Lightroom mobile now available!

Tonight we’re announcing the immediate availability of Lightroom mobile for Android phones.

Lightroom mobile extends your existing workflows beyond the desktop, allowing you to utilize your Android phone to review and edit your images and have the changes sync back to your Lightroom catalog at home, including:

  • access images in your Lightroom catalog
  • make selects, reject unworthy photos
  • apply a preset
  • fine tunes your images using the Basic panel
  • import new photos directly from the Gallery

Once you’ve told Lightroom a collection of pictures should be sent to Lightroom mobile, the process is handled automatically and the pictures will become available on your Android phone once it is connected to the internet. Any changes you make in Lightroom mobile will be automatically synced and updated back to the Lightroom catalog on your desktop.

Lightroom mobile utilizes Smart Previews to provide raw editing functionality on the go.  Smart Previews are:

  • Based on the DNG file format
  • Limited to 2560 pixels on the long edge
  • Smaller versions original raw files
  • Can be used to make adjustments even when the original files aren’t available locally
  • Adjustments made to Smart Previews are applied to the original when the original files are available

NOTE – It may take up t0 24 hours for Lightroom mobile to be available in your local Google Play app store.

How to get started:

 Download the latest version of Lightroom 5

Lightroom mobile is a companion to Lightroom desktop. Please update to the latest version of Lightroom 5 using either the Creative Cloud app or by clicking on the “Help-> Check for Updates” menu option.

Sign In

Lightroom mobile utilizes cloud services to sync Smart Previews and changes between Lightroom desktop and Lightroom mobile.  Lightroom mobile requires a qualifying Creative Cloud or Photoshop Photography Plan subscription:

  • Creative Cloud Photography plan
  • Creative Cloud complete plan
  • Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition
  • Creative Cloud for teams complete plan

A free 30-day trial of Lightroom mobile is available

Sync a collection

Lightroom mobile is organized around Collections.  Images within Collections will be synced and be available in Lightroom mobile.

Download Lightroom mobile

Visit the Google Play store and download Lightroom mobile.  Once you login with the same Creative Cloud account, you’ll see all of your synced Collections.

Check out your photos at

In addition to Lightroom mobile, we’ve also launched Lightroom web, a new way to view and share your images from any web browser.  Available at


System Requirements

  • Processor :  Quad Core CPU with 1.7 GHZ ARMv7 architecture
  • RAM :  1 GB
  • Internal Storage: 8 GB
  • Android Jellybean, KitKat, or Lollipop

Give us feedback!

Once you’ve gotten started with Lightroom mobile, don’t forget to leave us feedback about your experiences. Lightroom wouldn’t be what it is today without the loyal community of regular customers who help us find and fix common issues. If you keep talking to us, we’ll keep listening.

Here are a few ways that you can send us feedback and learn more:


136 Responses to Lightroom mobile now available!

  1. Don Craig says:

    Please don’t make Lightroom mobile a Creative Cloud only application. Lightroom is a stand alone application and it would be great if the mobile version was available for purchase and not as part of a subscription. If you move Lightroom to a subscription only basis, I will find another solution for my photography management and development. There are many other options, and frankly, your poor support for the Fujifilm X-trans sensor has me very close to switching now. So, please consider how you proceed with LR and LR mobile. Thanks.

    • Ola Linde says:

      Totally agree with you Don.

      Lightroom mobile shouldn’t be based on a specific cloud service. I should be able to chose my own preferences to sync with whatever network I am using, regardless if that is a local network or if I have remote access to my server or if I am using a cloud service.

      Compare to your competitors where the mobile version even can be used for tethered shooting in any network you chose.

      I fully understand the commercial benefits in persuading everyone to subscribe, but if you focus to much on forcing customers to subscription, instead of being a company providing the best aid to the workflow, you will push some of us to competitive platforms.

    • Vahtangs Siharulidze says:

      Also agree

    • Lindsey Ryder says:

      Somehow the cost of cloud management has to be considered so I can understand & agree with the need for some ongoing “pay to play” fee whether it be a monthly subscription to one of the Creative Cloud packages or an annual Lightroom Mobile user fee. You can’t expect Adobe to be footing the bill for cloud usage for everyone without some compensation.

