Camera Raw 5.2 and DNG Converter Available

The Camera Raw 5.2 and DNG Converter 5.2 are now available on Photoshop CS4 customers I recommend choosing the ‘Updates…’ option from the Help menu)  This release includes additional features and new camera support.  Lightroom will be updated to version 2.2 in December to provide the equivalent camera support.

New in this release:

  • Targeted Adjustment Tool for on image adjustments
  • Output sharpening for print or screen output
  • Snapshots for saving all settings in a single reference
  • Camera Profiles for enhanced raw file interpretation now available in the Calibration panel

Newly supported camera models:

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Canon PowerShot G10
  • Panasonic DMC-G1**
  • Panasonic DMC-FX150**
  • Panasonic DMC-FZ28**
  • Panasonic DMC-LX3**
  • Leica D-LUX 4**

**With the release of Camera Raw 5.2 (and upcoming Lightroom 2.2 release) there is an important exception in our DNG file handling for the Panasonic DMC LX3, Panasonic DMC FX150, Panasonic DMC FZ28, Panasonic DMC-G1 and Leica D-LUX 4. In this release the native, proprietary files from these cameras can only be converted to linear DNG files. A linear DNG file has gone through a demosaic process that converts a single mosaic layer of red, green and blue channel information into three distinct layers , one for each channel. The resulting linear DNG file is approximately three times the size of a mosaic DNG file or the original proprietary file format.

This exception is a temporary solution to ensure that Panasonic and Leica’s intended image rendering from their proprietary raw file format is applied to an image when converted DNG files are viewed in third party software titles. The same image rendering process is applied automatically in Camera Raw 5.2 and in Lightroon 2.2 when viewing the original proprietary raw file format.

In a future release Adobe plans to update the DNG specification to include an option to embed metadata-based representations of the lens compensations in the DNG file, allowing a mosaic DNG conversion. In the interim Adobe recommends only converting these files to DNG to allow compatibility with third party raw converters, previous versions of the Camera Raw plug-in or previous versions of Lightroom.

20 Responses to Camera Raw 5.2 and DNG Converter Available

  1. Drazick says:

    When you write TAT, you mean something like Nik’s Software U Points?If so, it’s great!

  2. ElliR says:

    I’m a bit confused to say the least with all of this Tom and I wonder if you would be so kind as to clear up a few points.(1) I currently use CS3 and LR2.1(2) I have downloaded the DNG Converter 5.2 only believing that I can still use this to convert RAW files to DNG. Am I correct in this thinking? I have NOT downloaded ACR v5.2 as this applies only to CS4 – yes?(3) The download file for the DNG Converter is 35.1MB in size (Windows) and installs differently to previous versions in so much as that previous versions were run from the desktop whilst the newer version is now to be found in Programme files. Looking in Programme files I see that the DNG Converter file size is only 7.55MB so my question is why the large download size and what did the remainder of the download file contain and where did it go. Ian Lyons on the LR forums suggests that the remainder of the file contained the ‘final release’ of the Colour Profiles although my system (CS3 and LR2.1) still only show the beta2 profiles.(4) What am I missing here please?[The DNG Converter is now provided with an installer that places the Camera Profiles in a common system location. You can move the DNG Converter application wherever you like after the installation is completed. -TH]

  3. Jao says:

    The Mac download is missing DNG converter altogether [It looks like there is an incorrect product name on the Camera Raw download page. Please use the links on -TH]

  4. Donald Horne says:

    Tom,Thanks for the TAT in ACR – really great!The installation of the final DNG profiles installed those OK, but…How do we remove the beta2 DNG profiles from ACR?Thanks,Don[You can delete the beta files found here:Mac: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles/Windows XP: C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles/-TH]

  5. Helen says:

    Hi Tom.Having read some of the feedback from this and earlier blogs I would like some clarification on the following issue. I’m not a techie so need a plain english explanation.I run Photoshop CS3 and have just purchased LR2 (and upgraded to 2.1). I understand LR2.2 is due out in December. What raw processing capability/compatibility with LR2.2 will I lose if I stay with CS3 (which uses ACR4.6) rather than upgrading to CS4?I hope this makes sense.CheersHelen[If you have a new camera with a raw format supported only in Camera Raw 5.2 or later, you’ll lose some of the Lightroom-Photoshop integration functionality. -TH]

