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Hot off the press from Peach Pit is “Creating Dynamic Forms with Adobe LiveCycle Designer” by J.P. Terry.
J.P. has been working hard for the last several months to produce this book. The LiveCycle Designer team has had the pleasure of working with J.P. to review and comment on each chapter of the book. J.P. has also had the support of his knowledgeable team at SmartDoc Technologies.

It’s been a great collaborative effort and I think that really shows through in the book. It’s an excellent book for beginners to get started with LiveCycle Designer but it also cover advanced topics in detail.

The book is available for $44.99 from Peach Pit Press,, and bookstores near you such as Barnes and Noble and Borders. I understand you will also be able to pick up a copy in the bookstore at MAX 2007.

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