    • Andrew Silk says:

      While I used to be very frustrated with the subscription model, Adobe’s ability to continually release updates and respond quickly to emerging technology has made most of my issues with the subscription model a moot point. I also believe Adobe has an offer for Photoshop and Lightroom for 9.99 a month. Consider that 10 years ago, you could not even get a roll of film with 36 exposures developed and printed for that price, 9.99 a month to be able to have your own photo processing software that works both on the iPad and your computer is a steal. The ability to sync collections is simply fantastic! Considering that Lightroom mobile is in its infancy, I’m more than happy to pay for the subscription to the Creative Cloud, as it pays for itself over and over in time saved, not to mention the headaches it has prevented!

      • Tom Hogarty says:

        Thanks for sticking with us on this journey. And yes, I shudder to think about the expense incurred by the enormous archive of 35mm and 120mm film I have from the early days. (But boy is that chrome beautiful and so much less expensive to store than a digital file)

  2. Chris says:

    Wow this is great! Been wanting to sync my iPad with Lightroom since day 1. Everything appears to be working great, curious though does the sync only work with Collections and not Smart Collections?

    Great Job!

  3. John Nack says:

    Congrats, guys!! I’m so happy that the world will finally get to enjoy the fruits of all your hard work. Well done!

  4. Luke says:

    Please bring this to Android ASAP. There are many of us who would love to use it.

  5. Nice start. Would love to see keywording, captioning, titling, and rating on iPad.

  6. Joerg K. says:

    Many thanks for Lightroom mobile!

    Assuming the following scenario … while on the road shooting RAW with my DSLR … how can I get my photos into my iPad? I mean loading all full RAW files would not make sense as the memory of my iPad would immediately be filled up. So how can we get just a preview into LR mobile? What is the cool workflow behind?

    Basically I copy my RAW on a WiFi enabled external HDD and back home I copy these RAW files to my local HDD and import these into LR. So how does that fit into a workflow while on the road and just having the external HDD and my iPad with me? Am I able to prequalify my images on the iPad now and back home sync all work and files with my local LR?

    As far as I know when importing images into my iPad to the Camera Roll the names of the files are renamed by Camera Roll so the file names are differing from the ones on my external HDD. And importing images to the Camera Roll when shooting RAW is importing the RAW and creating a preview which will fill up my iPad memory again … there should be a way of connecting an external WiFi and have it as a source of the original photos instead of importing from Camera Roll!?

    So I’m excited to learn how all the pieces will come together…


    • Tom Hogarty says:

      We call that a “field triage” workflow and it’s not something we’re tackling for version 1. We definitely see the need but there are a number of technology hurdles we need to address before you can have a workflow even beginning to approach usable.

      Tom Hogarty

      • Brad Balfour says:

        @Tom: I’ve got a 128GB iPad air. If I shoot over a weekend vacation, I’d think that my 16 or 32GB Canon CR2 (or DNG) raw files should fit fine. And I can upload them to the iPad via the Camera Connection Kit.

        Can I not then import them into LR Mobile?
        I really want to spend the car ride home doing the pick/reject sequence so that when I get home things will instantly sync via wi-fi and I can kill off all the rejects and process the rest quickly.

        Is this a dream or something I could so on v1.0?


        • Lars Wedde says:

          Dissapointed to learn that lightroom Mobile cannot import my Raw files which I have just imported to my ipads camera Roll!!!! WHO not???

          • Hi Lars,

            That’s a workflow that call “field triage” – it’s not something we’re tackling for version 1. We definitely see the need but there are a number of technology hurdles right now for a viable workflow.

  7. Tom Luongo says:

    I installed LR 5.4 and signed in with my active Creative Cloud account. I now have an message reading “Lightroom mobile subscription expired”.

    How do I get this fixed?

  8. Ray Walton says:

    Disappointed to see this is NOT availabkle for my perfectly good iPad1 which is only about 3 years old at the most !!!!!!!!!! Also not for my pristine condition not that old but much used iPhone 3GS either as that is now stuck on IOS6. I have NO intention ofbeing forced by Apple into wasting money upgrading my iPad or iPhone to later versions when they are performing perfectly and much loved. So to me this is another scam designed with Apple to try to force folk to spend more hard to come by money on continual unnecessary upgrades GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! I have many many other things high on my want list which are not just unneeded upgrades to existing perfectly good gear but new gadgets needed to expand my life’s pleasures in active retirement..