  6. James Thomas says:

    I do have a new camera that is supportd in ACR 5.2 but not Lightroom 2.1. When will Lightroom 2.2 be released? I miss it.[James, as I mention in the blog post, Lightroom will be updated to version 2.2 in December. -TH]

  7. Julian says:

    Any further information on a Lightroom 2.2 update date? There is lots of chatter from people trying to find out, and it is now December after all!![Julian, it is indeed December and that’s when we’re going to release the Lightroom 2.2 update. -TH]

  8. Mo says:

    Just wanted to know how and where to send feedback (such as feature request) to lightroom team.[Good question. Bugs and feature requests can be submitted here: Every single submission hits my inbox. -TH]

  9. Julian says:

    Thanks for clarifying the month, i just thought that now we are actually in December you might be able to be a bit more specific.

  10. xtexan says:

    How do you remove Camera Raw 5.2?I installed it attempting to install the DNG converter. It wasn’t clear from the adobe web site that the camera raw was a separate download. I’m a CS3 and LR2 user, so I realize that camera raw 5.2 is improper for my system.Now, I can’t seem to remove camera raw or find it anywhere on my system.[Please install Camera Raw 4.6 from the following download page: That will replace the Camera Raw 5.2 version that you installed. The DNG Converter will not install Camera Raw 5.2 -TH]

  11. jeff says:

    I purchased lightroom 2 and upgraded to 2.2, in my camera profiles it has acr 4.4, do I need to install version 5.2 ? if so how do I do it ?[You should see the new camera profiles in Lightroom 2.2 regardless of the version of Camera Raw installed on your computer. Keep in mind that new camera profiles are predominantly available for only Nikon and Canon cameras at this point. -TH]

  12. kevin Klotz says:

    I just purchased the downloaded update version of Photoshop cs4, and I have the new Canon 5d Mark ii. I cannot get the update for camera raw 5.2 to download on my Mac. Any ideas????[If the automated update mechanism is not working properly for you then you can manually install the update from the following location: Please read the instructions carefully. -TH]

  13. David says:

    I’m confused. I’m trying to find the 5.2 DNG converter that is not connected to Camera RAW 5.2. If Camera RAW 5.2 will not run with CS3, but the DNG converter is necessary to read RAW files from a Panasonic FZ28 camera, how is that supposed to happen? What am I supposed to do to get the converter without making it impossible to use RAW for other cameras?[David, the DNG Converter can be found in the drop down menu listed as DNG Converter: -TH]

  14. David says:

    Is there any chance that Adobe will support the Panasonic FZ28’s RAW mode for CS3–so Bridge will work as well as Photoshop?Support for the Panasonic DMC-FZ28 raw file format is only included in Photoshop CS4 (Camera Raw 5.2) and Lightroom 2.2. You can use the DNG Converter 5.2 to convert the proprietary raw file formats to something readable by Photoshop CS3. -TH]

  15. Janet says:

    Hi…I have Nikon D90 and photoshop elements 6. I need to upgrade to something that can install NEF (RAW) images. As far as I can see, you cannot do that with either PS6 or PS7. Is there an upgrade I can get for this for RAW format images? HELP!!! [Update to the latest camera raw plug-in using the link in this blog post. -TH]

  16. I just installed Lightroom 2 on my Mac. Then I got a notice that I could download 2.2, but that there is a problem with Panasonic FZ28, which is one of my cameras. Now I’m afraid to download 2.2. Does it support the FZ28? Does regular Lightroom 2?Also, I have Photoshop Elements 6. Will this work with Lightroom 2.2? With my FZ28?[Lightroom 2.2 supports the FZ28 with DNG file handling exceptions listed on our Camera Raw support page: This is also referenced in the ReadMe file for Lightroom 2.2 but who reads those, right? -TH]

  17. Anderson Salazar S. says:

    Hi,I’m trying CS4 with camara raw 5.2, but in the Bridge I don’t see raw files (CR2) of my Canon 5D Mark II. Can you help me about this issue? Thanks!!

  18. PETER DEIGHTON says:

    Iam using Photo shop CS2 with my Canon D60 & Powershot G6, all working fine. I have just purchased a Panasonic DMC FZ28. What do I need to install to read this camera’s RAW files. Thanks very much, Peter[Photoshop CS4 or use the free DNG Converter( to convert your files to a format that Photoshop CS2 can read. -TH]

  19. shanu says:

    scfd vg hh

  20. JIM KENNEDY says:

    I recently bought a Leica V-Lux 2. I there a DNG converter for the raw extension?