Tips for using Flex Builder 2 (part 2)

1. Install FB 2 on Vista get "Power User permissions required" error, even while logged on as admin

This was an issue in FB2 but it’s fixed in FB 2.0.1. Just in case you encounter this problem, here is a Workaround:

1). Click the OK button in the "Power User permissions required"   dialog to cancel & dismiss the installer

2). "Program Compatibility Assistant" dialog will appear

3). Select the first option, "Re-install using recommended settings" to re-launch the installer

For other installation problem, check the following first:

–Check account privilege, including read-write permission

–Check java version on the system. FB install includes a JRE; you don’t have to have JRE/JDK installed previously. However, if you have an existing JRE/JDK which is not a valid version for FB on the system, then it can cause problem during the installation. Use “java -version” command to verify the version of Java your system is using. The installer has to be able to find a valid jre/jdk installation.

–Check Direct X version . If the installation hangs, see

2. Flex builder silent install

See instruction here

3. xerces conflict when running FB with IBM JVM.

When using FB with WebSphere Development environment or IBM RSA 7.0,  xerces conflict may cause the service not start correctly.  To use the IBM jvm1.4.2 with the Flex Builder compiler and the Flex command-line compilers, you must ensure that the JVM loads the version of xerces supplied with Flex instead of the one in the IBM JVM. To do this, add the following JVM argument to the FlexBuilder.ini (Eclipse.ini in the plug-in configuration) file:

Standalone example:
-Xbootclasspath/a:C:/Program Files/Adobe/Flex Builder 2/Flex SDK 2/lib/xercesImpl.jar

Plug-in example:
-Xbootclasspath/a:C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 2 Plug-in\Flex SDK 2\lib\xercesImpl.jar

4. Install FB 2.0.1 with IBM RSA/
RAD 7.0

1). FB plugin should be installed on top of the existing RSA/Eclipse configuration.

One potential workaround, for people who have already installed FB ahead of RSA, would be to disable com.adobe.feature.core using Eclipse Configuration Manager before installing RSA, and then re-enable it afterwards.

2). You may see error like the following:

java.lang.IllegalAccessError: cannot access superclass org/apache/xerces/util/XMLAttributesImpl$Attribute from class org/apache/xerces/util/XMLAttributesMMImpl$AttributeMMImpl

See #3 for xerces conflict issue.

3). if
RSA is installed as standalone with FB plugin on top of it, then you have to
launch with IBM’s shortcut icon (which uses IBM JVM).

If you install RSA’s plugin and FB plugin on top of Eclips, then you can launch it with either IBM shortcut icon or FB shortcut icon.

4). To make RAD 7.0 work with FB 2.0.1, See .

5. Eclipse Help trouble
Sometimes you may see error:”Help cannot be displayed. The embedded application server could not run help web application. Check the log for details.”
This is a log4j conflicting issue. See

6. Location of FB log file
The easiest way to find the log file is from FB Help.
Go to Help–>product details.. –>Configuration details –>view error log
If “view error log” is inactive, that means there is no error log exist. The error log will only be created after FB compiler found error in the code.
Here are the location of my log file on Window:
For standalone:
C:/Documents and Settings//My Documents/Flex Builder 2/.me
For plugin
On Mac:
/Documents/Flex Builder 2/.metadata/.log

If you don’t see .metadata folder on Mac, you can do the following to show hidden files:
In the Terminal type in:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
killall Finder