    I do have a CC subscription so was very disappointed to read this crazy and restrictive IOS version restriction and blame Apple a lot for that too. So for me only desktop LR5 unless Adobe reappraise this and make it compatible with at least IOS5

  9. Andreas says:

    I marked a collection with 140 pictures for sync with Lightroom Mobile and it worked but the upload is very slow. The upload of the smart previews is running with about 0,6 mbit and 10 mbit are possible with my internet connection. So the synchronisation is very slow and is running now for about 1,5 hours. Is this normal or maybe the server has a overload at the moment?

  10. Jens says:

    Support for RAW-formats like Panasonic .RW2?

  11. ftlum says:

    Only for Creative Cloud?! When will you realize how much many of us hate the greedy subscription model? I had been happy to purchase LR after finding out that the cloud was not required, but i am now re-assessing any of my future purchases.

    • hiftlum,

      Due to the nature of cloud services having ongoing costs, Lightroom mobile is not something that can be offered for a one time fee. The Lightroom desktop application, however, remains available as perpetual license product and there currently are no plans to change that.

      • David V says:

        People have been begging for a way to sync their changes between computers for years and years.. If adobe can’t foot the huge cost of cloud services.. perhaps they could allow us to use dropbox which I believe gives 5Gigs of backup space for free.
        I find it hard to believe Adobe can’t come up with a solution for it’s users to be able to sync databases from multiple computers besides paying more..


  12. Rosemary Hughes says:

    great news but I need to be able to buy a stand alone version

    • Tom Hogarty says:

      When you say “stand alone” version, you’re referring to just a subscription to the Lr mobile service without Photoshop CC or Lightroom 5? Because we have ongoing costs to provide the service it’s not tenable to collect one fee then support the solution and associated costs in perpetuity.

      Tom Hogarty

  13. Great job, Adobe! But, please bring out the Android (tablet) version very soon. Standard disk spaces on an iPad are 16 or 32 GB, everything else is too expensive. An Android tablet is much easier and cheaper to expand – you would get way more customers.

  14. Robert says:

    I’m very happy with this release, waited a long time for it. Unfortunately the subscription-only purchase is no option for me. I use LR occasionally, once in every 2-3 months – after returning from vacation trips with a load of photos. This is a hobby for me, and while I was happy to pay the offline price of LR, this cloud stuff for 13EUR/month is beyond the limit I’m willing to pay for this every month. I don’t even need Photoshop.
    Please release a non-subscription version also (or at least a LR-only version without the need to subscribe for Photoshop)!

  15. Jonathan says:

    Another vote for an Android version please!
    Additionally, what this appears to do (from reading the info above) is allow you to edit images you have already loaded into LR back home.
    What would be useful is to be able to add RAW images from your camera while away from home, do basic edits on them (EG crop, white balance, levels) and export jpg for sharing (as well as get a copy safely made to the cloud).

  16. Paolo Castagnini says:

    Please bring this to Windows 8 and Android tablets for us that don’t love the apple…

  17. Art Alexion says:

    I just bought 3 copies of Lightroom a couple of weeks ago. Looks like the mobile app only will work with Creative Cloud (which includes Lightroom) I really want to use the mobile app, but did I waste my money buying Lr when I am going to have to buy the cloud version again?

  18. Aleksandr Konovalov says:

    One more voice for buying non CC version

  19. Sarah says:

    I synced a collection that includes a Slideshow,,,the Slideshow with music doesn’t play,,,,should it be able to? And the wording on what is required for use of LR mobile is a bit confusing,,,,is it certain that an outright owner of LR 5 program rather than subscription member will not have this app after the trial? I don’t want to be irritated at Adobe again if I don’t have to be :-). Serious.

    • Hi Sarah, Slideshow functionality isn’t currently supported through LR Mobile. Lightroom Mobile is a service that is available as part of the Photoshop Photography Program or Creative Cloud.

