Update for Leica M9 Customers

The Lightroom 2.6 update included a bug that could cause Lightroom to crash unexpectedly when encountering certain raw files from the Leica M9 camera. This bug is an unfortunate consequence of attempting to tune our raw processing algorithms specifically for the M9 camera based on feedback on our Lightroom 2.6 Release Candidate. Due to the severity of this bug, we have released Lightroom 2.6.1 with a correction for the issue. This update is only applicable to photographers working with files from a Leica M9 camera.

Lightroom 2.6.1 : Mac, Windows

Thanks for your patience while we resolved this problem.

8 Responses to Update for Leica M9 Customers

  1. Thank you for your timely and continuous effort with Lightroom!

  2. ken rockwell says:

    who is using such an amateur program with an leica m9 anyway?capture one is a way better program for a leica camera.

  3. Joseph Lam says:

    Thanks for the quick fix. I hope future LR will have built-in color vignetting correction for the M9 so we can have more control than the in-camera one.

  4. Gilles says:

    Awesome! Thanks

  5. Peter says:

    the new capture one runs circles around LR.it´s a shame how much better IQ is with C1.i hope LR 3 wikl released soon and have made huge steps in terms of IMAGE QUALITY.new features in capture one:• New spot type ideal for removing imperfections in images.• New advanced noise reduction tool.• Multiline fields the metadata tool.• New metadata fields including GPS information in the metadata tool.• New advanced recipe options controlling what metadata are included in processed files.• New preference determining how to handle conflicting metadata during load.• New inverse color slice feature in the color editor.• New preference to disable JPEG/TIFF editing.• New auto and style selector items for the toolbar.• New size options for the focus and process recipes tool.• Aspect ratios available directly from the crop cursor tool.• New welcome screen.• New option for naming without appending numbers.• Customizable toolbar on Windows (already on Mac).• New Auto Pause option to determine how auto selection of images works during capture.• New Importer option for setting when to select import folder or to notify upon completion.• Capture One gains basic color editor, clarity tool, full metadata editing and predefinedworkspaces.Enhancements:• Workspaces now including the toolbar configuration.• Clarity tool now allowing negative clarity values useful for portrait work.• Streamlined Edit All Selected replaces old Edit Primary feature.• Sorting now including sort by process state and smarter sorting by name.• Better performance when selecting a recent folder and doing freehand rotation of images.• Generally improved interactive speed.• Fixed issue with tethered capture on 64-bit versions of Windows if the computer has 4GB ormore installed memory.• Improved colors for Phase One P65+ and P40+.• EIP support for all supported RAW files types.• A number of other enhancements and bug fixes.Phase One February 2010 Page 3 of 9Additional camera tethered support:• Leaf Aptus II 10, Aptus II 7, Aptus II 6, Aptus II 5 (all preliminary on Windows)• Leaf Afi II 10, Afi II 7, Afi II 6 (all preliminary on Windows)• Leaf Aptus 75S, Aptus 65S, Aptus 54S (all preliminary on Windows)• Leaf Afi 7, Afi 6, Afi 5 (all preliminary on Windows)• Leaf Aptus 75, Aptus 65, Aptus 22, Aptus 17 (all preliminary on Windows)• Canon 1D Mark IV, 7D• Nikon D3sAdditional camera file support:• Leaf Aptus II 8 (preliminary)• Leaf Aptus 75S, Aptus 65S, Aptus 54S• Leaf Afi 7, Afi 6, Afi 5• Leaf Aptus 75, Aptus 65, Aptus 22, Aptus 17• Canon 1D Mark IV• Nikon D3s• Sony Alpha DSLR-A500, DSLR-A550

  6. Adult Dvds says:

    spot on, exactly what ive been looking for.

  7. Penny Shares says:

    Thats fixed it for me, thanks

  8. Bruce Jackson says:

    Peter’s Feb 22 comment was good PR for C1 but it leaves a lot of stuff out. C1 is maybe great for a studio photographer working with a tethered camera, but there’s no editing functionality in C1 missing in LR3 and LR 3 has the added printing and web structuring options, both totally absent in C1. LR3 simplifies workflow but C1 complicates it because it’s not nearly as good as a catalog manager and if you want to do anything other than save to TIFF or JPG you have to exit to another program and pick up from there.