Lightroom 1.3 and Leopard

The Lightroom 1.3 release addresses many Leopard OS X 10.5 issues but a few outstanding problems remain or have been discovered.

  • Time Machine compatibility still remains unclear at this time.  Running Time Machine backup or restore operations while Lightroom is in use is not recommended until more information can be obtained.  Interim solutions:
    • Have Time Machine exclude the directories where Lightroom catalogs are stored and use Lightroom to backup the catalog files
    • Run Time Machine when Lightroom is not running.
  • There is a bug in the Lightroom 1.3 Print Module that can cause the application to crash on either OS X 10.5 or 10.5.1.  Minimizing the template preview in the upper left corner can help reduce the frequency of this issue.
  • The Finder in Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.5.1 can crash when viewing files that contain Lightroom XMP Snapshot data created in the develop module.  This is an error in how the Finder reads metadata and will require an operating system update to solve. (I believe that this occurs more frequently with JPEG or TIFF files)
  • Importing directly from a card may not copy all of the image files or may fail. Please copy the images to a local drive using the Finder first if you experience problems.

We will provide an update to address the print module issue but have not set a release date for that update.

34 Responses to Lightroom 1.3 and Leopard

  1. Mike Early says:

    Tom, thank you very much for keeping us updated on these issues — it is great to understand what the issues are and that you are aware of, and working on them. . .

  2. Alan Hess says:

    I would like to see the the printing with profiles problem addressed.Lightroom, doesn’t crash or close or do anything to odd, until you see the output.All the color information is wrong. Black and white prints in pink, and it makes no difference if the profile is from the printer manufacturer or a 3rd party.I love the print module in Lightroom, it is great for creating proof book and other multi page output runs, but without being able to process the colors the same way as photoshop, renders this part of the program useless until it is fixed.Thanks for addressing all our concerns so quickly. I sure do appreciate it.

  3. Shrey says:

    Thanks for the update.What about printing with profiles? This still does not work with 1.3 & 10.5.1I am aware it does work with the updated Epson drivers, but it doesn’t escape the fact that every other program, including Photoshop, prints fine, but Lightroom doesn’t.So obviously, Lightroom must be doing something different with the printer drivers.I would like an update on this.Shrey

  4. Roy says:

    I too am impressed by the upfront announcements of still-current problems with Leopard – kudos to the Adobe team for these communications.Over here in Europe though we still aren’t able to download the 1.3 update as of the morning of Saturday November 17. All other CS3 updates are fine when accessed through Photoshop. but the Lightroom update still gets “”

  5. Volod says:

    Tom, thanks for keeping us up to date on these issues. It’s good to know about them. I don’t print from the Lightroom so can’t comment on the printing bugs but importing from the card reader works very reliably for me now. I’ve tested it like 10 times just now and definitely the issue I was having constantly with Leopard and LR1.2 has now gone. The Import dialog box is somewhat shorter horizontally than it should be and Import button itself doesn’t fully fit onto the screen but that’s just an aesthetics thing.

  6. kevin says:

    Lightroom crashes when going to print settings or print dialogue box using an Epson 4800 with latest driver and lightroom 1.3 with 10.5.1. Pretty much puts Lightroom out of commission. Any fixes or suggestions would be apreciated.

  7. Mark Parry says:

    As an early adopter of just about every tech gadget, gizmo and program I expect to run into a little heartburn once and while. But I have to admit I’m really confused over the day one support of Leopard by third party developers (not just Adobe). Anyone that follows the Apple blogosphere was seeing “Build XXX has been released to developers” on what a pretty frequent basis. I very much appreciate being told up front about a problem. But when I see a problem like the one about importing from a card as being potentially unreliable, I have to scratch my head.

  8. Jeff says:

    Hmm, I know this pretty cynical, but I wonder if Apple would have be faster to correct the Finder crashes if they didn’t make a LR competitor…

  9. Erling says:

    When I check for updates I get “null” in the brower, and am directed to an overview of all Adobe updates. When I click Lightroom/Mac, it says it is a 1.1 “update” ?!?!?

