Lightroom 4 now available on the Mac App Store

We’re pleased to announce that Lightroom 4 is now available via the Mac App Store in North America.  The Mac App Store is a convenient way to research and purchase software for your Mac computer.  It’s based on an Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) method so there’s no box and no shiny disc.  Instead, you download and install Lightroom directly from the Mac App Store, similar to how ESD works on and in North America. The Mac App Store offering is the same product offered on in terms of features and functionality but has been modified to comply with Mac App Store requirements. We’re excited to offer this distribution option to our Mac customers; however, there are a few important pieces of information you should be aware of:

  • This is a single platform license for Mac only.  (The boxed version and the ESD offering on can be installed on Mac or Windows)
  • Updates will take place through the Mac App Store, not via for this version of Lightroom.  When we update Lightroom for new camera support(about 4 times per year), the Mac App Store version may be released at a different time than the update on
  • There is no upgrade pricing available on the Mac App Store for Lightroom customers who own Lightroom 1, 2 or 3.
  • Because there is no upgrade pricing or upgrade validation currently available on the Mac App Store, there is no guarantee that upgrade pricing will be available to Mac App Store Lightroom 4 customers when Lightroom 5 and future versions of Lightroom are released.
  • Lightroom 4 is available on the Mac App Store in North America only

Thanks and we look forward to your feedback!

53 Responses to Lightroom 4 now available on the Mac App Store

  1. Jon says:

    This is great to see. Hopefully it will make its way across to Europe at some point in the future.

    • Joe says:

      I agree. What about Europe??? Pls pls pls give it to us in Europe. I keep getting iTunes gift card from family members but lightroom is the real thing I want and I can’t buy it with these gift cards.

  2. Jeremy says:

    And why are people outside North America once again being treated differently?

  3. Boris says:

    so, why would I buy it from mac app store if there are only disadvantages for me? 😀

    • John says:

      Wouldn’t it be installable on multiple Macs?

      • The Mac AppStore version would give you installs on 5 different authorized Macs, if you need that.

      • G says:

        I can install on multiple Macs with a DVD. In addition I can also install LR from DVD on PCs AND Macs. The purchased disk provides a license for 2 machines providing only one is used at the same time, so I assume the App Store version is the same.

        So other than the convenience of a download vs keeping the disk somewhere safe, I’m not really sure why I should bother with the App Store route. Especially when you consider the limitations quoted by Adobe.

        Thanks but no thanks – I’ll reconsider when the App Store version doesn’t have all those upgrade restrictions.

      • Boris says:

        There is no such information… I expect 1 product =1 license…

    • Scott says:

      The main advantage is convenience for those who can’t wait for the boxed version to be delivered or don’t care to waste the resources on discs and packaging. You know, that green thing, save the planet and all that.

  4. Trond Eivind says:

    Why is it available in North America only?

    (Hoping that the normal Photoshop shows up in the Norwegian app store soon – I’d buy it)

  5. Gregory says:

    Sounds like a losing proposition.
    -Can’t upgrade now and possibly in the future.
    -Can’t update within Lightroom (and thus have to go open the app store to even check).
    -Probably have to wait longer for those updates as Apple vets them.

    As with most apps, I fail to see any upside to having to go through the app store to buy and update your software. It’s a regression in software delivery on the Mac in my opinion. Leave that silliness to just iOS devices where it belongs.

    • Sam says:

      The Mac App Store checks for updates and notifies users in the background, without being open. Yes, you have to leave Lightroom. The upside of that is that you can get updates for multiple apps in one place.

      You will have to wait a few extra days for updates. However, I usually wait for a few days anyway with Adobe products to make sure they don’t introduce new bugs, crashes and other instabilities.

      You get the ability to install on multiple Macs.

      The Mac App Store allows for an easier-to-navigate ecosystem for people who are not as skilled as you are. Anybody who thinks that the MAS is going to remain exactly as it is hasn’t paid attention to Apple’s modus operandi. Expect the capabilities and advantages for MAS software to increase over time, not decrease.

      • BiGSo says:

        It takes “skill” to go to I didn’t want to say Mac owners are dumb, but…

  6. Omgsffront says:

    The mac appstore policy prohibits anyone from using it commercially. WHAT??! Adobe, please clarify this situation!

    • rohlnaldo says:

      That means that Company X isn’t allowed to buy one copy and install it on all of their Macs. That license is different for individuals, which is much more generous about installing it on as many Macs as you own.

  7. L says:

    So, like other app store apps, you can install it on all the Macs you own?! Big win!

  8. Mr C says:

    +1 for bringing this to europe too.

  9. manfesto says:


    From Apple’s EULA, on commercial use of Mac App Store Products:

    (ii) If you are a commercial enterprise or educational institution, you may download a Mac App Store Product for use by either (a) a single individual on each of the Mac Computer(s) used by that individual that you own or control or (b) multiple individuals on a single shared Mac Computer that you own or control. For example, a single employee may use a Mac App Store Product on both the employee’s desktop Mac Computer and laptop Mac Computer, or multiple students may serially use a Mac App Store Product on a single Mac Computer located at a resource center or library. For the sake of clarity, each Mac Computer used serially by multiple users requires a separate license.

  10. Rudolf Kafka says:

    Explanation: Adobe notoriously make their products double the price for European countries like Switzerland. They do it basically because they show their middle finger to a big graphic community.

    With the App store, Adobe can’t do price-by-country anymore. Instead of lowering their prices, they decided to withhold the App Store ease of use from these countries. Plus as an added bonus, they can upheld their tradition of presenting their middle finger to one of their most popular markets.

    • Wilker says:

      Not just for Europeans, Adobe like to show their middle finger for anybody outside North America, I’m from Brazil and on South America they practice double prices compared to North America on almost all products.

