann says:

    Tom, thanks for the information about the f key. I probably should have guessed that as a PS user.I’m still researching the inability to import scans I create with my Coolscan V. I have about 200 successful imports from right up to before Leopard and LR1.3. I’m not scanning any differently but something has changed. (Nikon says they are updating their scanner software but I’m not sure the problem is with that.)I can still reimport scans made before 10.5 but ones made since are grayed out in the import dialog box.

  92. Fred Ehmann says:

    Regarding my previous post: apologies for a false alarm. The problem with importing the Nikon scanner files is this: they need to have the proper extension, i.e. .tif. (Duh!)Why some did and some didn’t is not a LR problem.

  93. Fred Ehmann says:

    Regarding my previous post: apologies for a false alarm. The problem with importing the Nikon scanner files is this: they need to have the proper extension, i.e. .tif. (Duh!)Why some did and some didn’t is not a LR problem.

  94. Otto says:

    as in v1.2 I have problems with transferring files from folder to folder. I use this for splitting my library to two HD’s.An import option to choose the folder where you want to put the pictures also would be great![Otto, choose the Move or Copy option on import to enable the option to select the destination folder. -TH]

  95. HughC says:

    With regard to Lightroom’s corrupt jpegs, the problems from these can propagate through the system if they end up in the Downloads folder.If there is a bad jpeg in that folder, the Dock will cease to function, Spaces will cease to function, minimise (amber button) will cease to function, command-Tab between applications will cease to function.This is a BAD situation.I’m pretty sure that neither Adobe nor Apple will want to take responsibility, but be aware that a system can become almost unusable if you get one of these in your Downloads folder.If anyone wants to examine one of these files, e-mail me at hugh [at] thefarm [dot] ie[Hugh, I’ve already indicated that this is an error in how the Finder reads XMP metadata and it will require a fix from Apple. -TH]

  96. CL says:

    OK. I’m frustrated. For starters, I’ve been on hold with our customer support line for nearly 40 minutes and counting.Since I have CS3 I didn’t have occasion to use Lightroom’s Print Module until last night.As I now know, it is not compatible with my recent upgrade to Leopard — the download doesn’t seem to fix it. Even tho I’ve only had the product for 30 days, and never had occasion to print (I typically print from Photoshop) until now, I feel I didn’t not get what I bargained for.And now I find that Adobe knew of the problem before Leopard’s release and has STILL not fixed the problem.Moreover, no one seems to know if the Time Machine problem was fixed by the new release or not.VERY FRUSTRATING!Aperture is looking more attractive with every passing minute of your annoying “on-hold” music.[CL, if you’ve never used Lightroom’s print module, are you sure your issues are related to Leopard? The first step in diagnosing the issue is providing information. Which printer, which driver, when did it stop working, did it ever work properly for you, etc. Please see my recommendation on Time Machine. -TH]

  97. Richard C says:

    I have downloaded LR1.3 and still have the same issue on opening i only get the top bar on screen with drop down menu but the app itself does not launch at all. (As was case with v 1.2).

  98. Chris Weatherspoon says:

    I have updated to 1.3 on my 24″ imac, and I still have serious issues with importing images from my SD card reader. I can only get about half the images to download (.nef format), the number changes each time, then I get an error message for the rest stating the files are corrupt. I luckily have lightroom on an XP laptop and had no problems downloading the rest of the pics. Very annoying after a photo shoot. I am just glad that I don’t rely on this as my full time job.

  99. mr jenius says:

    my leopard 10.5.2 and iam isntall adobe lightroom in including update 1.3.1 and is everything oke no problem with os leopard 10.5.2, all working fine my adobe lr 1.3.1. maybe all user leopard forgetting about pray. you must pray before operating your compoter okey?!!have a nice day , jony jakarta indonesiamac mini 2ghz ram 2gigabyte & mac bookpro 17 wide

  100. mr jenius says:

    now my leopard lightroom 1.4 ,os leopard 10.5.2 evrytging okaygoodblless you computer

  101. Via Delport says:

    evrytime i try to open a photo from iphoto into photoshop it crashes/ ask me if i want to relaunch. how do i fix this???????[Not sure how this is related to Lightroom 1.2 and Leopard. -TH]

  102. Lisa Kavanaugh says:

    The first time I tried to import photos from my external hard drive, the import dialogue box disappeared, and I can’t seem to get it back. I’m using a Dell Dimension 3000, but noticed that someone else posted a similar problem with Macs. Any suggestions for how to make the import dialogue box reappear (other than switching to another program, then switching back, which I’ve tried unsuccessfully)? Thanks![Have you tried Lightroom 2.1 RC yet? -TH]

  103. patrik says:

    The import dialogue disappears for me in Lightroom 2.2 aswell. Switching to another program and back does not bring it back. Very anoying… 🙁

  104. patrik says:

    Okay, it’s not the import dialogue, it’s the “these photos could not be imported (duplicates etc)”-dialogue. And sometimes (not always) switching to another app and then back works. Hope that will help you track down the issue.