  10. Sean says:

    Here’s my comments from another forum as a possible fix for printing with profiles, at least with an HP printer. I don’t know why it worked for me and would love an explanation, if one is out there, for why it did:ok, here’s hoping i dont jinx my latest luck by sharing this method before messing around with it some more. I have an HP 9800 so, of course, your milage may vary based on printer type. Here are several steps that i did in attempting to fix the issue of lightroom printing useing color profiles, I dont know which one fixed it. The first thing i didn was repair disk permissions, which i hadnt done since installing leopard and upgrading to lightroom 1.3. Then i unplugged the printer and went into the printers/fax part of system preferences and removed the printer from the box on the left. Then i right-clicked on it and chose reset print settings or something to that effect. Then I went to the library folder and erased all of the pre-installed printer drivers (which took a while, there are a ton of them that i will never use). Then i plugged the printer back in and ran software update. It found the current HP drivers for my printer. I did all that last night before bed. This afternoon I tried printing from lightroom, and while i had to redo my presets for the printing, I was able to print, using application managed colors, and get an accurate print that seems to be honoring the print profiles.part2As an update, I just tried printing with Elements 4. Previously, while lightroom had a very yellowed out somewhat desaturated look when printing with profiles, Elements had a magenta, orangey cast. After following the steps above, the lightroom prints now look accurate, but elements now has the yellowy desaturated cast that lightroom previously had. This is good and bad as I use lightroom for bulk printing but elements for more accurate specialty prints. Must be something with the new driver pipeline that others have mentioned with leopard, and how the old drivers and the new drivers interact with that and each other, at least that would be my guess.

  11. Fred Ehmann says:

    Lightroom now hides the dock. I have to switch out of LR into another app in order to see the dock. (I use the dock on the left but it’s the same with it at the bottom.)DP 2.3 G5 2.5GB RAM 10.5.1LR 1.3

  12. Carl Lawrence says:

    I just loaded the Lightroom 1.3 update. Now, Lightroom loads and is visible in the task manager but doesn’t actually start.After 20-30 minutes, Lightroom appears. Naturally, that is unacceptable behavior from a program I use every day in my business.Is there a resolution to that problem? Is anyone even aware of the problem?I am using Lightroom on a Windows XP Dual Core machine with 2GB RAM. Everything else runs perfectly… so the problem must be with Lightroom.

  13. Richard says:

    I’m confused by the last sentence. Does that mean the printer issue is the only one you’re addressing?

  14. Eric says:

    Hi … just an FYI to people commenting on this thread that Tom is enjoying a much-deserved week off this week. I’ll be monitoring things a bit for the first part of this week, and then the blog will probably be silent during our Thanksgiving holiday.As Tom said, we are aware of the print issues and we are working on a fix. We haven’t yet set a date for releasing an update.

  15. Under Leopard I find it is still not possible to manually edit the import path when importing from a card. This was the case under 10.5 and LR 1.2, and remains the case under 10.5.1 and LR 1.3. In previous versions since 1.0 it has always been possible to manually edit the import path that was created based on the template selected…

  16. Sting says:

    under 10.4.11 LR 1.3 Crashes Unexpectedly about every 5-15 minutes. LR is now useless for me.

  17. Kenny says:

    If you go into the catalogue settings and uncheck’Include Develop settings in metadata inside xxx files’that stops the Finder from crashing when using quickview or previewing file info. Note this only works on new images which haven’t had metadata saved previously by Lightroom.Apple should fix this ASAP, and they really should have fixed it before releasing leopard.

  18. Andrew says:

    I have also noticed that both iPhoto and LightRoom can result in artifacts in RAW files that are not present when the photos are processed under, say, Picasa on Windows XP. Examples: anyone else seen this?

