Understanding LiveCycle Database Schema with Quest’s TOAD for MySQL (Free)

To really understand the growth patterns in LiveCycle database storage, you need a graphical tool that will give you a detailed view into the database. Since most early development is done with the LiveCycle turnkey that uses MySQL as the database repository, you need a tool for MySQL. MySQL’s ‘MySQL Administrator‘ is a good tool which is freely downloadable. MySQL packages it as part of its “GUI Tools

But Quest Software, the makers of TOAD which is very popular with Oracle DBAs and programmers has made ‘TOAD for MySQL‘ freely available. It is a powerful tool that offers a lot more functionality than MySQL Administrator.

This tool can be used to assess LiveCycle database growth so that when it is time to answer questions from the PRODUCTION DBA, you will come across as being fully knowledgable about your application’s behavior.

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Understanding LiveCycle Database Schema with Quest's TOAD for MySQL (Free), 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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