LiveCycle Install-Config Toolbox

If you are heading out for an installation of LiveCycle, you will find the following tools useful. All, except AquaDataStudio, are Windows-only.

LDAP Browser from Softerra : : can handle almost all of the LDAP directrories out there in addition to Active Directory

AquaDataStudio from AquaFold : : can handle all of the databases supported by LiveCycle

BareTail from Bare Metal Software : : highly customizable log reader that can be customized to read server logs for WebSphere, WebLogic and JBoss

CPU-Z from CPU-ID : : provides very detailed information regarding your server hardware including processor, memory and the motherboard

TCPView from SysInternals (now owned by Microsoft) : : provides details of all ports used by all running applications, BIG help in resolving port conflicts

Process Explorer also from from SysInternals : : a much more functional tool than Windows Task Manager

Ethereal Packet Analyzer from Ethereal : : helps troubleshoot authentication issues, especially for LiveCycle Policy Server

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