  19. Alexi Hobbs says:

    There seems to be another bug in LR 1.3 that I haven’t seen written here yet. LR will somewhat freeze all Develop tools, sometimes, when I reset the Exposure setting back to 0.Then, I get this error message when I try to go back to the Library Module: “An error occurred when attempting to change modules.”Anyone else ever get this ?I then have to quit LR and relaunch.

  20. KevinTrent says:

    I would sure feel a lot better if I saw some actual acknowledgement from Adobe about the problems now present when using third party printing profiles with Lightroom and the new Leopard OS. When printing in Photoshop CS3 with a Canon i9900 and using third party profiles, everything is fine, perfect. Color is just as it appears on a properly profiled monitor. But when printing from Lightroom 1.3 using the identical profiles, the color match isn’t even close. Printing with third party profiles was working perfectly in Lightroom before the upgrade to Leopard and Lightroom 1.3 Adobe, do you acknowledge this issue? Any estimates for the timing of a fix?[Kevin, there’s just not enough detail in your comment to respond. This may require another blog post to outline a summary of issues that customers are experiencing. -TH]

  21. Mike Jetter says:

    I can confirm that printing using color profiles does not work in Leopard since it shifts color tones (e.g red to pink). Using the “Managed by Printer” option yield correct colors. I’m using LR 1.3, OS X 10.5.1, Epson R3800 with latest driver download.

  22. Should I even upgrade to Leopard right now? Or should I wait until all the kinks are worked out? I have upgraded to LR 1.3 and have not had any problems. But I am still running Tiger.

  23. I’m using lr 1.3 on a mac (leopard)-when using slideshow it goes through a loop of several slides and then to a loop +1-I’ve read of this problem elsewhere-any help?-thanks

  24. Kevin Thomas says:

    Hi,I hate to say it, but this is NOT just a Leopard and v1.3 of lightroom problem. I have 10.4.11 running (and it was working fine on Sunday), then installed 1.3 and now it’s not working!Please can we ensure that we address this issue in OSX 10.4 as well as 10.5!Regards,Kev.

  25. Shrey says:

    HiAn update would be good.Since upgrading to Leopard and using Lightroom 1.3 with a HP B9180 and Canon i9950, Lightroom does not print using profiles. Photoshop and every other app I have tried prints perfectly.This is clearly an issue. In the Adobe forums, the consensus is that Lightroom is using a different path through the driver than Photoshop (and every other app) to print, therefore the printer drivers must be updated. What happens to people using older printers, like Epson 2200/2100 whose drivers will probably never be updated due to age of the printer?From reading the Adobe forums, it seems to be driver problems. Because Lightroom is the only app that does not print using profiles properly. May be it’s a Lightroom problem as it’s the only app that does not print properly. It’s not a Carbon/Cocoa issue either – I have Cocoa apps that print perfectly.So if all other apps work fine, may be Lightroom should be changed to use the same pathways as every other app, including Photoshop. Or at least given the option to use the new path (if available) or the old path.Some updates would be nice as to the progress on the outstanding issues with Lightroom 1.3 INCLUDING the printing with profiles issue.Shrey

  26. Robert Brindley says:

    The Lightroom blogs, forums etc. are now replete with the issue of the Lightroom print module not reading color profiles since the 1.3 upgrade with Leopard.Fact 1: Lightroom 1.1 and Tiger work fine together for printing.Fact 2: Lightroom1.3 and Leopard do not.Fact 3:My previously magnificent workflow courtesy of Lightroom is now completely cactus( forgive the expression-I am Australian!!)Where are the Gurus with a tidy explanation of why this is so?[Robert, thanks for the summary. I’m working on a separate blog post to address the specifics. Hopefully I’ll be able to provide some ‘good oil.’ Don’t forget to include fact number 1.5: An entirely new operating system was introduced that requires compatibility updates on many fronts. -TH]

