Lightroom 4.1 Now Available on Adobe Labs

Lightroom 4.1 is now available as Release Candidates on Adobe Labs.   The ‘release candidate’ label indicates that this update is well tested but would benefit from additional community testing before it is distributed automatically to all of our customers.  The final release of Lightroom 4.1 may have additional corrections or camera support.

Bugs Corrected in Lightroom 4.1 Release Candidate

The following bugs that were part the Lightroom 4 releases have been corrected. The team appreciates the very detailed feedback the community has provided on Lightroom 4 and we’re excited to correct a number of issues experienced by our customers. These issues have been FIXED:

  • Point Curve adjustments made in Lightroom 3 and before have been restored.
  • Lightroom 4 did not properly open external applications when using the “Edit In” functionality.
  • Addressed performance issues in Lightroom 4, particularly when loading GPS track logs, using a secondary monitor, and the controls within the Develop module.
  • Ability to update DNG previews and metadata for more than 100 photos has been restored.
  • This update allows for improved viewing of subfolders and stacks in folders with a large number of photos.
  • It was possible that a layout of a saved book could be lost after quitting Lightroom 4.
  • Please provide feedback on your experience with the Lightroom 4.1 Release Candidate in our Feedback Portal.

New Camera Support in Lightroom 4.1 Release Candidate

  • Canon EOS 5D Mk III

Thank You

A big thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports, posted entries in the U2U forums and blogged their issues so that we could improve the Lightroom 4 experience in this update.

91 Responses to Lightroom 4.1 Now Available on Adobe Labs

  1. Geoff Walker says:

    Awesome work Lightroom team to produce such an update in such short time. Thanks.

  2. Jack Larson says:

    RC means that I would have to re-program my Wacom tablet.

  3. Mark V says:

    Lightroom 4 was a nice step up from LR 3. Thanks for the update to this program!

  4. Calvin says:

    Any chance the Fuji X-Pro1 (Raw) will be supported in the next release (4.2?)

  5. JACK LARSON says:

    PS – I cannot even reprogram my tablets. Neither of Wacoms (wired or wireless) will work with LR4.1. I had to reinstall LR4.0; now all is well.

  6. Paul Serafini says:

    Installed 4.1 and am still having very significant issues with opening images in PS using “edit in”. Some LR changes like white balance will be applied when the image is opened in PS, but others will not, like exposure. Need to get this RESOLVED!!!!

  7. Geert Vercamer says:

    Just did a quick test and speed / slider problem seems to be fixed.
    Great job! Thanks!

  8. Adam says:

    how about CPU, which gets crazy in v4.0 ?
    Will 4.1 be lighter?

  9. Alain says:

    When I open a set of DNG files with Photoshop CS5 Photomerge the rendering is not done in Lightroom, I have to export the files and then go to PS 5. This bug is not corrected by LR 4.1

  10. Excellent news. Thanks. Assuming no major issues will this presumably become a ‘real’ release pretty quickly?

  11. Richard Priebe says:

    Thanks for the quick response n addressing some of the issues with LR4. There still seems to be one problem that I and quite a few others experience. There is a laggy reaction to the use of the sliders in the Develop module, especially the Detail adjustments.

    The detail (sharpening and noise) sliders are very laggy/sticky. The rest seem to work just fine. If I drag one to the right, then want to back off a little it can take 5 seconds or more for the slider to catch up with the mouse pointer. The first move has good response, but any additional moves are slow. This is on an i7 Quad Core machine with 6gb RAM and a 1gb dedicated nVidia graphics card and more than 400gb of available HDD space, running Win 7/64.

    • Steven Sasaki says:

      I agree with Richard P. Some of the issues have been addressed by LR 4.1 RC, but the sharpening and noise sliders are still unusable for exacting work. Adobe is making some progress, but work is still needed.

  12. Jay says:

    QUESTION: when do you expect the FINAL release of Lightroom 4.1? Thanks!

