Behind the scenes– what happens when you install CQ/CRX

When you install CQ or CRX either by double click on crx-quickstart.jar/cq-quickstart.jar or using command line(doesn’t matter what run mode you are installing, a default mode, or author/publish mode), the following steps are performed during first installation:
1. the quickstart is unpacked to the crx-quickstart directory, and you can see crx-explorer_crx.war & crx-launchpad.war under: crx-quickstart\server\webapps
2. then cqse is started
3. cqse starts the crx webapp
4. the crx webapp starts the repository
5. during repository start-up, it checks the repository/install folder for content packages and installs them (if repository/Tar/index is out of sync, will not start correctly)
6. then the launchpad webapp is started
7. Felix starts the core bundles
8. one of the core bundles is the JCR installer, which searches all ‘install’ nodes in the repository and registers those bundles
9. Felix starts the newly registered bundles

There are three parts in CQ/CRX that will work together, they are descripted below:

Where the data gets stored:

• CRX uses the Tar Persistence Manager (TarPM), tar files are stored under:
• CRX configuration files

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