      • There seems to be a disconnect here. The Slideshow module in Lightroom for the desktop has regularly been criticized over color “dis-management” issues. I’d have expected it to have been a prime candidate for inclusion in the Lightroom Mobile edition – with the iPad in particular being more of a convenient (and attractive) display panel than an editing device. Surely it could even be provided there with an auto-correct option …

        • Hi John,

          iOS, and most device targets for slideshow (and web), lack consistent color management. That said, we did fix a few bugs in the 5.4 update around color in Slideshow. There is room for improvement here.

          • hi Jeffrey,
            That’s good to know – thank-you. I will check. All the CC upgrading required for v.5.4 took while yesterday.
            One way to workaround the issue with the Slideshow module in Lightroom as it stands is to export the show itself to an .mp4 file, Dropbox that, and go to iPad …

          • Thanks John, Good workaround.

  20. Luke says:

    Is it fair to assume that the synced DNG will include the camera profiles, tone curves, and lens corrections from the desktop version of Lightroom?

  21. Michelle H says:

    So does this support starting on the iPad and going to the Mac? When I’m on vacation I don’t take my DSLR, but I’d like to dump my photos on my iPad (which I can do now), edit them, tag them, etc.. in LR Mobile, then sync them when I get home to LR on my Mac. Is this possible now?

    • You can import full resolution images into Lightroom Mobile from your camera roll on the iPad and they will sync to your desktop Lightroom catalog.

      • Michelle H says:

        Awesome, I’m bringing my micro 4/3rds camera on vacation in a few weeks, I’ll have to try this!

    • Hi Michelle, see Tom’s comment below about “field triage workflow.” It’s not a workflow we’re tackling for version 1 but definitely a workflow we see a need for.

  22. Bob Zolto says:

    It appears you are studiously avoiding any answers about an Android version. There are many, many of us who do not use over priced Apple products, despite their obvious beauty. Is there going to be an Android version? Yeds or NO?

  23. Larry Ausley says:

    I concur that Lightroom is an outstanding standalone application but there is no way as a consumer-level user that I’d use any software product as a subscription service after (or even in lieu of) purchasing a full product at an already hefty price tag. Lightroom mobile on the iPad will therefore be a non-starter for me.

    • Hi Larry, Due to the nature of cloud services having ongoing costs, Lightroom mobile is not something that can be offered for a one time fee. The Lightroom desktop application remains available as perpetual license product and there currently are no plans to change that.

  24. Denise McNickle says:

    Please change your policy regarding the use of Lightroom Mobile contingent on having a creative cloud account. I already own stand alone copies of the latest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom. There is no reason for me to pay for Creative Cloud. $10.87 a month for the Photography Program might not mean much to most but it does to me. It is not fair to require me to subscribe to something I don’t need just to be able to use Lightroom Mobile.

    • Hi Denise, I’m looking at your account and it looks like you had a Photoshop Photography Program membership. Lightroom Mobile is included as part PPP memberships at no extra cost.

  25. Very excited to give LR Mobile a try. Question is based on this scenario: I do a photoshoot, then I import my RAW files from the camera to the iPad/LR mobile and do my edits and enhancements onsite. Once back in the studio, I then sync them to my desktop version of LR.

    Question is: If I delete these files from the iPad after syncing with the desktop–to save spaces on the iPad–will they remain permanently on the desktop the next time I sync files from a shoot from the iPad to the desktop? That is, is the sync process global or local, just dealing with a single collection and not affecting any other collections or files.

    Thanks. J

    • I would like to know the answer to that one also. I own a air stash for travel, but I need to know if I can put the pics from airstash on ipad in LR mobile, sync with desktop at home, and then delete pics in collection from ipad to make room for more pics.
      This is also partly related to rejects. Who are to end up in the bin straight away. How can I perform the reject from the ipad, because there is no use for sending the pics to the desktop to just reject them from the desktop also.
      If we delete collections on the ipad, will those collections be tossed from the desktop also? And a collection is in fact a virtual copie… where do the actual files reside? Am I Dummy nr Supreme in all this? I have a hard time grasping the concept…
      If this is what I think it is it means that ipad photographers are done with limited spaces on ipad…
      Which is almost too good to be true… Could it be true? Could it?
      Is there anybody here who can explain the concept for dummies like me on toddler level? I have been working with photoshop and lightroom for 20 years but the whole creative cloud concept is just a little bit more then my peanut brain can take. I know how the cloud and such is working, I just need to know where LR mobile will fit in that cloud.
      We are travelliing to Washington in fourteen days and I want to test it out for travel photography, but how… Thanks in advance

