Running Flash remoting sample on .NET

When running the Flash remoting sample on .NET, for example, http://localhost/flashremoting/samples/html/default.htm
you may see the page displaying “Loading … â€?, and hanging there forever. What’s the problem?

Well, here is a check list for this issue:
1. make sure you have the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK 1.1 installed on your machine. Flash Remoting will not work properly without the SDK.

2. In IIS console, right click on flahsremoting directory, make sure the URL is point to c:\inetpub\wwwroot\flashremoting, and click on the “Createâ€? beside the “Application nameâ€?, to make it a web app. And then restart the IIS.

3. Because the .net is compiling everything when you request a page at the first time, so it may take a while to display the content. So you need to make sure you leave enough time for the sample to process. Leave it there for 2 to 3 minutes to make sure it has enough time to run through before you cancel it.

Step 2 is the important one. In general, the installation should create the flashremoting as a web site. But sometimes that doesn’t happen, so you need to manually change it in the IIS console as described in step 2.