Easy Web Service Calls to LiveCycle from Flex 3

If you would like to facilitate accessing LiveCycle Web Services (or any for that matter) in Adobe Flex Builder 3, take a look at the Import Web Service function.

From within Flex click on the “Data” menu option and then select “Import Web Service”. When the wizard starts you will be prompted for a folder where the Action Script is to be generated. Click on the folder of your choice and then select Next. Now enter the location of your WSDL. Under LiveCycle the default WSDL location is as follows: “http://yourservername:theport/soap/services/servicename?wsdl” (a great reason not to use spaces in your service names).

If your WebService is successfully reached you will then need to select the operation (invoke by default), your package name, and the main class name. If you have problems at this point make sure you can reach the WSDL by using your favorite browser.

If you are not sure where to start with the code that is generated, open the “yourservicenameServiceService.as”. It describes the next steps and provides you with sample code.

Don’t modify the code. When you make changes to your service on the server, select “Data”, “Manage Web Services” and then simply click on the update button. This will prompt you to regenerate the code associated with the service (you will need to change your application yourself of course).

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