  26. Dan says:

    Great stuff. With one caveat so far…. I want to be able to sync smart collections!!
    I don’t know why this isn’t a part of it, but I use smart collections all the time.

  27. Michael says:

    I agree with all LR customers who want to get LR mobile as a “standalone” app and not related to Cloud CC services. LR was promised as remaining a non CC program for those who own a standalone version and are NOT commited to CC program ? So why for the mobile version ? Make a reasonable price for non CC users if you want ?

    • Hi Michael, the Lightroom mobile service utilizes cloud infrastructure to seamlessly sync image data and edits between the desktop and mobile devices. Due to the nature of cloud services having ongoing costs, Lightroom mobile is not something that can be offered for a one time fee.

      • Maurizio says:

        So the right question is: why the synchronization works only through the cloud and not even through an home network?

        • Hi Maurizio, that particular workflow isn’t something we’re tackling for version 1 but it’s good suggestion for the product team.

          • Tristan Milnthorp says:

            Even better would be if you could utilize any number of existing cloud data services (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) to do the syncing.

  28. Frans van Velzen says:

    I have problems importing X-T1 raw files in LR Mobile. Anyone familiar with this problem?

  29. Dice Yamaguchi says:

    Please enable syncing user assigned settings on a mass edit.

    Still has growing pains, but shows great promise!


  30. I have been waiting for something like this for ages. However I recently updated to lightroom 5 but as a standalone product.
    I guess this means no mobile app for me 🙁

    • HI Alex,

      Looks like you purchased from recently that we could do a return/refund so you could switch to the Photoshop Photography Program. I’ll have someone contact you to arrange that if you like.

  31. Jens Bjerrehuus says:

    I can understand that you have to charge a subscribtion for the synchronization service behind LR Mobile, but why insist on a CC plan that includes Photoshop. LR is a perfectly valid photography solution without Photoshop, so why not provide a CC subscription plan for half the price of the one with the two combined? Might sell some more LR users on this subscription idea.

    • Currently, the Photoshop Photography Program is our solution for photographers, which didn’t exist at the launch of Creative Cloud. It was the result of feedback from our customers. There may room for additional memberships based on out customers needs. Thanks for the feedback.

  32. Sean Holder says:

    I just purchased a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition to use with my photography business, I am at Creative Cloud subscriber and now you come out with items only for iPad? What is the point here? Is Android going to get one also? Or am I going to have to convert to an ipad? should I wait or return this while I still can to Best Buy, I guess the biggest question is will this post even get an answer?

  33. Fuad Kamal says:

    I realize this is v1 and you probably have plenty in the pipeline for future updates. Feature request – would like to be able to add metadata from LR mobile. Among other things, this would be useful when previewing a shoot with a client on the iPad, as we can make notes on the image based on client feedback. Yeah, I realize we can easily flag/unflag, but being able to make additional notes like names etc. would be useful. Thanks for doing an awesome job, if I wasn’t a CC subscriber this app alone might convince me to bite the bullet. But I would also be willing to pay for this app – maybe a paid version of the app for non-CC subscribers would be great, although I can’t imagine how huge a headache that would be from a back-end architecture standpoint. Finally, even a lot of iOS developers aren’t aware of this site yet, but you might consider making a demo build of LR Mobile with a dummy CC account and putting it up on . This could be a powerful way to draw in CC subscription haters, especially since by downloading the free app they have no way to try the app out, but on they can try it out and see for themselves how useful it really is.

  34. Lida Verner says:

    I own the standalone Lightroom 5 — does this mean that I will have to pay for the iPad version.?

  35. Greg Hendrickson says:

    I too cannot sign in to Lightroom Mobile because of the sign in error. Fix this please!

