The Assembler sample application

Another useful web application, included in the Livecycle SDK, but not automatically deployed is the Assembler sample application.

The Livecycle ES Assembler service can assemble multiple PDF documents into one PDF document or disassemble one PDF document into multiple PDF documents. The Assembler service can manipulate documents in various ways such as changing page size and rotating contents. It can insert additional content such as headers, footers, and a table of contents, as well as preserve, import or export existing content such as annotations, file attachments, and bookmarks.

You use an XML-based language called Document Description XML (DDX), to interact with the Assembler service. Find more info on DDX in the LiveCycle ES SDK documentation.

The Assembler sample application gives you an interface to test your DDX files, which improves productivity.


Fill in your DDX, link the input files you use to files on your file system, and the execute button will invoke the Assembler service and show you the generated PDF on the left side.

You can find the Assembler sample application EAR in the SDK folder …


Deploy the EAR file, and you’ll be able to access this information through this url :


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  1. acnesiac says:

    Hello i have been working in assemblers and i have a question, if i have two dataServices pointing to the same destination, and if i change the collection associated to the first one why does the commitRequired is fired to true in the second DataService too.dsOnedsTwo