Adding an IBM FileNet Connector to an Existing LiveCycle Installation

If you have a fully configured installation of LiveCycle ES and would like to add the IBM FileNet Connector to it, here are high level steps you need to follow:

– Re-run the install.
– Provide the new serial number for the IBM FileNet Connector for LIveCycle ES.
– On completion, run LiveCycle Configuration Manager (LCM).
– LCM will remmeber your previous choices but the IBM FileNet Connector will now be active. Check its checkbox.
– Re-build the EAR files.
– Undeploy the LiveCycle EAR file from your appserver.
– Deploy the new one. No need to replace the native EAR or the other EAR files.
– No need to initialize the database tables but check the checkbox to deploy Components (crucial step).

– Follow LiveCycle documentation for your respective appserver.

You need to read and follow instructions in two separate documents, namely the ‘Preparing to Install LiveCycle ES‘ guide as well as the ‘Installing and Deploying LiveCycle ES‘ guide.

– Copy the FileNet client library JAR files to all nodes on the server.
– Create an file and copy it to the recommended location.

For IBM WebSphere, this is the root folder of the appserver profile which hosts LiveCycle. The file’s contents should look something like this (should be all in one line, unlike what is shown below):

There is an additional JAR file that is needed that is not listed above, only if you plan to integrate LiveCycle with the FileNet Process Engine.

– Re-start the appserver.
– Login to the LiveCycle AdminUI.
– In the ‘Services’ panel, there should now be a new option (link) for ‘LiveCycle ES Connector for IBM FileNet’.
– Click it and configure the options. You will require the assistance of your FileNet system administrator for this.

The Process Engine configuration fields can be left empty if you don’t plan to integrate LiveCycle with it. If you plan to keep your forms in the FileNet ObjectStore, choose the radiobuton for ‘IBM FileNet Repository Provider’. However, if you only plan to archive your documents (end of business process) in FileNet but keep the source forms in the LiveCycle repository, choose the radiobutton ‘LiveCycle ES Repository Provider’.

– Click Save and make sure there are no errors.
– Navigate to Home->Services->Applications and Services->Service Management.
– Choose the Category ‘Connector for IBM FileNet’ and click ‘Filter’.
– Start the services
: IBMFileNetAuthProviderService
: IBMFileNetContentRepositoryConnector
: IBMFileNetRepositoryProvider

Start the service ‘IBMFileNetProcessEngineConnector‘ only if you plan to integrate with the IBM FileNet Process Engine.

– Verify that the services now display a status of ‘Running’. If you get an error at this point, the configuration is not correct.
– Login to Workbench. In the Services window, verify that a new category for the IBM FileNet Connector is displayed.

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