  36. J. Hofman says:

    I’ve been trying to sync since yesterday and the app has consistently stalled after a while. Is this designed for small collections or can you sync any amount of photos? I thought it would be nice to use this for browsing larger collections (300 – 800) photos that are segmented by year. I can only get a about 300 synced before it stops. I have plenty of storage room on the iPad. Any hints? I’ve tried re-installing the app. Re-collecting the photos in Lightroom. Sync is turned on at both ends.

    • Lem says:

      Are you trying to do offline editing or the standard sync? I have collections of 80 to 3000 photos that are syncing fine but I’ve only done done offline editing for a max of 557.

  37. Bob says:

    I have already spent money purchasing both PS & LR as stand alone applications. Guess I won’t be able to use LR mobile now thanks to the unfair policies at Adobe!

  38. Paul Ross says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. This initial release looks great and works well. It appears you can only sync collections, not smart collections. Is this something you are looking to include later?

  39. You’ve got to love how adobe keep commenting with Cloud services have ongoing costs, do you really believe us to be of such low intellect to believe that the cost is £10 per month… £120 per annum!! Please don’t insult our intelligence with this stance…
    Just say it for what it is, a business model to ensure that you’ve got a steady income stream.
    It’s disgusting that the people that have supported adobe and lightroom over all the years by purchasing the software are now being dumped on from a great height!
    I’d be happy to pay for the app outright, but to expect us to pay £10 PER MONTH for an app is downright disgraceful!!
    I’m not interest is being able to sync other than over wifi so why should there be cost associated with it.
    I know that apple have taken their eyes off the ball in regards to aperture but I’m guessing they’ll be quick to pounce on this opportunity to snatch disgruntled customers from adobe!!!

    • $9.99/mo. isn’t for Lightroom mobile itself.

      $9.99/mo is for the Photoshop Photography Program – which is a complete solution for photographers. It provides Photoshop, Lightroom, Lightroom mobile (and dedicated storage for LR mobile), Bridge CC, Behance Prosite, Creative Cloud sync with an additional 20GB of synced storage for backup and sharing. It also includes all product updates, upgrades and ongoing support as part of your membership.

      • That’s the way they’ve cleverly bundled it, but I’m not into photo manipulation so Photoshop is useless for me, I’m only interested in processing and organising my RAW images so Lightroom is sufficient for those requirements (the reason I opted for lightroom in the first place).
        As for the dedicated storage, any photographer worth his salt already has a secure storage medium in place to ensure all clients images are stored and backed up securely & efficiently.
        Behance to me is just another flickr, but again if you’re a photographer most already have a site where they can illustrate their work.
        Also lastly the product update, upgrade and support are already included with the Lightroom Program I’ve already purchased.
        I’m not saying that this new business model is not suited to anyone, it obviously suits some users brilliantly and I’m happy for those. I think it’s especially attractive to new users, but where it falls short is for existing loyal customers who have supported adobe over the previous years by buying their program and upgrading each time.
        I also realise the £10 doesn’t seem much now, but trust me when the developers of all the other software programs start following suit it’s going to get fairly costly!!

  40. John Blackwood says:

    How will the synchronization work when using a second computer? I have LR on a Desktop and also on a laptop. At any point in time the collections are different on each device depending what I am working on. Is it possible to synchronize the desktop to one tablet and the laptop to another using one account?

  41. Nigel says:

    Any chance of adding multiple LR catalogues?
    I keep separate LR catalogues for each wedding.

  42. What a disappointment!!! Yes it syncs, after you have downloaded the 5.4 version to get the sign in function. And I was all excited looking forward to editing photographs on my iPad instead lugging my desktop with me – but NO SUCH LUCK!!! It is too lightweight. I expected to do what I’m doing on the desktop version, but the developers have a loooooong way to go!! It has less features than some other Apps available and it means I have to go back to my desktop in any case to do the stuff I cannot do on the mobile version. If you are used to the full version, this is just frustrating!!!! There are no editing brushes, no noise reduction, no curve adjustments, no dropper to do white balancing, no sharpening (except for the presets), no spot removal… Basically, less than a 3rd of the program is available…
    Let me know when you have upgraded it, maybe then I will try it again. If not, don’t even bother!!!