      Adobe is an old company, with old methodologies that for some reason like to **** anybody outside North America…

      And them they ask themselves why there are so much cracked Adobe software out there… its because they make people do it. I’m sure they will have way more profit if they are were less greed, charge less, and stop discriminating people by their countries.

  11. I am in Europe. How much are they charging for it on the North american app store?

  12. Favo Modo says:

    Come on, Adobe, don’t be evil, please release this world wide!

  13. Matt says:

    Best part about this, we’re one step closer to never having to use Adobe Updater again.

  14. Joni says:

    Camera Raw, Bridge and Photoshop can pull up files attached to a network server but I don’t seem to be able to in lightroom. Is that a possibility or maybe something that needs to be addressed. Lightroom is the first step in our processing but cannot even seen the external hard drive that is connected to the network Mac Pro computer

  15. Justin says:

    Why just North America? Even leaving aside the ethics of screwing your international customers as a matter of policy, this is idiotic when I can just order it online in boxed format. (There are services that make their living helping international customers to circumvent geoblocking, and some are even backed by large banks.)

    Frankly, this is a new level of incompetence, worthy of A Monty Python sketch. (I am thinking of the The Upper-Class Twit of the Year, if it wasn’t clear.)

  16. Chris Brown says:

    Just a warning to prospective buyers: Lightroom 4 is slow. Very slow.

    I’ve used Lightroom 3 almost since it came out. I love it. I purchased the Lightroom 4 upgrade, and it is unbearably slow compared to Lightroom 3. I have a 2.53 GHz Macbook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo with 8 GB ram, so it shouldn’t be slow. Yet it is excruciatingly so. Luckily, it installs parallel to LR3, so I didn’t have much trouble reverting to LR3 after my first miserable session with LR4.

  17. David Newman says:

    This underscores a gripe with App Store — it won’t recognize apps I’ve already bought (in this case, including LR4).

    Much as I like the idea of a centralized location for all updates, it’s not worth forking over another $150 just to have LR4 inside App Store.

  18. Joel says:

    So, will Adobe be reviewing their Australian pricing strategy of adding ~50% to the currency converted value from US dollars in the land down under or are they going to continue to screw over – with little justification – those of us over here?

  19. Nate says:

    I like the App Store. It is much easier to use apps across all my Macs. Updates are easy to spot and easy to install. If I could convert all my current apps to App Store apps without re-buying the apps, I would do it. Since I already have LR4, I’m going to wait until the next release before considering the App Store version. I wish Adobe would make the serial number for version of LR work on the App Store version.

  20. soaring says:

    Guys! you can have much better Aperture world wide for half a price there in app store.. it is fast reliable and far better if you consider UX.
    and Adobe due to their retail network policy will rather not allow Lightroom sales in national app stores.. maybe USA app stores will convince them.. maybe..



  22. Liza Ballas says:

    Curiously, it’s still not showing up on the Mac App Store here in the UK.

  23. Keith says:

    looking forward to seeing it in Europe but no upgrade pricing?

  24. alex says:

    please make upgrade availability available on the App Store for LR5. I have LR4, purchased the traditional route through Adobe and would like to transition to the App store when possible. This makes updates simpler, as it is a one stop shop for all my applications. Thanks.

  25. BobSanderson says:

    These blogs with comments are a great idea but they must be moderated daily to show respect to those that give feedback to Adobe.

    When is the final 4.2 edition of lightroom expected?

  26. Hey, But now tell me how install multiple apps in at a time?

  27. Bob Sanderson says:

    When are are the comments from May 14th to now, May 23rd, going to be published? This should be done on a daily basis to show respect to your customers.

    When is the final release of LR 4.2 planned. We can’t wait forever….

  28. genygirl says:

    I use LR3 and after reading a few of these comments, I’m in no rush to upgrade to LR4. I don’t really see the advantage of making it available in the App Store either. Why not buy it directly from Adobe?

  29. Mike says:

    4.1 is out but not showing update in the Mac App Store.
    The standalone updater does not update it. Any news about this?

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  31. Walter Shin says:

    WARNING: LR4 is extremely slow on my Macbook Pro and others have the same issues. Even outside the LR4 program, my mac has slowed its operation from boot up to starting other apps. DO NOT BUY LR4 IF YOU HAVE MAC.

  32. Bharath says:

    I am a student, I have a Macbook Air and I want to buy the Lightroom student version (with the student discount) through the Appstore.

    Does anyone know whether it is possible ? I could not find any option on the Appstore to avail the student discount. The difference is 70$ which is quite significant for me.

  33. Rob Cole says:

    Is App Store version sandboxed?

  34. James Westover says:

    Wow really! I bought Lightroom 4.1 on the Mac apps store and they are saying Adobe is not supporting it? I guess that would explain the run around and games with Adobe support when I contacted them for a serial # and registration. I proved I purchased it from Apple
    and they still have not gotten back with me? “Open Support ticket”
    Hope they discount upgrades Because I am not buying it again!
    I guess it is a good thing I bought CS6 master suite directly from adobe.
    what a drag!

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  36. Simeon says:

    The app store version of LR4.1 is not updating properly to 4.2 using Adobe’s updater. This is mainly because the app store license does not have a serial number associated with the product. Since upgrades to LR5 won’t be possible, unless the app store happens to develop an upgrade path for purchasing, it may even be likely that Lightroom 4.2 will never see the light of day on the app store, due to the complicated licensing structure setup between Adobe/Apple. What a pain, I will never buy an Adobe product from the app store again.

  37. Candra Venus says:

    i want to buy adobe lightroom from mac App Store, but there is no lightroom in my Mac App Store (Indonesia)