Adobe Reader with JavaScript Disabled

If you are looking for a simple way to provide feedback to those users who have disabled JavaScript in Adobe Reader, here’s a simple approach. This works best on a flowed form as the text and space you are going to display to the user should ideally appear when script is disabled and disappear when script is enabled. Technically if a user has script disabled you can’t use script to have a section of text appear or disappear so you need to have the text appear by default and then use script to have the object disappear.

In this example, the “JavaScript is Disabled…” message appears to the user only when JavaScript has been disabled. When script is enabled the text is not displayed as the initialize code “this.presence = “hidden”;” causes the text itself to disappear. If your form is Flowed then the space that the text appeared in will also be removed. With a positional page, the text will disappear but the blank space will remain.

To download the sample:

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2 Responses to Adobe Reader with JavaScript Disabled

  1. chully says:

    This works fine and great the 1st time but it wont default to this every time, which is what we want, because it maintains state. Once we’ve hidden the text via script because jscript was turned on. If it’s opened by another reader with jscript off, “Javascript Disabled” doesnt occurs since code hide it the last time.
    We dont want to necessarily set the preserve state to manual (File > Form Properties > Defaults in Designer) since we will then have to set the state of all conditional fields manually.

  2. VED says:

    I have this request. Is there anyway to activate or enable a Javascript that has been disabled on a Adobe Reader or Acrobat automatically when the file or a page is opened?