CQ/CRX — How to download hotfixes/package from package share

To find out what hotfix/component/featurepack you need, please check hotfixes list for CRX or CQ.

To download and install the hotfix/component/featurepack:

1. Start your CQ/CRX service, and login to your CQ/CRX main page, click on package, then package share; you can also find package share by go to /crx, then click on package share.
You will be prompted for login. You need to use your Adobe ID to login. If you don’t have one yet, just click on register and create one. It only needs your email address as user name, and a password.

2. Once logged in, you can see a list of packages that is available. Note it will only display the first 5 Adobe package on the page, so you may not see the hotfix you needed. You can search the name/number of the package/hotfix you need from the top right searching box. For example, type in 36281 will find cq-5.4.0-hotfix-36281.
Note, you may find multiple versions of cq-5.4.0-hotfix-36281, use any one of them for download.

3. Before you download the package/hotfix, you should check the dependency first. Click on cq-5.4.0-hotfix-36281, it will display the detail about the hotfix. Pay attention to the Dependencies. For hotfix-36281, it has feature:cq-5.4.0-featurepack-35156:1.1 as dependencies. This means you should download feature:cq-5.4.0-featurepack-35156:1.1 first, then apply cq-5.4.0-hotfix-36281.
Note, if this feels complicated, you may want to open a support ticket to have support engineer guide you. Sometimes, there is a replacement hotfix that will allow you to use one later version of hotfix instead of download several packages. In our example, you can use cq-5.4.0-hotfix-34304 instead of using cq-5.4.0-hotfix-36281 and cq-5.4.0-featurepack-35156:1.1.

4. Once you know which hotfix is needed, click on download to download, and then click install to install the hotfix.