  13. Bill Iverson says:

    Microsoft may have thought there would never be an alternative to Internet Explorer, Office or Windows. Adobe obviously thinks the same in refusing to provide new camera support for Lightroom 3.6, adopting the let-them-eat-cake attitude that all Win XP customers should upgrade to Win 7 so they can upgrade to Lightroom 4.1 and have access to Canon 5D Mark III support. Microsoft’s lesson — that market power isn’t durable in an electronic age — should be taken to heart by Adobe. Especially when you go out of your way to alienate your customers.

    • smangali says:

      You don’t have to upgrade to the latest version of Lightroom in order to get camera support. Adobe provides backwards compatibility for the latest cameras for FREE through the Adobe DNG Converter. Download the latest version of DNG converter here (

      • Bill Iverson says:

        Possible, yes (at least when there’s a final release, for non-techies like me who feel uneasy about splicing betas and release candidates into software as complex as Photoshop and Bridge). Irritating? I’d still have to say yes indeed. Adobe has suggested no reason why they can’t release a patch, new version, call it what you will to provide new camera support for Lightroom 3.6. Absent that, it’s just a ham-handed effort to encourage immediate migration to Lightroom 4.1. A clean, final, easily-findable standalone DNG Converter for the Canon 5D Mark III etc. would be a big help, but darned if I can find one on the Adobe site.

        • Well, the camera has just arrived in the market, I guess that’s why Adobe doesn’t support it officially yet on the released DNG Converter, that is easy to find on Adobe’s site.

          I understand your concern, but one can’t keep working on old versions of the software forever. I’m a software developer and I know what it means to mantain two different codebases and the need to be updating (and testing, and so on) them. Not that Adobe couldn’t do it, of course they want people to keep upgrading, but at some poing they (or any other compnay) needs to say: enough, no more new features. And, after all, you can keep using LR 3.6 with the latest DNG converter. That’s the point of DNG. Just the timing in this case didn’t work for the few lucky ones who got a 5DMkIII already.

          • M. Wengler says:

            You said it “timing” – it just isn’t good enough… nothing more – nothing less. It’s Adobe we are talking about here, the worlds No. 1 software producer…..have they become to big!!???…….there are probably hundreds of thousands photographers waiting for this 4.1 update in order to their job properly….so sharpen your approach “Dear Adobe” and get on with it. Give us that 4.1 NOW – for Christ sake!!!!!!!

  14. Fred Thurman says:

    I install LR 4.1 on both my iBook Pro and my iMac. It is running fine on the iBook Pro but when it tries to open a picture, during start up, it hangs up and the activity monitor shows that the program is no responding.

  15. Paul Jackson says:

    There seems to be a problem with publishing now. I can’t publish to either Facebook or Flickr from the RC.

  16. cocute says:

    not Olympus E-M5 RAW support¿?

  17. Ota Seycek says:

    Please, give us back the CA-correction sliders (red/cyan & blue/yellow) in manual lens correction palette we had in LR3.
    Pics shot with the camera in a underwater housing with a plan glass port need always an additional CA correction. The automatic correction offered in LR4 via lens/camera profile is not enough in this case.

  18. Phil Pool says:

    LR 4.1 ‘Upload’ module doesn’t work. It stops after the files act like they’ve been created and are on their way to my ISP…

    It freezes then showing about a 2/3’s done. I go to the correct folder at Network Solutions where all of my LR 3 web galleries have uploaded perfect over the release 3.0 version.

    What gives??????

    • Dom says:

      I agree, same issue here and it’s not working. What’s the go Blurb / Adobe, I just spent 3 weeks making a book for a special occasion as a gift, only to find it won’t upload…

  19. George Nikodym says:

    One think – when sending email image with MS Outlook all work except that emai is not recorded in ‘Sent Items’. The rest of LR4 I love.

  20. BTrus says:

    Any word on when 4.1 will support tethered shooting with the 5D MK III?

  21. Peter says:

    The photo book feature is useless in Europe since there is not possibility to change the paper format for pdf to A4 (A3, A5 as well). Please fix the problem in the final release of LR 4.1. Thanks!

