Lightroom 1.4 and Camera Raw 4.4

The Lightroom 1.4 and Camera Raw 4.4 updates have been posted to the following locations: Lightroom(Mac, Win), Camera Raw(Mac, Win).  The updates include support for the following new camera models:

Canon EOS 450D (Digital Rebel XSi/EOS Kiss X2)
Fujifilm S100FS
Nikon D60
Olympus SP-570 UZ
Pentax K20D
Pentax K200D
Sony A200
Sony A300
Sony A350

Lightroom 1.4 and Camera Raw 4.4 include corrections for the following issues:

  • Previous camera profiles identified in the Calibrate panel of the Develop module may have displayed poor results at extreme ends of the temperature and tint ranges. A new camera profile identified as Camera Raw 4.4 is now available and will be applied by default to all images without existing Camera Raw or Lightroom settings. The creation of new default profiles will also include the updated Camera Raw 4.4 profile. Images edited in Camera Raw or Lightroom with earlier profiles will retain the earlier profile value and visual appearance.
  • In previous grayscale conversions the Color Noise setting was disabled and this could result in an image with excessive noise when grayscale channel mixing is applied.  Both the tool and effect have been enabled in Lightroom 1.4 and Camera Raw 4.4 providing the ability to reduce noise in grayscale conversions.  In order to return to the prior visual appearance, Color Noise reduction can be set to zero.

Lightroom 1.4 includes corrections for the following issue:

  • Compatibility with legacy printer drivers on OS X 10.5 (Leopard) has been updated. I’d like to thank everyone who commented on my earlier post regarding this topic.  Some valuable feedback was provided and by working directly with Apple and Epson we are able to provide a resolution through this Lightroom update. 

As always, don’t forget rule #5!

Note: The Camera Raw plug-in won’t be automatically updated via the Adobe Update Manager(AUM) until early next week.

21 Responses to Lightroom 1.4 and Camera Raw 4.4

  1. Users of my export plugins (for uploading from Lightroom to Flickr, Zenfolio, SmugMug, and PicasaWeb) should pick up new versions to match the Lightroom 1.4 update:[Thanks for the update Jeffrey. -TH]

  2. Scot says:

    Is there an easy way to upgrade many images to ACR 4.4 at once ?[Scot, one way to do this would be to change a single image to the new profile and create a preset based on that Calibration setting. The preset could then be easily applied to batches of images in Lightroom, Bridge or the Camera Raw plug-in. Any new images you haven’t worked with before will default to the 4.4 profile. -TH]

  3. Tim says:

    I’m leaving for 10 days in Maui tomorrow, and I was seriously thinking of leaving the brand-new K20D at home because it wouldn’t play nice with Lightroom.Perfect timing! Thank you.[Glad we could help! -TH]

  4. Mike Zupan says:

    Thanks for the update news Tom. Always good to see Lightroom updates.I don’t know if this has been asked before, but I was wondering why Lightroom isn’t included in programs that Adobe Updater checks.[There are a number of factors but the Lightroom team has been running fast and lean since the launch of the public beta and hasn’t had time to adopt some of the Adobe standards. -TH]

  5. Konrad says:

    Are there only some camera model changes in LR 1.4? Or did you improve some interface/workflow issues, too?[Konrad, I make a point of including all of the relevant changes in the Readme file. The important changes are also listed in this post. -TH]

  6. Ray Broussard says:

    I’m becoming more and more dependent on Lightroom and I have a concern. Fellow local photographers claim their Mac based lightroom databases became corrupt after about 50,000 images have been added. Like me, their catalogs only include Nikon RAW images from D2s, D3s, D200s & D300s. Can anyone confirm this issue exists or if it is being addressed by Adobe?[Ray, that the first I’ve heard of a specific corruption issue and I talk to a lot of customers. Could you pass this link to your fellow photographers and have them comment here if they continue to have problems?

  7. Joe Decker says:

    I’ve looked for the right place to submit a Lightroom 1.4 bug report, can’t find it. I’m reporting from Death Valley, and internet access is limited.I’m seeing an artifact in Lightroom 1.4 that may or may not have occured in previous versions. I’ve seen it only in one image, it’s a 1Ds3 raw image, being converted to black and white. I’m seeing a stegasourus like ripple up and to the right of a upper-left to lower-right edge between a dune and a sky. In the black and white conversion, the artifact *only* occurs when I yank the blue down hard enough to make the sky darker than the dune. It does not occur otherwise. It does not occur on the lower-left to upper-right section of the same dune/sky edge. As the slope of the edge approaches horizontal, the stegasorus like triangular artifacts get wider and wider. I don’t have a precise size for the artifacts, but they’re a “few pixels” wide, visible at 1:1, not visible or not easily visible at 1:2.If you’d like a sample RAW file, please contact me.Please note the image file:045I1309.CR2[Thanks for reporting this Joe. We’ll look into it. -TH]

  8. Pavel Fidrmuc says:

    Hello,I’d like to report a bug I’ve encountered. Since upgrading to version 1.4, I’m having problems importing my raw files. When I import them with conversion to DNG, there’s an exclamation mark on each photo, saying “Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo. You will not be able to make adjustments to the photo”. And in develop module “An unknown error occured.” It only happens when the files are converted during the import. When I import raw files directly (or jpegs), it’s ok. It doesn’t matter whether it’s imported from card reader or copied to disc and then imported, same result. I tried to make new catalog, didn’t help. But, when I convert my files with standalone DNG converter (new one, 4.4) and then import them, it’s ok, no error.Tested on WinXP with Canon 400D and 40D cameras, both the same problem.Anyone encountered anything similar?[Please visit for details. -TH]

