Validating LiveCycle Process Management

LiveCycle Process Management ES is essentially LiveCycle’s workflow management component. After installing LiveCycle, it is a very good idea to verify that workflow functions correctly in your environment.

1) Install Sample Orchestrations
Ensure that you choose to deploy ‘Samples’ which is the last major step during configuration by LiveCycle Configuration Manager (LCM).

2) Login using Workbench ES

3) In the Processes view, navigate to Samples – LiveCycle ES, then MortgageLoan – Prebuilt. Open the orchestration (MortgageLoan – Prebuilt – 1.0) for view. It is a simple 2-step mortgage loan application workflow. Any user can initiate the workflow. If the requested amount is $500,000 or more, the workitem will be routed to a (senior) Bank Manager. It the amount is less than $500,000, it will be routed to a Loan Officer. The ‘Bank Manager’ role is mapped to the built-in user Tony Blue. The ‘Loan Officer’ role is mapped to the built-in user Alex Pink.

Tony Blue or Alex Pink can approve or deny the loan application. At this point, the workflow is completed. These two users along with Kel Varsen and Rye Woodard are four built-in users belonging to the LiveCycle user domain called ‘Sample Organization, Finance Corp’ which gets installed when you choose to deploy ‘Samples’ using LCM.

4) Login to LiveCycle Workspace (http://server:port/workspace) as user ‘rwoodard‘ with password ‘password’. Click on the ‘Start Process’ icon. On the left pane, click on ‘Samples’. Click on the ‘MortgageLoan – Prebuilt’ icon. This will open up a PDF form. Type in values for ‘Property Price’ and ‘Downpayment’ so that the Mortgage amount is more than 500,000. Type in values for other fileds also. Do not check ‘Approved’ or ‘Declined’. Click the ‘Complete’ button at the bottom right. Logout.

5) Wait about 2 minutes. Log back in to Workspace as user ‘tblue‘ with password ‘password’. Click on the ‘To Do’ icon. You should now see an icon representing a new workitem (task). Click it. The previous PDF form should now open up with the values you typed in. Check the checkbox for ‘Approve’ and click the the ‘Complete’ button at the bottom right. Logout.

6) Log in to the LiveCycle Admin Console (http://server:port/adminui). Navigate to Services->LiveCycle Process Management ES->Task Search. In the search field for User Name, type in ‘Tony Blue’, check ‘Show Completed Task’ and click the ‘Search’ button. You should see a task listed with a status of ‘Completed’. Click on the Task ID and verify the timestamp and date.

7) You can now repeat this for a mortgage amount less than 500,000 and verify that the workitem (task) gets routed to Alex Pink (user ‘apink with password ‘password’).

If this does not work for you, Process Management is not functional in your environment. Look in the appserver instance’s log for clues on what might be wrong.

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