    • Graham Kay says:

      The pdf option in the book module doas not have standard letter size for US either (8.5″X11″). Here in Australia we also use iso sizes (A4, A3 etc). I would suggest the intention of the PDF output is to see how your book is going to look once printed by Blurb. If you want pdf in ISO sizes, simply use the print module and print to PDF writer.
      The PDF output in the Book module is limited to the same sizes as the standard book sizes from Blurb. I guess the idea is so that you can get others to proof read or C&C prior to going to print. I guess a cynic would suggest that it is designed to give Blurb business. My only wish is that they had more than one choice of who to send the book to but I guess Blurb and Adobe have done some sort of a deal.
      So I guess what I am saying is that it is not a “problem”, it is intentional by Adobe. Whether you think that is mercenary or not is up to you.

  22. Stephen Selwyn says:

    4.1 shows avi files as black thumbnails and plays only sound. Installing a full codec pack did not solve this. Changing the codec to a different one or converting to another video format solves this. These files are from both Canon and Fuji cameras and play fine outside of Lightroom.

    • Boris says:

      in LR3.6 I could see the thumbs for Canon EOS7D .mov files, in LR4 it says that there was some problem with reading the files… ;(

  23. Boris says:

    I do not see any fix for the never ending dynamiclink*.exe proceses which are consuming 1 core at 100% after exit from LR4… videos which were possible to import in LR3.6 are not readable in LR4 (Canon EOS 7D .mov file)… and lot of of other discussed issues seems to be according this short list not fixed… hope to see the fixes at least in LR5…

  24. DAN says:

    I have a bug in the adjustment brushes. It doesn’t display the adjustment I’ve made until I exit the adjustments tool

  25. Bob Sanderson says:

    It would be good to get an update from Adobe detailing what is fixed by 4.1 RC and what is not. It would also be good to get an estimate when the final 4.1 will be issued.

    I am holding back using my 4.0 until the dust clears even though I purchased it weeks ago. This is not good.

  26. Ralph says:

    LR 4.1 works slowly on 16 bit Tif large Panorama, export is not possible.

    Paper in Book ist not in DSLR Format 3:2

  27. Likewise, Bob. I’m not keen on exposing my workflow to all these issues when LR3.6 is reasonably reliable. Sooner or later I’m going to end up with a 5Dmk3 though so won’t have much choice if I want LR to remain in my workflow (or do the whole convert-to-DNG dance).

  28. Kasper says:

    I hope you will improve the performance of the program further. Right now it’s very slow compared to LR3.

  29. Rod says:

    I also have purchased LR4 several weeks ago but have not been using using it because of all of these issues. I will continue to to use 3.6 until the issues get resolved.

  30. Stanmkl says:

    When does it support the camera Olympus E-M5?

  31. John Bamber says:

    I’ve been thoroughly impressed with most of the lightroom updates: from 1 to 2, 2 to 3. This one seems promising, but is INCREDIBLY sluggish in the develop module.

    I think it has to do with the process version 2012, because it seems to run much more quickly when using ‘process version 2010.’

  32. Steve S says:

    I’d like to see “Compare: Before & After” added to the secondary display modes in soft proof so I can do adjustments while having the two versions as large as possible. I’m sure this is too involved for 4.1, but maybe the next point release?

  33. Jurgen Lobert says:

    Here is a list of bugs and enhancement requests for 4.1RC: Couldn’t find a proper forum to post these.

    *) When choosing a tool in DEVELOP mode (Crop, spot removal, graduated fitler…), the panel with the tool settings no longer pops up by default, the user has to scroll back up to see the settings. This worked properly in LR 3.

    *) When choosing manual lens correction and adjusting the vertical perspective substantially, the cropping no longer works properly. As soon as the CROP tool is selected, it correctly shows the maximum possible outline (constrained by the selected “constrain crop” feature), but as soon as the rectangle handles are touched, the rectangle snaps to some much smaller size that does not reflect the correct outline and is much smaller than the possible largest size. Choosing to unlock the crop enables to select a somewhat larger rectangle, but still not the full size.

