Lightroom for iOS 2.2 now available!

DSCF2441Lightroom 2.2 for iOS is here, and brings a bunch of improvements, including an oft-requested feature: full resolution output.

With version 2.2, we added in the ability for Lightroom mobile to output full resolution files for any file that was either captured on the device or added to the device, either through the camera connection kit, transferred via Wi-Fi from a camera directly, or transferred to the device via services like email, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Additionally, any files that were added directly to an iPhone or iPad are transferred in full resolution to other mobile devices signed into the same account. This way, files captured with your iPhone are available for further editing and exporting from your iPad, in full resolution and vice-versa.

One of my favorite workflows is shooting with my camera and transferring to my iPhone for quick editing and sharing. The photo in this post was shot the last time I was in Japan for cherry blossoms, and after reading about how cherry blossom season is going to be extra early this year, I felt it was finally time to finish the image. I transferred the file via Wi-Fi to my iPhone, imported it into Lightroom mobile, edited the file, and exported. Of course, our blog then down sampled the image, but that’s a different story…

The full list of improvements are:

  • New: Full resolution output. Now, export and share photos that were captured on your device or that you added to your device at full resolution.
  • Updated: 3D Touch support in the Camera Roll browser view. Quickly preview your image with Peek & Pop when browsing Camera Roll photos in the app.
  • Fixed: Issue that lead to a potential crash.
  • Improved: Various bugs and issues.

Lightroom mobile 2.2 is available immediately for iPhones and iPads from the App Store.

We’d love to know what you think, and don’t forget to rate it if you like it 🙂

-Josh and the Lightroom mobile team

12 Responses to Lightroom for iOS 2.2 now available!

  1. Brad Balfour says:

    Can I finally take raw photos from my DSLR, that I bring into the camera roll with my camera connection kit, and import, rate and flag them in Lightroom?

    I’ve been waiting to do this on my iPad on vacation ever since the first version of the mobile app. And now Androis users can do this.

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Lightroom for iOS currently does not support raw files while Lightroom for Android supports DNG files only.

      Raw support has definitely been a request we’ve heard from the market and we continue to explore how to make a robust and pleasing experience for mobile.

      • Yan says:

        Not sure I understand, since imported raw file from the web and they work in lightroom mobile? Would you mind explain what append to my pictures then?

  2. Oh, for goodness’ sake – RAW file import on iOS has to be the most basic and most requested of features – if Adobe can’t see that, then your use cases are completely screwed. It’s not as if iOS doesn’t support it and Photos does, so just how difficult can it be?

    • Cal says:

      it’s not that they can’t do it- they won’t. it’s probably an exec decision, absolutely not the developers’ faults, they CAN do this. but it’s probably a decision surrounding their ideal workflow of how they think Lightroom mobile should work together with Lightroom desktop, instead of competing against it. or… I’m giving the Lightroom team entirely too much benefit of the doubt hahah.

  3. Alek says:

    Is there a way to download the catalog for offline editing like their used to be?

  4. Mark Scott says:

    Seriously?! Still no support for RAW?? Ugh. Can I get a refund? RAW support is table steaks and has been for years. Is it possible the rate of mobile adoption and photog workflow completely escape Adobe? This certainly can’t be true. With the power an Ipad Pro has these days it can’t be processing or storage…

  5. Vic gundotra says:

    Josh. Please. What do I have to do to get raw support? Please. Your friend Vic.

  6. Cal says:

    I’m sure Josh answered as best he could, but he’s a little off- Lightroom for both iOS and android can both import dng’s, fully edit them… but will only export them at half the resolution back to camera roll hahahha. it’s 2016. why are we still optimizing for iPad 1 or 2? what serious photographer is still using an iPad 2? most non serious photo enthusiasts use jpg in a flooded market of jpg editors anyways- they don’t use Lightroom cuz they don’t have to. So what if it takes forever to import thousands of raws to an iPad? we’re not able to do anything with even 100 or 50 or even 10 raws cuz you won’t let us. nobody is expecting a joyous wonderfully easy to use experience from Adobe- you guys make power tools, so just give us the power. do you have any idea what kind of crazy work-around pros are using to work with raws on an iPad? it’s ridiculous. but we will do it. we could care less about the “pleasant experience” if it affords us the ABILITY. at the very least, tell us what’s going on with the development of the raw import feature. where is it on the timeline? are you guys working on it, or are you merely “considering” it- cuz those are two very different things. it’s freaking 2016. people have been asking for this feature since Lightroom debuted on iOS. that was one of the first things people wanted and the decision makers knew this- so what’s really going on?

  7. Mikkel says:

    Cal, I guess the whole budiness structure for Lightroom would have to change then. If raw support is added to the mobile version of lightroom which is free, then I think Adobe is foreseeing a whole segment of LR desktop customers dissappearing. I myself is a user of Lr mobile for jpeg edits, which actually covers 80% of my editing needs, as long as the image was spot on in-camera. Even for paid work. And this works fine for prints upto 15″x20″. If LR mobile supported raw you could shoot an image on DSLR, transfer via wifi to your mobile device (or Ipad), do your edits and send straight for printing without ever touching a desktop. Hence Adobes business would be lost – unless they start charging for Lr Mobile which is a whole other discussion…

  8. Benji says:

    I still am unable to export as full res with ios.
    A lot of the time the quality is clearly different once it hits the camera roll.
    I also find that sometimes if i crop a photo the colours change slightly and sync back to the cloud.
    I have to copy settings, crop, then paste the settings back over to get back to the original.
    Its most definitely a bug.
    Anyone else experiencing this?