CQ/CRX general info and troubleshooting tips

General Info:

  • Q: What version of OS or app server are supported by CQ/CRX?
    A: For CQ5.4, See Technical requirement
    Only the version of OS/App server indicated with “A:supported” are officially supported.
    Note, ADEP doesn’t support any app server at this point, customers who want that support need to contact support team and make a request.

  • Q:what is the current version of CQ/CRX?
    A:The corrent version of CQ is 5.4, and it includes CRX 2.2.0. There are hotfixes for both CQ and CRX.
    CRX2.2 Hotfixes

    Troubleshooting tip

  • Problem: Downloading PowerPoint in Internet Explorer displays login screen before download.
    Solution: See our KB at http://dev.day.com/content/kb/home/cq5/CQ5Troubleshooting/CQ5AuthenticationPromptInIEForOfficeDocuments.html
  • Problem:Login fails for non-admin user
    Solution:In order to login to the welcome page, the user needs to have the access rights to create/delete at least one of the path, i.e, the user need to have at least have the same level of rights as contributor. You can go to contributor group look what permissions are needed. If you create a user and make it as a member of contributor(drag into contributor’s member tab), this user can login the welcome page.

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