Correspondence Management

There are some activities that all businesses need to do. Two of those are corresponding with customers and enrolling them into new services (they could be simple processes or they could be very complicated depending on various requirements). Adobe has recognized this need and has added a new segment to it’s LiveCycle Enterprise Suite called Solution Accelerators.

These Solution Accelerators come in the form of development kits that provide tools, built on top of LiveCycle ES, that are designed to help businesses, enterprises and government agencies quickly get started on a correspondence (eg. building letters and sending them to customers) and/or enrollment (eg. opening a new bank account) solution tailored to their business requirements.

For the past few months now, I’ve been working on the Correspondence Management Team at Adobe. We’re building some really cool tools that leverage many aspects of LiveCycle, Flex and AIR.

To get things started, I’ll be posting a series of articles related to the Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator. They will show how to install the kit into your LiveCycle environment and then use it to build a new letter solution.

Stay tuned!

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