Lightroom 4 beta resources

This is a list of various resources dedicated to educating photographers about Lightroom 4 public beta.  Please submit additional content through the comment field and I’ll add them to the list.  Adobe maintains an official YouTube channel that provides information about Lightroom 4 public beta but it’s often helpful to review other resources for a different perspective.


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    We have videos, free presets and coverage of the new features, check it out.

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  7. Midmere says:

    Strona w języku polskim / Polish resources regarding Lightroom 4:

  8. labracherie says:

    you can read my article (in french only) here :
    Hope you like it !
    Best regards

  9. Wow, that was a long wait this time!

    I wrote a huge post in Russian here:

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  13. Just added a new post (italian language) on selective white balance adjustements

    …and more to come!

  14. Is there a possibility to report bugs and wishes for a better usability?

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  17. ecommerce says:

    Our company can help you to improve your website by using most up to date technologies and outstanding design.

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  20. Tim Polster says:

    LR4 looks great. Feature Request: Please add an 8×10 Crop Overlay Guide!! Very simple but much needed for us high volume portrait & sports shooters 🙂

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  22. I am responsible and taking care of a german lightroom blog:

    Regards, Michael …

  23. Excited about LR4.
    One HUGE request though:
    Please allow us to export book pages as jpgs and not just pdfs. My book vendor requires jpgs. pdfs will be useless to me unless I change vendors and I am happy with who I use.


    beta 4 crashes after about 4 seconds..over and over and over……………………….

  25. Review do Lightroom 4 Beta – Tv Photoshop
    Por Leandro Duarte

  26. Mark says:

    Adobe advised me to purchase lighright 3 which I did. I just installed lightroom 3 a day ago and just now I learned that there is a better one called lightroom 4. Why was I not told of this one? Can I update to lightroom 4 without additional cost?

  27. AV says:

    Lightroom 4 Beta keeps crashing and runs way to slow compared with 3.6, any advice on how to improve performance without saturating 2 G in RAM?

  28. Asad says:

    A great resource to learn Actionscript 3.0 basics