T4i raw support in Lightroom 4.1

Lightroom 4.1 has full raw support for the recently released Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i.  If you are currently on Lightroom 4.1, there’s no further action required, it’ll just work with your new T4i.

If you are currently using Lightroom 4, we’ve included some pretty great functionality such as processing and tone-mapping 32bit HDR TIFF files and color fringing tools to help reduce chromatic aberration.

Download Lightroom 4.1 here – Windows , Mac



14 Responses to T4i raw support in Lightroom 4.1

  1. Bob Kumpula says:

    I bought Lightroom 3 in February and after reading comments by some that Lightroom 4 was slow I decided to wait to upgrade until the problem was corrected. That attitude didn’t last long as I did a download the following day. Happy I did…. I’ve not found problems with the program apart from the fact that it’s a significant improvement of it’s predecessor. I’ve dumped Lightroom 3 and will certainly be dumping Aperture. The Lens Corrections manual feature of the program is pure magic. I’m sorry I’d avoided Adobe Programming for so long. I’d assumed it was for Professionals and beyond my capabilities. Now I know Adobe’s a cake-walk and stress free while providing fantastic results.

  2. Chris Joyce says:

    lr4 autotone is in need of a frontal labotomy. Can anyone explain why it has gotten so bad and completely unusable? It’s costing me real dollars in time paid to hand adjust so many photos compared to LR3.

    Any response would be great!

  3. Tom Mullen says:

    When will T4i Raw files be supported in Lightroom 3.x?

  4. The functionality updates look interesting, I will have a look, thanks.

  5. JOhn says:

    When will tethering be available in Lr4 for the Nikon D800 & 800e? It seems with the great number of these out there, judging by the blogs, and the fact that the SDK has been out since April 10th that this should be available.

    I was always impressed by the updates in Lr2 & 3 dealing with new cameras, ones I never had even heard of – I expected the 800 to come up shortly after release.

    Also, what is the recommended RAM for Lr4 to run with considering these large files – is the slow loading related to my only having 8gb of ram? Win 7 64bit.

  6. vinny says:

    Hi I just purchased the rebel t41 and shot some pictures in raw format but when i try to upload it to lightroom 4 it tells me the file is not recognize …. any help

  7. Mark says:

    Any estimate on when we might see a 4.2 release-candidate? I’m waiting for RX100 support.

    Thanks though. LR4 seems to be as big an improvement on 3 as 3 was to 2. I barely touch my external plug-ins now.

  8. Martin says:

    I have just downloaded Lightroom 4.1, but it won’t open my Raw pictures from my new Canon 650D.
    Can anyone help?

  9. I just purchased LR 4 I shoot with a 60D it will not import RaW Files and states;
    The following files were not imported they could not be read.
    What is the solution it has to be something simple, right?

    • Sharad Mangalick says:

      Hi Patrick, Please make sure that you are running the latest update. You can update through the Help-> Update menu option within Lightroom.