    *) Lens correction: have the “constrain angle” checked by default. Nobody wants to see gray corners…

    *) Memory footprint has gone up by about a factor of two from LR 3 to 4. Improve memory management and use.

    *) Sloooow in real-time preview!

    *) Noise reduction no longer works as well as it did. Need to adjust much further in to get the same results.

    *) File export got excruciatingly slow. When running two exports in parallel, it used to go slower, but still finished in a few minutes. Now it takes half an hour for two processes and 100 pictures each.

    *) Installer can’t find prior installation folder to upgrade. If user doesn’t choose it, it ends up with multiple installations.

    *) Graduated filter: the RESET function does not and has never worked. Expected behaviro: it resets all sliders to the default (0) setting.

    *) TRANSFORM – FLIP HORIZONTAL/VERTICAL is only available when selecting ONE photo in the Developer module, it cannot be invoked from the film strip of grid view and it cannot be synch’ed. Please provide this function everywhere and exactly how you provide rotate left/right. While you’re at it: provide a rotate 180° as well.

    *) When defining an external editor (I did with Portrait Professional light), it does not retain the selection to use 8-bit TIF images and – when applied – prompts again with setting of 16-bits. When I change that again to 8-bits, PP refuses to load it because it tries to load a 16-bit image. That means LR4.1 does not transfer the image as requested in 8 bit resolution.

    Enhancement requests:

    *)I miss the LR3 features for “fill light” and “lightness”, which no longer seems to have equivalents. I find Highlights and Shadows in the Tone section rather useless. On the other hand, there is now Highlights/Shadows/Whites/Blacks as well as Highlights/Lights/Darks/Shadows. You really couldn’t come up with a more distinctive naming???

    *) New shortcut request: When resizing, grabbing one of the handles, make it resize symmetrically from both sides into the center when holding down the SHFT key.

    *) New feature request: when exporting and checking “put in subfolder”, allow multiple levels of folders, not just one, e.g. output\1024

  34. I want the photo book formats: 21 cm x 21cm, 21cm x 29 cm, 29 cm x 21cm and 29 cm x 29 cm. Please.

  35. Is anyone experiencing the problem where the image goes blurry (sharpness is switched off) when adjusting the sliders in Develop. On releasing the mouse button the sharpness returns to normal.

    Its not a good way of working and for now I’m forced to remain with LR 3

  36. M. Wengler says:

    I personally felt VERY disappointed when I bought LR 4 and found out it didn’t support 5D Mrk. 3 – how can that be!!!??? Canon is one of the bigger camera producers on this planet and Adobe is one of the biggest software producers – why don’t you guy’s communicate before such two new releases – extremely unprofessional in my opinion. If I ran a business that way – I would be OUT of business!!
    So come on Adobe and Canon – we are thousands of photographers out there depending on your ability to make these two worlds work together, so we can do our work.
    But maybe you have become to big to consider what position you both place us in, by creating such a “strange gab between your two worlds”.
    Give us this 4.1 update – NOW!!! – sharpen you workflow and get on with it!!!
    Kind regards
    M. Wngler

  37. John says:

    I have a Canon 5D Mark III. I had to upgrade to 4.1 because 4.0 did not support the RAW files produced by this new camera. I use Flickr regularly to publish my pictures through Lightroom. It now comes of with and error message. The Message reads: An internal error has occurred: Invalid at the top level of the document.


  38. bob says:

    I went thru the simple process to make the slideshow and hit play once it had completed collecting the 80 photos in the folder. It played thru to the end in basic slideshow fashion. How do you make it ‘go away’? Exiting the application and relaunching just opens LR right back to the slideshow. Where’s the Quit button?