  43. As a wedding photographer, Lightroom Mobile has allowed me to eliminate hours on the computer just culling & cropping thousands of images giving our studio the ability to work on the go, which is amazing. If we could utilize all the tools available in Lightroom and even use our own presets I think this would dramatically change our lifestyle, which would be huge. Regardless, LR mobile easily integrated into & proved itself valuable in our demanding workflow.

  44. John Blackwood says:

    Is it possible to Import directly to a collection? This would be very useful for the initial evaluation of images by a group or client. What I envision is to take a card(s) from a day’s shoot and import them directly into a “For Review” Collection along with the destination folder. This collection would then be automatically synchronized with my iPad. We could then collectively evaluate the photos and determine which ones are worthy of further edits.

    • John Blackwood says:

      BTW I think this is a great initial release and I look forward to seeing the integrated platform grow.
      Another thought for future functionality:
      Allow importing directly into LR on the iPad via Apples card interface. Have a switch in the application to delay synchronization until you are able to connect to a network. I could use the iPad all day in the field and then plug it directly into a PC at night.

  45. jak says:

    I have the 9.95 CC but for some reason I can’t sign onto LR mobile from LR 5.4. I keep getting message
    LR has experienced an unexpected sign in failure. This has been happening for past 24 hours.
    Any suggestions?

  46. John Blackwood says:

    I have been using the new application for a little over a week and I like it. Two things that I would like to have:
    1. In LR be able to import directly to a collection. I really like grading pictures on my tablet. I would like to have a collection that would be populated when I import photos and automatically synced with tablet.

    2. In LR mobile I would like the ability to add notes to a picture. I could then record client comments and have them tied to the picture being discussed.

  47. Mikkel Thorhauge says:

    Hej Jeff

    First of all, kudos for taking the time to answer and interact with your users (i.e. customers). Many companies could learn from that 🙂

    I found the news of the Lightroom Mobile app very interesting. However, like the majority of people complaining I too find it very unappealing to subscribe to software. So for me, no Lightroom Mobile – a shame! 🙁

    I know, I know, you have written that the subscription is necessary to cover the expenses of the cloud-infrastructure (even though I believe it’s only half the story of why you are turning all products into CC, since I use many cloud services, none of which I pay for). Anyway, I understand that it cost money to operate servers and develop software, and I’ll be happy to pay (also for a mobile app – I have already purchased a standalone version of the desktop version of Lightroom), just not as an ongoing subscription, I’m afraid what will happen with all my pictures should I ever stop subscribing!?

    To summarize, I agree with all those people requesting a non-cloud based way to sync, that being either direct syncing (using cable which pro photographers also seems to be requesting for remote location shooting) or syncing over wifi (no need to sync all the way to your servers when all devices are on the same wifi). Both options could, according to your argument regarding subscription-to-cover-cloud-based-operation-costs, be offered as a non-subscription model.

    I really hope you are listening, and we will soon see a new non-subscription based business model for Lightroom mobile in addition to the subscription based model.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best regard,

  48. kat says:


    I have just downloaded lightroom mobile into my iPad but i seem to have troubles syncing those two. I have created a new collection with the images i want to sync but I just can’t figure it out and i am not able to find anything helpful online. Can anyone, please, help? Thank you Kat

  49. Pete says:

    I’m a teacher and my school (international school of Tanganyika) has a full range of adobe products including photoshop on all the school provided MacBooks. Does this school subscription open the door for me to use the lightroom app? I’m an amateur photographer and don’t see the need to pay a monthly fee (I’d happily buy it as a one time cost but the monthly doesn’t fit with how often I’ll actually need it).
    Peter stanley

  50. Lem says:

    I love it! I spend 10 bucks a month, $2.25 a week or $0.33 a day for all if this. I spend more on coffee! (And that’s making it at home!) well worth the investment for LR alone. When can we expect to se an iphone version. I’d like to cull in the field but I only have a wifi only iPad 4.

    Thanks again!

