Working with Flex Builder 3

When you have problem installing/running FB3:
1. FB 3 does not work with firefox 3. See for details.

2. FB3 does not run in 64-bit eclipse, or a 64 bit JDK (JDK 1.6 on Mac is 64-bit) FB-10052
Workaround: use 32-bit eclipse or JDK.

3. UNC homedrive and homepath leads to win install failure. FB-9038
Workaround: Use a local user account.

When you have problem with FB 3 debugging/tracing:

1. Make sure you have the debug version of flash play 9 installed on the browser. You will not see trace statment if debug player is not installed crrectly.
To do that, request from the browser you use as default browser. (Ie. In the FB, if you have IE set as default browser, then run the url from IE. If the default browser for FB is set to IE, but you request that url from FireFox, that doesn’t help.) Make sure you have “Debug Player: Yes” is displayed.

2. Double check the mm.cfg and make sure it is set correctly. mm.cfg is in different location on different OS. Follow the doc here to config it.