Support for the Nikon D850 and Lightroom

Today we released an update to the ACR plug-in and DNG Converter to support the new Nikon D850 proprietary format and a handful of Nikon lenses. We plan to have an equivalent Lightroom update soon. In the meantime, we understand that this represents a significant inconvenience for Lightroom customers with a Nikon D850 and ask for your patience while we work to deliver a high-quality update.  In the interim, you can use the free DNG Converter on Nikon D850 raw images prior to Lightroom import.

DNG Converter

Download and Install DNG Converter:

Double click on the downloaded file and follow the screen prompts to install.

The DNG Converter Workflow

DNG infographics


Please visit for more information on DNG Converter.

ACR v 9.1.1 is the last supported version for CS6 customers, and is available here

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32 Responses to Support for the Nikon D850 and Lightroom

  1. Gerhard says:

    there ia a great inconvinience because LR is so &/%&%& slow.. when will you fix that?

    you know it´s 2017 and people buying 16 core systems.. and LR still runs like sh**t.

  2. Chris says:

    Yeah. Of course we all like to use this fancy-pants DNG-Converter, just because Adobe can’t get Lightroom to be up to date. I mean: NOT. Don’t give us such a lousy advice. Release the update!

  3. Gary says:

    I can’t believe I’m having to do this!!
    You’re such a big company, we pay you for the services and you’re NOT on top of this??!!
    Nikon didn’t tell you about the D850 last night on your way home from work— This has been out there for MONTHS!!
    Get it together Abobe, you’re embarrassing yourself

  4. Larry says:

    I don’t know how you guys do it. Trying to keep up with all the new cameras and lenses. But I’m glad you do. I will confess that I am super anxious to see the RAW files from my new camera and am very grateful to see this message and know that you are working on it.

  5. Bob says:

    Thanks…I’ve been using ACR instead of Lightroom for my D850 Raw processing and it works great. I’m glad Adobe updated the ACR so quickly and provided a DNG converter as well.

  6. Arthur Los says:

    Dear, when will the LR update be launched so we can open NEF files from a D850 nikon in LR?
    Kind Regards,

    Arthur Los

  7. Ken Jones says:

    I’m happy with the way Lightroom CC handles NEF -> DNG files from my Nikon D850. No significant slowdown even though the files are really big (Mac OS X 10.11.6). Still, I’ll be happy when Lightroom can open the NEF files directly. Any word on when the upgrade will be out?
    Thank you.

  8. Brice says:

    Adobe, you MUST BE KIDING !!! This is such a lousy non-solution. Move your asses guys and update LR, this is SO ridiculous.

  9. Mike Baker says:

    Here’s another Lightroom customer waiting on the D850 raw update…

  10. Simon says:

    I love LR yep it’s slows when opening Dev panel with me, but that’s due to other apps running in the OS. Advice for some here Look at your OS start up apps Disable all the ones with high marked, this seriously helps LR work much better, All programmes are subject to Conflicions, that’s a word that’s disappeared in Pc language but it’s still a problem sometimes

  11. Bert says:

    I can not imagine that Adobe has not yet made an update.
    I pay a lot for a subscription, much more than for other software services, and Adobe can not deliver any good service, like an updated RAW converter.
    Shame on you, Adobe!

  12. Henry says:

    I just came back from a Nikon hands-on demo where I managed to take 40+ photos or so on D850. The camera is out of stock everywhere here in Singapore so this is the closest thing I can come to handling a D850 stopping short of owning one.

    I still run LR 5.4 on my i7-6700K 16GB system (previous generation’s CPU basically) and the DNG converter works wonderfully well, 40+ NEF files all converted within minutes. No downtime on my usual workflow.

    I just want to say thanks to Adobe for looking after LR users by launching this converter while they are fixing an more permanent update, and really prompt in getting the converter out and it’s been a godsend to be able to start getting down to work on these NEFs in LR.

  13. Erica says:

    Still noting after 2.5 weeks! This is awful!

  14. Iztok Medja says:

    Yep, quite annoying… Can you give us at least some estimate of the release date? tnx

  15. JChiou says:

    Dear LR team
    Any firm dates / updates for the Nikon D850? Please advise. Thank you.

  16. Jonathan Knights says:

    Adobe have just announced nearly $2B revenue this last quarter.
    I cant believe that this rinly tinky company cant hire a few extra staff so that the LR 6.12.x or 6.13 relase can be made.

    Yes I know LR7 is in testing but I will not be buying it as it will probably be CC only and I do NOT buy subscription software.
    Wake up Adobe. You may be a giant but a lumbering sleeping one!

  17. diego tabango says:

    Its Friday September 22, and still no update!


  18. Henry says:

    The things people complain about. There are much bigger problems in the world than not having your 2 week old D850 files open in lightroom.

  19. Adobe, any timeline as to when the plugin will be available in Lightroom. I’m shooting thousands of photos with the new camera and the .DNG, while a work around does not allow me to edit all the aspects as the RAW file does. Can anyone please give us some sense of when it will be available? Thank you.

  20. Martin says:

    Yes, its really time now, Adobe seems to hide. They really should split file/import handling and their
    applications. I mean its hard to understand that they have camera raw but lightroom can not import them directly.
    Yes, I can picture that this is also due to the camera picture profiles, though most would be more happy
    to skip that for now and at least be able to import them directly and not via DNG (which anyhow also does not have them, …)

    Btw, I could even live with DNG and converting them if the converter would be better to handle and mainly if Lightroom would use XMP sidecar files for them.
    By today each small change will cause the big D850 converted into DNG files to change. Which then causes a full backup of these files after each change. This is stupid.
    ALL imported files into lightroom (also JPEG) should never be altered in any way and just the
    internal DB should be used with the option to keep these in the XMP file as well.

  21. James says:

    Got the D850 for just over 2 weeks. When will LR be ready?

  22. Jeff says:

    I have to agree with most of the comments here. We, the users, were forced into your service / subscription model and promised better support yet we are still running Lightroom 2015 (hint: it is almost 2018 according to my calendar).

    Lightroom is painfully slow, even on my Very high end custom built system (and yes, I’ve tried the things suggested on your site)

    This is the final insult. Everyone was expressing concern about when their cameras would arrive while the big problem is when will Adobe support them fully.

  23. Bryan Hansel says:

    Still no update. Really?

  24. Laurie Glasser says:

    Any idea of when your update may be available so I can open NEF files from my D850 in Lightroom?

  25. Mike Morrison says:

    What is the point of CC when one of the most wide appeal, wide audience tool in CC’s collection (Lightroom) … is still Lightroom 20015???? It’s almost 2018!!! CC has tons of niche wizbang programs/tools for things like making action scripts for an Ipad which is like .0001% of your CC subscribers, and yet you guys can’t be bothered to update a three year old Bread and Butter PHOTO editor that many people use????

  26. David Kutz says:

    Beyond the obvious inconvenience, I need to know – Does the Adobe DNG converted file properly manage D-850 14bit RAW file made with Nikon’s in-camera lossless compression?

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