  51. As a travel photographer my primary use for a mobile version of LR to to caption and keyword my images while I am out in the field. Download images from camera to iPad and then pull in to mobile from camera roll. I have little/no desire to PROCESS the images, just to record what I have shot while I know what it is I am shooting. I can find no way in LR Mobile to even add a simple caption to an image, let alone keywords or set all the other metadata such as location, city, state etc. Am I missing something?

  52. Pieter Kappetein says:

    I have a Student Teacher subscription for CC but on my Ipad on computer it still says: will expire in 2 days

  53. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I will be buying an iPad specifically for LR mobile, but when purchasing it should I buy one with as much memory as the files I’ll be syncing? What I mean is, if I need to review and cull 32GB worth of RAW files, will the synced files be just as large, or are the synced files smaller and therefore allow me to fit 32GB worth of RAW images on the iPad in an smaller space? I’d like to know because I plan on purchasing the iPad today.


  54. Zelong says:

    I am on Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition (un an). I tried log out and back in on both Lightroom 5.4 on mac and on my ipad but it still shows Lightroom mobile trial expired.

  55. Belinda Berry says:

    The mobile app is neat and I enjoy being able to review my work on my iPad and like the exif data display. I already have standalone Lightroom and Photoshop. I really have no wish to store any of my data in the cloud, in fact I studiously avoid it. I am a pensioner with limited resources and there is no way that I can commit to a monthly subscription for my hobby, much as I love it. I would be willing to pay for the mobile app and think there should be an option for cloud (in app purchase) or local sync (no further cost). That would sit much better with me and many others who have been keen supporters of LR over the years.

  56. Mark says:

    I have Creative Cloud Photoshop and Ipad 4 as well as full version of Lightroom and Photoshop. After 30 days my Lightroom ipad expired and I can’t reload it in spite of being eligible for the ipad version!

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      You must be using the Creative Cloud version of Lightroom to access the features for Lightroom mobile. If your Creative Cloud license includes Lightroom, uninstall your Full Version of Lightroom and replace it with your Creative Cloud version. That should get your mobile working again.

  57. Are there any plans to support editing tags and captions? This is the primary reason why I signed up and was disappointed to see that I can’t do this. Considering the complexity involved with performing actual photo editing, I was expecting something simple like tag editing to be included initially.

    Since my iPhone 5S is my primary camera, I’d love to import them in to Lightroom mobile, pick/reject photo’s, edit their captions and tags, then come home and pick up where i left off on the Mac..

    Nice initial version, I’m just hoping for some metadata editing soon.

  58. Philip says:

    Two questions:
    1. Viewing images via Lightroom mobile on the iPhone or iPad seems to require a wifi connection, even after the thumbnail images have been downloaded. Is there a way to view images offline (eg in focus) after they have been synced to the iPad or iPhone?
    2. Many of us edit images using Lightroom on our desktop with images loaded to an external hard drive. However, when we travel to shoot, we would bring only our laptops. Is there a way to synch our desktop Lightroom projects with our laptop? Or, at a minimum, access our Lightroom ‘collections’ on the laptop either via an app (the way we can on the iPad or iPhone) or, even better, via LR on our laptop?

  59. Philip says:

    Well, I found the offline editing option which answers my first question. Still hoping there is a way to accomplish what I outlined (laptop access) in question 2. Thanks. Love Lightroom. Without laptop full feature access, LR Mobile’s best use for me is simply viewing collections and maybe importing to phone library to edit w snapseed for Instagram. If there was a way to create a virtual copy, then would be more likely to try some mobile editing. Thanks.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Glad you found your answer to number 1. As for your second question, Lightroom mobile does not currently have functionality to sync items between two computers (ie your Desktop and Laptop). The Lightroom mobile experience is designed around syncing from a single computer to multiple iOS devices.

  60. Paulo says:

    The imported pics om my i-pad don’t come in the order i arranged then in the quick collection…i can’t find s way to re-arrange them on my i-pad…when i of many before and afrters…anyone with the same issue? any idea on how to fix it?

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Custom sort order was supported in the most recent version of Lightroom mobile. If you arrange the synced collection on Lightroom Desktop into a custom order and the activate Custom Order in the Sort By: feature in Lightroom mobile, you should see identical sorting. It is found by tapping the small downward arrow just below the collection name in the grid view of Lightroom mobile.