Solaris 10 Zones Support

LiveCycle Product Management confirms that general support for Solaris 10 Zones has been added with LiveCycle ES Update 1 Service Pack 1 (version and subsequent releases.

Adobe will support LiveCycle ES being deployed into both the Global Zone and into non-Global Zones on Solaris 10. The application server binaries can be installed into the Global zone with the WebSphere profile, WebLogic domain being resident in a non-Global Zone, LiveCycle ES can subsequently be deployed into the non-Global Zone. This is subject to the Application Servers restrictions on Zone configuration.

Note: Non-Global Zones on WebSphere require the following:
Create a new JVM custom property “adobeidp.RootDirectory” to point to the path where the Adobe native files are to be extracted (example /profiles//installedApps)

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