Lightroom 4.0 Resources

Lightroom 4 is out and we’re compiling a list of online resources dedicated to educating photographers on Lightroom 4.  Adobe maintains an official YouTube channel with many great videos and tutorials, but its often helpful to get additional perspectives.  Please submit additional content through the comments section and we’ll add them to the list.

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  1. Midmere says:

    Polish language

  2. Midmere says:

    Lightroom dedicated site; Polish language

  3. Claas Viser says:

    the new develop modul is great.

    the geotagging features are a joke.
    a friend has coded a freeware geoencoding plugin that is so much better and has so many more features ist really a shame for adobe to come up with such a simple thing.


    Video on how to fade develop preset opacity with LR4 and The Fader plugin

  5. Jan Kabili says:

    Thanks so much for adding The Photoshop Show to this list Tom Hogarty. I’ll be covering more LR4 features there in future episodes, which are biweekly (Tues 6pm PT) live G+ hangouts.

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  7. Deirdre says:

    I have heard that LR4 is slower, why is this? Thanks!

  8. Blog entry on “What’s in my bag series” commenting why I did switch to Lightroom4 and on the relevance on the software for a professional photographer,
    Resource in Italian

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  10. Completely re-written and produced 6 hours of video for the LR4 Library.

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  12. Thanks for sharing these resources. I am going to link to this page from my website. Lots of my members use lightroom and prefer it over photoshop. This will be a great resource for them to learn how to use it to its full advantage. So far I like the Secrets and Killer tips links best!

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