Adobe Idol

At Adobe we are encouraged to think about innovation and look for new opportunities. In the Ottawa, Canada office we have set up a group that meets on Friday afternoon to discuss ideas and trends. One of the founders of this group and an euthusiastic member is LiveCycle Product Manager Mark Manca.

On a recent trip to headquarters in San Jose, Mark presented one of his ideas to an internal innovation review board run by Rick Bess called the Idea Showcase. Rick is a mentor for Adobe employees with bright ideas and is a huge supporter of the Ottawa group.

A writer from Fast Company was there to capture the event and likens it to software’s version of American Idol. See the article and read about Mark, our local Adobe Idol on Fast Company’s website or pick up a copy of the magazine’s May edition.

Way to go Mark!

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2 Responses to Adobe Idol

  1. Dale Presto says:

    I have a great new idea for your group to discuss. How about a Solaris X86 version of Adobe Reader? Since there are more new installs of Solaris 10 on X86 platform than there are on SPARC, it just makes good sense to me to create the build.

  2. Hee hee… when I was an employee at Adobe (Illustrator PM), we actually created a commercial for Adobe Idol — although our concept was a “bit” different. I should toss it up on YouTube one of these days….