  39. Eadwine says:

    Abit disappointed with the 4.1RC, I know its still a RC but not much has change in the performance area. I feel for professionals using LR for many files, stick to LR3 first. 4.1rc still laggy slow

  40. Lovro Barbalic says:

    The “edit in” feature isn’t still fixed with there 4.1 update.If I export the dng file in photoshop wb, exposure, highlights, shadows,blacks,whites and maybe some others adjustments are not applied to the exported file.I’m using a mac running osx lion

  41. Milan Podsedly says:

    I made a mistake converting all my catalogs to LR4 from 3.6. LR4 It is painfully slow, sliders are non responsive, huge lag between slider movement and adjustment. On my Mac Pro when trying “edit in Photoshop Elements” – nothing happens, files will not open. All works fine in LR3.6.
    I published quite a few books with Blurb, but I would never use publishing module in LR4. Main reason – can not do custom layouts, and many times I have pictures for one book in more than one catalog. That does not work well wit LR4.
    Also for LR4 properly work with Photoshop we would need to upgrade to new Photoshop, since Adobe is not going to release Camera Raw 7 for CS5. Despite some improvements in processing, the whole upgrade is not worth trouble and money.

  42. Jan Andrews says:

    L4.1 is a much improved system. The only major addition needed is linking the emailing facility with existing address books.

  43. Jan Andrews says:

    I forgot to mention that L4.1 works well with our newly acquired Nikon D4

  44. Jedi says:

    GREAT Job. I hope the performance will be better now 🙂

  45. gerhard troll says:

    leider ist das Problem mit Nik filter imer noch nicht behoben

  46. Deb Scally says:

    When will the full release be ready?

  47. Haroldson says:

    Neither Lightroom 4 or 4.1 are able to import mov files from my 7D. I was excited to be able to do some quick edits in here for family and friends videos and pictures all in one place. Any idea if/when this will be addressed?

  48. GUINARD says:

    If it could help :

    to turnaroud the lack of performance of LR 4.O:
    I allocated the catalog folder on my external disk :

  49. Billy Tan says:

    I was wondering if LR 4 could integrate with Premiere 5.5 for video color grading.

  50. Geof Leigh says:

    I have installed LR4 X64 on a brand new Windows 7 ultimate laptop. I can’t see the maps. I have updated to LR4.1 RC still can’t see the maps. I have checked the firewall logs and added LR to allowed programs. Still no luck. I have turned the firewall (Windows) off. Still no luck. All other app access the internet OK. Other features in LR can access the internet OK, e.g. ftp to my website. I have searched google and this seems to be a problem for others with the X64 version. Is Adobe aware of the problem and fixing it?

  51. Joanne Nolte says:

    I have Lightroom 4 and my problem: The thumbnail badges won’t show up on the filmstrip but will show up on the grid. I want to be able to see them on the film strip. I have changed the settings by going to Preferences, but still don’t see the thumbnail badges on the film strip. I right clicked on a photo in the grid and changed the setting there in the View option and also did the same in the film strip. That didn’t work. I’ve went ot “help” in lightroom, googled, and utubed. I can’t get an answer anywhere. Everywhere just tells me to do what Iv’e done already. Can you help me please

  52. Michael Meek says:

    After one or severalI uses of the spot removal tool, LR4 and LR4.1 freezes. Time after time. I just upgraded from LR3 where all was well. I hope this gets resolved soon.

    • ben says:

      I find the same. LR freezes after multiple spot removals. LR is now very slow on my quad core laptop.

  53. if i have a image with recovered highlights (-100) and edit it in photoshop, no matter what the export options are (tiff, psd, jpg, 16 bits, 8 bits, prophoto or srbg), the image opens in photoshop with burned highlights. to avoid this i have to export it as a jpg and then drag it in photoshop cs5. i’m using lr 4.1 RC

  54. Barney Rubble says:

    This program is dog slow, Adobe. What’s up?? Lightroom 3.6 is much smoother.

  55. Alipali says:

    LR4 seems like a cynical move to draw revenue rather than the culmination of developmental advances that serve an evolving industry’s need for better products.

    It’s slow. Slow to load images, export, make adjustments. Adjusting the sliders makes the image flicker and jump. It won’t sort images by file type or extension, or anything else it seems.

    My trial version will stay exactly that – a trial version. That is until new updates fix these issues (issues that dogged previous releases but were subsequently fixed).