  9. David says:

    I’m scared to install 1.4 myself. Any comment on the rash of problems following 1.4? (Including .dng conversion problems, modification of original raw files, etc?)[Please visit for details. -TH]

  10. Dan Vomastek says:

    ****BUG with 1.4??****I just installed 1.4, and with my D300 RAW files, using the “Copy as DNG and Import” function, the DNG files 1.4 creates read as corrupt. You can get a thumbnail, but if you try a 1:1 preview or develop actions, you get various error messages. Working with native D300 raw files seems to be OK.[Dan, please visit for details. -TH]

  11. Hi Tom,Thanks for your update at the user-to-user forums!Did you already notice the following bug? Are you guys aware of it?Sample: export with resizing enabled, images have a kind of ‘halos’ around them, especially visible on a calibrated monitor, or after export changing the gamma of the file.I can’t use Lightroom now standalone (because of that quality problem), I have to export all my files as TIFF and then I have to resize them in Photoshop or Mogrify.There is also a forum-topic about the problem: already sent a bug report (some months ago), but didn’t hear anything about it, and the problem still exists in 1.4.So that’s why I’m aking here if you are already common to the problem.Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  12. vince says:

    I’m still hopeful that there will eventually be an update which brings Lightroom to parity with Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator with regard to Applescript support. Adobe has given us the best applescript support/dictionaries out there, yet with LightRoom, a program which cries out for Applescript, there is nothing. Aperture has applescript and automator support which can be a really helpful addition. I hope this is something which Adobe considers an important thing to add in the future.vince

  13. Eric Hanauer says:

    My newly imported lightroom files were corrupted under 1.4. I re-installed 1.3, had to re-scan the images, but now neither lightroom, bridge, or photoshop can read the nef images.[Eric, Camera Raw and Lightroom generally can’t read Nikon scans. Can you open the images in the Nikon scanner software? -TH]

  14. jeramie says:

    just fyi, i run lightroom 1.3 and have over 70,000 images in my database with no corruption what so ever. It is terribly slow but i know that speed is something that you fine folks have always been working on and i just love lightroom!!![Thanks for the feedback Jeramie. -TH]

  15. glenn mire says:

    I’m running 1.3.1 and can’t see my Previews when donwloading Raw from my 40D. Raw version is 4.3. Did LR1.4 fix that or is it something I need to change? I’ve got the Preview box checked.thx for a great product.glenn[Glenn, there’s lots of factors here that may affect the preview display. Operating System, how the camera or card is connected to the computer, etc. The most common cause is trying to download by connecting the camera to the computer instead of using a dedicated card reader which is faster and more reliable. If that’s not the issue I would recommend submitting a bug report here: -TH]

  16. Paul says:

    We have 160,000+ images in LR 1.4 No major problems, other then and occasional crash. Speed is ok. Could be better.

  17. Michael Hoffman says:

    I have been spending a lot of time with the LR2 Beta and mostly love it.However there is one feature that would make my workflow much easier: to have the “Interactive Histogram” from the Develop module available in the Library module.Better yet: have the all the slider controls from the develop module as an option in the library module.Thanks for a great product!

  18. Peter Dinella says:

    Regarding CS3 or Lightroom updates from Adobe, I shall wait for at least one month before downloading any new updates. During this time I will check the Internet for any problems regarding these downloads. Then, I will check to see if the downloads are substantive and/or relate to my activities. Then and only then will I download them.Signed,Once Burned Twice Shy,and A Former User of the CS3 Bridge Disaster – now dead on my computer. Issue a fix for Bridge and I’ll forgive you.

  19. mbgphoto says:

    I have noticed an odd file corruption issue using Lightroom 1.3.1 and 1.4.1 on a network of Mac G5’s. Here is an overview of the system.Camera equipment-2 Canon 5D’sSandisk Extreme III CF cardsDazzle Universal Card ReaderRAW files alwaysComputers-1 Intel G5 (import machine)running 1.32 Power PC G5’s running 1.4OS10.4.11xraid serverDlink gigabit switchAll files are first copied into the Intel G5 and backed up on the xraid. They are then imported into Lightroom 1.3 and renamed. Some files are then edited and exported on this machine. Some files are copied to one of the Power PC machines running Lightroom 1.4 (after being renamed in 1.3) This is where the problems start.After importing, random files are corrupted, usually 3 or 4 out of several hundred or 1000 images. It has happened during star rating and just scrolling through the images. It has only happened on the machines running 1.4 after they are renamed in 1.3.The corruption is not the white block type but an extreme color shift, mostly on the upper and right side of the file. I can provide a file if needed. Thanks![Thanks for the details. Have you tried running any disk utilities on your storage drives? -TH]

  20. Nat says:

    I have been using Lightroom for a year with files from a Canon 5D. Just recently purchased the 40D as a back up and this is what it reads when I try to import the RAW files: Files appear to be unsupported or damaged.I tried downloading the upgrade, but it has not helped.Any help would be great.thanks[Are you using Lightroom 1.4.1? -TH]

  21. Jane Stevens says:

    I Have both Cannnon 400D & 450D. When I try and import RAW photo’s from the 450 error problem with clour settings. The preview from Lightroom does not open.I can see the file using zoom browser, any ideas?The file and pictures sizes are greater in the 450 files.