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George Jardine on the Lightroom 3 Develop Module

A shameless plug for our good friend, former Adobe employee and Lightroom Evangelist George Jardine. George created an excellent set of tutorials focused on image management and organizational tools and has now created a new set of tutorials to address the wealth of functionality in the Develop module. Check them out here. ($24.95) And if you didn’t heed my earlier recommendation to listen to George’s series of podcasts with photographic influencers, now’s the time to queue them up! (Free of charge)

Lightroom Plug-in Resources

We’ve been celebrating “Plug-in Week” on Lightroom’s Twitter and Facebook channels and I’d like to wrap up the week by providing a list of plug-in resources. These are in no particular order and please feel free to point out resources I’ve missed and I’ll add them to the list.(Listing every plug-in would just recreate the Lightroom Exchange so I’ve focused on the larger collections)  The individuals responsible for the plug-ins below add a tremendous amount of value to the Lightroom community so please join the Lightroom team in thanking them for their efforts.

  • The official Lightroom Exchange hosted by Adobe
  • Jeffrey Friedl’s Lightroom Goodies page
    • The most prolific Lightroom plug-in developer, Jeffrey’s site is an amazing wealth of solutions
  • Timothy Armes’s Photographer’s Toolbox page
    • Timothy has a diverse set of add-ons for Lightroom from image processing to metadata handling
  • Vladimir Vinogradsky’s Plug-in Page
    • Vladimir’s plug-ins have become quite popular for MobileMe integration as well as exporting to Costco, Snapfish and Adorama
  • The Turning Gate Web Gallery Plug-in Site
    • The Turning Gate provides the most comprehensive set of web gallery solutions for Lightroom
  • John Beardsworth’s Lightroom plug-ins
    • John’s plug-ins help extend Lightroom’s Digital Asset Management(DAM) capabilities
  • Todd Dominey’s Slideshow Pro
    • Todd’s Slideshow Pro gallery is one of the most popular and elegant web gallery solutions for Lightroom
  • Sean McCormack’s assorted plug-ins
    • Sean provides several web gallery plug-ins as well as assorted plug-ins including a model release metadata solution
  • Matt Dawson’s The Photo Geek’s Web Site
    • Photoshop Elements integrations tools and much more
  • Lightroom Plug-ins Site
    • Handy solutions like automatic backup removal and a new soft proofing plug-in
  • Nik Software
  • OnOne Software