  56. Lightroom had been such a wonderful tool.

    But Lightroom 4, no matter how I configure it, is [painfully] slow.
    Am running it on a MacBook Pro, 8GB RAM–same machine that ran LR3.6 flawlessly.
    Have been limping along, hoping to see a resolution of the performance issue, preferring not to think about changing my workflow with the introduction of alternative software.

    Is there any likelihood that Adobe will be able to improve Lightroom 4’s handling?

    Feel free to contact me if you have questions or answers.

  57. Mark Helliwell says:

    Why no response from Adobe on all these issues being reported here? LR4 is unacceptably slow – you must know this. What is the solution?

  58. Patrick Chambers says:

    I can confirm those posters who complain about how slow LR4 is compared to the excellent performance of LR3.6. The reduction in cost of LR4 seems to have been accompanied by a reduction in performance. Come back Silkypix, all is forgiven!

  59. Will says:

    Any estimate on when a properly functioning version of LR4 will be released?

  60. Image stacking is now broken when you export an image into photoshop CS5, this is quite an obvious bug, don’t know why it wasn’t picked up on.
    Using W7 x64

  61. David Shore says:

    Love lightroom 4. This is the first time that I have had any problem at all with any version.
    It is probably my fault but I have converted a file of you tube to an mp3 audio file which plays ok in iTunes but when imported into lightroom slideshow it only displays the title of the track, it won’t play the track and the fit to slide timing button is blacked out, along side which is a exclamation mark. Is this a bug? and can it be rectified.
    Thank you

  62. M. van den Berg says:

    “Support for Canon EOS 5D Mk III”, wow I would like to have that camera —_—-.

    I hope Adobe support the new lenses from Canon (for example the new kit lens on 600D body).

  63. Salahuddin Khan says:

    is there any support for 600D when it comes to tethering it with Lr-4.1

  64. Doug Norby says:

    I fell in love with lightroom when it first came out. Was excited for lightroom three but have been disappointed. I hated getting used to all the superficial changes (moving things to different places, they must have learned that from microsoft) I’m still having problems with 3.6 freezing during spot clone or fix. This has been a major frustration that has NEVER been fixed. Since I can’t trust that 4 won’t come with problems that make it more frustrating than what I’ve got I’m not willing to give them more money. I’ve stopped recommending Light room to others and am thinking of switching to something else.

  65. Thomas Kuhlmann says:

    I am using Ligthroom 4.1. No video import is possible. A single video on the sd card makes it impossible to import the photo’s. I tried all the tips out of help forums. Adobe, when do you fix this bug! I am very disapointed. Thomas

  66. Kevin says:

    I am using the LR4 free trial right now and am very disappointed that I can NOT import video from the 5D MIII. Considering other options before plunking down money to upgrade to LR4 from LR3.

  67. Red says:

    There seems to be a bug when copying adjustments, the automatic lens correction sometimes crops differently when pasting to multiple exposures. At the moment I have to copy all adjustments except the automatic lens correction, then go in to every photo and apply the adjustment separately.

  68. bobi clark says:

    I had some kind of bug it my PC in early 2012. I was just downloading photo the the Windows7 Picture prgram when that ADOBE ICONS turned every ICON on my PC to appear as an ADOBE ICON. If I try to reload Adobe it does the same thing.
    Don’t you want you customers to be happy with the product?

  69. I have downloaded lightroom and it seems like a good software, but I cannot import my “.mov” files. It’s seems like others are having the same problem. Even iPhoto can. Is this on the way to be solved?

  70. Kimbre says:

    Did everyone get tired of complaining and decided to just take the extra moments that the spot edit tool is taking as a time to reflect on how much you love everything else about the Lightroom 4? That is mostly what I’ve been doing with the extra time. What would be better is if someone could tell me there is already a fix for it and that I should immediately go to … and download it.

  71. Vala Grenier says:

    Stacking sometimes works but more often doesn’t. Instead of getting one stack with x number of images, I get y number of stacks with (supposedly) x number of images. Not exactly tidying up my library folder!