Lightroom 2.3 and Camera Raw 5.3 Now Available

Lightroom 2.3 and Camera Raw 5.3 have graduated from Adobe Labs and are now available as final releases on  Use this link to download the new language versions of Lightroom ) These updates include camera support for the following models:(Previously provided in the release candidates of these updates)

  • Nikon D3X
  • Olympus E-30

This update also includes preliminary support for the recently announced Epson R-D1x (and R-D1xG).

The Lightroom 2.3 update includes several bug fixes.

FIXES originally provided in the Lightroom 2.3 Release Candidate

  • In the Windows 64-bit version of Lightroom an sFTP upload process could cause Lightroom to crash.
  • Slideshows could return to the first image randomly during playback.
  • A memory leak could cause Lightroom to crash while attempting to process files with local adjustments.
  • Canon EOS 5D Mk II sRAW files could process with artifacts in Lightroom 2.2.
  • Lightroom 2.2 could cause disc burning to fail for Windows customers.

FIXES new to the final version of Lightroom 2.3

  • Attempting to undo(CTRL-Z) a single step in Lightroom 2.2 on Windows could cause a series of previous actions to be undone.  

Lightroom 2.3 now provides language support for the following additional languages:
(UPDATE:  Use this link to download the new language versions It indicates a trial version but it’s identical to what we’re now shipping from the Store for this new version. Since technically these versions didn’t exist before there was no place to put them on the Update page.)

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

I’d like to thank everyone who provided feedback on the release candidates of Camera Raw 5.3 and Lightroom 2.3 that were posted to Adobe Labs.

23 Responses to Lightroom 2.3 and Camera Raw 5.3 Now Available

  1. Fabien says:

    No french available ? 🙁 [The French version of Lightroom has been available since Lightroom 1.0 was introduced. I only mentioned the newly available languages. -TH]

  2. Mattias says:

    Did I do something wrong? The new languages were not included in my Macinstall. Or do I need to uninstall for that to work? [Apologies for the confusion. I’ve updated the blog post to include more direct links to the new languages: -TH]

  3. ViseMoD says:

    Is this the full list of changes? Does it make sense to update Lightroom for Mac OS users? [Lightroom 2.3 has been updated for Mac users. Not sure where your missing the option to update on the Mac platform. -TH]

  4. Ciula says:

    What’s “language support”? The menu are still in English.[Ciula, there may have been some confusion over the download links. Please make sure you’ve obtained the correct version. (See my updated links in the post) – TH]

  5. Mr. Serge says:

    Is there any idea how to help localise Lightroom to my native language? Was trying to understand some of those Adobe Labs projects for localisation, but as I understood, they are not working and only for testing.

  6. Marco Posti says:

    Lightroom 2.3 did not added Italian or the other languages you mentione. They were present in the RC but not in the final version released today.[Please check the updated download links in the blog post to obtain the additional languages. -TH]

  7. Wurlitz says:

    Which Adobe account should I have? Simplify, please.

  8. Mattias says:

    Thanx for clearing out the confusion about the new languages.The links that pops up inside Lightroom was the reason for my problem. I just followed them.[Thanks Mattias. We’ll work on improving this in the future. -TH]

  9. Klaus Nordby says:

    While the 2.3 RC installed fine on my XP system, this official version utterly fails to install. I’ve put the lovely error message window same download file installed fine on my Vista system, so it can’t be the source file.

  10. Didier says:

    Thank you Tom.Upgrade is fine for me but the nasty bug of the crop tool is still there 🙁

  11. GeraldB says:

    I get the same problem as Klaus (Error 2753) when upgrading from 2.2 to 2.3 on Win XP sp3 32 bit. I guess I’ll need to put in a call to Adobe support. I think they are going to be busy.

  12. Axel says:

    The direct link for multiple languages(not just to lightroom): is still in english however. I use OS X. Do I need to reset preferenses?[Thanks Axel, we added that link for a more direct download experience. If you’re having trouble setting the language, please read this post: -TH]

  13. Axel says:

    I deleted /Applications/ and then ran the MUL-installer=> Swedish OK!

  14. steph says:

    im having the exact same memory leak problem that i was having with v2.2, in v2.3is anyone else having this issue? v2.1 has no trouble at all but ever since 2.2 the program freezes, runs out of ram & keeps hogging more and more until it crashes

  15. Mary says:

    steph – you are not alone. I can work on about two or three photos with LR and CS2 open before my whole system becomes practically unusable. LR seems to be the culprit and it’s not been fixed with ver. 2.3 as far as I can tell (I’ve installed 2.3 and there is no improvement)[Mary, can you make sure that you’re launching Lightroom 2.3 by checking the About Lightroom screen? -TH]

  16. Richard Farnell says:

    Using Mac OS X 10.5.6 & LR 2.3. 5GB mem. D3, D700 & D300 files. I can work about 10 minutes then LR crashes. Spinning wheel & I have to force quit. It doesn’t matter how long I wait. I hear the dvd spinning. DVD removed and still frozen.

  17. Jan says:

    A question about the new language versions of Lightroom 2.3Do you think it can be support for Norwegian language also in the next release of Lightroom? Thank you for your answer.Jan

  18. Chesman says:

    I experience the crashes caused by memory leak on Lightroom 2.3. I deleted my Lightroom preferences reinstalled Lightroom 2.3 again. If the auto update check feature is enabled LR 2.3 crashes. I disabled that and it runs fine. However when I try to add a module like Jeffrey Friedl’s smugmug or flickr module LR 2.3 crashes. They modules used to work in LR 2.2.

  19. Bennett Richards says:

    I too am having memory leak problems with V2.3. MacPro 2.66Ghz dualcore Intel xeon with 6GB RAM and LR 2.3 set to run 64BIT.I try to adjust a 139MB scan .tif file and the program starts to freeze and I realize that 4.5GB of my RAM is used up.

  20. Michael Sheehy says:

    I recently purchased Lightroom Version 2.0 – when I download the latest update from the Adobe website it appears on my desktop but does not update my version. `any suggestions?[That first step just unpackages the installation file. Double click on the file on your desktop to kick off the install. -TH]

  21. Jose Antonio Rosas says:

    I am also having problems with LR 2.3 on an iMac. Suddenly, it will freeze and make the dock unusable. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  22. Marinus says:

    Mac Pro 2008 with 10.5.6 here. LR 2.3 does indeed gobble up a lot of RAM. My system has 26GB in total. When browsing a catalog with LR 2.3 (not even doing any much developing), the “inactive memory” in OS-X’s Activity Monitor is just growing and growing. Right now for example it is about 15GB after perhaps 30 mins of browsing photo’s. Am using Canon CR2 files.The reason for attributing this behaviour to LR 2.3 is that this does not happen so drastically when LR 2.3 is not used 🙂 The memory is not even released after quitting LR. CS4, Painter and other software behave nicer 🙂 Hoping for LR 2.4.

  23. eric says:

    it seems this is a very very big problem for many (and especially me). I had LR2.2 and it was locking up on exporting images (raw and jpeg, also exporting web galleries). I have been suffering thru this for the past two weeks and its costing me serious amount of frustration and now its costing me money, i got clients waiting for work, and i am backed up. Does anyone have a fix for this constant crashing issue?intel 2 quadq6600 2.44 gig of ram