CM Letter Building Tutorial

As promised, here is the Letter Building Tutorial based on the August 20, 2008, release of the Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator PDK. I had previously indicated I was going to reveal this over a series of posts but I already had it all written-up in a nice document complete with screen shots and converting it to multiple posts just seemed like make-work. I’m sure you’ll appreciate having the entire tutorial in a single, searchable document.

Software Requirements

To get started with Correspondence Management (CM), you will need the following (or better):


Download the tutorial [pdf]


Since videos can reveal even more details, here is a list of links to videos covering the following sections of the tutorial:

  1. Installing the kit.
  2. Installing and running the Custom Communications sample provided in the kit.
  3. Setting-up for building the letter template.
  4. Building the letter content (i.e. paragraphs) using the Content Creator tool.
  5. Inspecting the base letter template and using it to create a new letter template for a specific solution.
  6. Adding content to the letter template.
  7. Testing the letter template using the debugging tools.
  8. Building and running the Letter Filling Experience (a form guide designed to allow the user to choose content based on inclusion rules specified in the letter template).
  9. Troubleshooting some common problems.

Note: In the videos, I point-out a possible bug in Workbench 8.2 related to broken fragment references in the cmBaseTemplate.xdp file. Upon further investigation, it looks like Workbench may not be the culprit after all (sorry guys!). This issue is still under investigation by the CM Team. Please use the workaround provided in the document/videos in the mean time.

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