  27. Walter says:

    I recently upgraded to Apple’s Leopard OS for my Mac Pro. I also updated to Lightroom 1.3. I waited until 1.3 was available before upgrading the Mac OS. Since upgrading, printing to my Epson Stylus Pro 3800 has been a problem. I updated the printer driver to the latest 10.5 compatible driver from Epson’s website but I still have problems. Prints no longer match what I see on my monitor. Colors are weak and washed out, lacking all saturation. I have tried increasing saturation via Lightroom’s saturation control but it has no effect on the printer’s output. I am using ICC profiles for my paper/printer combination and set printer color control off. I have tried exporting images to Photoshop and printing from Photoshop with the same results—unsaturated, washed-out prints.Has anyone else encountered printing problems with these latest updates and does anyone have a clue as what is going on?[Walter, You’re not alone in your difficulty adjusting to printing with Leopard. I’m working on a separate post that will try to clear up some of the confusion. -TH]

  28. Ivo says:

    Just became a new LR user two days ago. During the migration from another product, I also came across the XMP/Finder problem and the quirky behaviour of the Slideshow.As of #1: I’ve switched off the Finder preview pane in the Finder’s column view for now (Cmd-J). Immediate issue solved. Quick question here: Is this defect filed with Apple?As of #2: A’m not sure, if the LR behaviour is at the bare end a userproblem (me ;-)). When I select a set of images to be displayed and then select the first one of the selection and start the slide show, everything works as I’d expect it to work (at least so far).

  29. Randolph Fritz says:

    Something that I may have missed here. I’m having problems with help search; if I enter a keyword in the search box at the top of the help menu, it is found in menus–nice, but not in the actual help documents–not nice. If I instead request the documents, they appear in my browser instead of the Apple help browser; it appears that Lightroom does not use the Apple help system, which is odd, since that system is HTML based.Lightroom 1.3.1; Mac OS 10.5.1. Thanks for your attention.

  30. Nik Hill says:

    I can concur with the above comments regarding LR 1.3 printing. I have just switched from a PC to an iMac (running Leopard) since the majority of my computerised work is now photographic based.I have an Epson R2400 and print to both Epson glossy for my 5×7 prints and Fotospeed’s own brand for anything larger. I also use Fotospeed’s Inkflow system and have customised ICC profiles for both types of paper, printer and ink.Printing for PS3 is perfect using these profiles, printing from LR 1.3 with the same profiles and settings is not. All prints (and even the preview) are saturated with magenta making LR dead in the water for my workflow – which is a massive set back since I can print multiple documents at once.Any updates/fixes for this extremely large fly in the ointment would be appreciated.

  31. Nik Hill says:

    Update: Printing LR1.3 in Leopard.Just thought I’d update you. Since posting my previous comment I have updated my printer drivers to the latest Epson release for Leopard. This has gone a long way to fixing the magenta saturation previously experienced. LR 1.3 is now *useable, but I still need a custom preset applied to all my images prior to printing. The preset reduces primary saturation by 27 points, reduces contrast and exposure and also increases fill light to compensate. This method is now allowing me to use LR for some batch printing which gives me 90% accuracy.*For anything I want perfect it’s still PS3 for now.

  32. Ivo says:

    this Finder crashing issue when reading XMP data seems fixed in new OSX upgrade 10.5.2.

  33. Joe Reed says:

    What happened to the ability to set custom color temperature in the develop module, I had a preset of 5000K that I used for color balance and I don’t have that option anymore.[Joe, check your preset list on the left hand side for your preset, not the drop down list next to the temperature slider. -TH]

  34. Marco says:

    I just got a mac pro and get : An error occurred when attempting to change modules. It loads but with minimal features. I have been using it fine on my macbook with leopard. Both mac pro and macbook are running the same os, leopard 10.5. Please help.[Marco, can you try re-installing Lightroom 1.3.1? -TH]