Using FDS 2 with Tomcat

When using FDS 2 with Tomcat, there are extra files to install and configure. Please see flex install doc

1. About JOTM:
You must install JOTM from, and make sure you copy the JAR files from jotm-root/lib to tomcat-root/common/lib. The jar files are:

* jotm.jar
* jotm_jrmp_stubs.jar
* ow_carol.jar
* jta-spec1_0_1.jar
* jts1_0.jar
* objectweb-datasource.jar
* xapool.jar
* howl.jar
* commons-cli-1.0.jar
* connector-1_5.jar

To get JOTM configurate correctly with flex samples, see this link.
If you need to configure JDBC and transactions in Tomcat with JOTM, see this link.

2. About JMX
If you are using jdk 1.5. and up, then you don’t need to do anything about this. You will only need to install JMX if you are using JDK 1.4.x.