Flex builder silent install

My colleague Nick Watson put the instruction together, I am just posting his work here without changing any words.


· These steps are for silent installations on Windows – InstallAnywhere doesn’t support silent installation fully on OS X.

· There are two installers nested within the Flex Builder win installers, so they must be run in series for a silent operation: first the metainstaller, and then the individual installer (either standalone or plugin).

· One easy way to install silently is with a batchfile, as shown in the example below.

Create a properties file for each installer

· For a standalone installation the properties file must be named standalone.properties

· For a plugin installation the properties file must be named plugin.properties

· To run a standalone installation using the batchfile attached, place the file standalone.properties in the same folder with the batchfile and the installer

· The simple properties file example:


# Player installer choices

Sample batch file for silent installation

REM Place this batchfile in the same folder with the PFTW installer.
@echo off
mkdir %TMP%
mkdir %TMP%\installprops

copy standalone.properties %TMP%\installprops\standalone.properties

REM Extract the FB archive – match the exe filename below with the actual installer
FLXB_2.0_Win_WWE.exe /s /f%TMP% /a -i silent

Running the batchfile

· Make sure the batchfile is in the same folder as the FB installer, along with the properties file you created earlier

· Simply double-click the batchfile to run it

· Alternatively, you can open a cmd window to the folder that contains the batchfile, and run it by typing “silent” to invoke it

· Idiosyncrasies:

o The batchfile will appear as if it is complete before the installer is really finished

o You’ll know the silent install has really completed when the ColdFusion folder opens at the end.

The switches below are specifically for use with Package from the Web download:

/s tells FB to run silently
/f tells FB where to unpack its archive
/a allows FB to pass arguments to the next installer in the series: the InstallAnywhere metainstaller.

The next set of args are aimed at InstallAnywhere:
-i silent tells InstallAnywhere to run silently, resulting in the default Standalone installation selection in the metainstaler.