Re-Directing X11 (UNIX/Linux) Displays to Windows

LiveCycle’s InstallShield-based installer is GUI-based. If you are installing LiveCycle on an AIX/Solaris or Linux environment hosted in a datacenter, this will force you to connect to the desktops on those boxes via an X11 server from a remote Windows XP or Vista machine. Cygwin works fine in Windows XP but not on Windows Vista. Cygwin also has a very large disk footprint since in addition to being a X11 server, it is also a complete UNIX environment for Windows.

A much smaller footprint option is Xming. For Windows Vista as well as XP, Xming, along with an SSH client such as PuTTY will work great to export displays to Windows.

1) Download and install PuTTY from here.

2) Download and install Xming from here.
Follw installation instructions here.

3) Start Xming

4) Start PuTTY
Create a profile for your server. Make sure that the SSH->X11 setting is set to ‘Enable X11 Forwarding’. Save the profile.

5) Load the profile

6) Connect and login

7) Test using xclock
If the X11 packages are properly installed and configured on the server, you are now ready to test. For example, in Solaris 10, run the command:
and if everything works, you should have a clock window pop up on your Windows machine.

In SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, the command is /usr/X11R6/bin/xclock

8) Run the LiveCycle installer.

On some operating systems like AIX, this approach might not work. In those cases, try the following:

1) Create a batch file with the following contents:
@echo off
start Xming -query %REMOTE_HOST% -nodecoration -lesspointer -from %LOCAL_HOST% -notrayicon -clipboard

where is the DNS name of your UNIX host and is the IP address of your Windows client.

2) Copy it to the Xming folder. Run it to start Xming. You should get the UNIX machine’s login screen displayed on your Windows desktop. Login.

3) Run the LiveCycle installer.

To get the desktop to display, navigate to the Xming folder andstart Xming with the following command:
xming -query <server_ip_address> -once

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4 Responses to Re-Directing X11 (UNIX/Linux) Displays to Windows

  1. zzs says:

    Hi,Xming dosen’t work with windows7ciao.

  2. cayspekko says:

    ignore zzs, xming works fine in Windows 7. Using xming on Windows 7 Pro.

  3. Jayan Kandathil says:

    Xming works fine on my Windows 7 Professional laptop also.

  4. surendra says:

    ther are no any file in /usr/X11R6/bin
    where is Xclock file and directory