Reducing Latent CPU Utilization by LiveCycle JBoss Turnkey

While running the LiveCycle ES JBoss Turnkey (Windows), you will notice that even when you are not doing anything with LiveCycle, the CPU utilization is still about 5-10% If you use Microsoft’s Process Monitor and watch the JBossService.exe (or java.exe, for non-turnkey JBoss) process that hosts the JBoss instance, you will notice several operations that cause this. Here are some things you can do to manage this.

Disable the Watch Folder of the Digital Signatures Sample Orchestration
The watch folder is called ..\LCWatchFolder\Signatures\. In the LiveCycle AdminUI, navigate to Services->Applications and Services->Service Management. Filter on the category ‘Samples – DigitalSignatures’. Click on ‘VerifyDigitalSignatures: 1.0’. Click on the EndPoints tab. Check the checkbox against the ‘WatchedFolder’ provider and disable it.

The watch folder functionality of LiveCycle essentially works by frequently polling the input folder for any input documents. Login to the LiveCycle Admin UI and disable the watch folder, assuming you are not using it!

Watch folders are expensive but convenient. If you have too many watch folders configured, you run the risk of them overwhelming your CPUs even when there’s no work for them!

Configure LiveCycle Document Sweeps to Happen Less Often
In DEV environments, in the LiveCycle AdminUI, navigate to Settings->Core System Settings->Configurations and set ‘Document sweep interval’ to 600 (10 minutes) from the default 30 seconds.

Disable JBossAS Application Auto-deploy Feature
This feature also works by a polling mechanism. It is less expensive on the CPU front. This feature lets you just drag and drop a new application (WAR or EAR) into the \deploy folder of JBossAS and have it deployed and started automatically. This is a great feature in a development environment but should be turned off in production and test environments.

In %JBOSS_HOME%\server\all\conf\jboss-service.xml, set the attribute ‘ScanEnabled‘ of the mbean ‘org.jboss.deployment.scanner.URLDeploymentScanner’ to false.

Increase the JBossAS Log4J ConfigurationURL RefreshPeriod
In %JBOSS_HOME%\server\all\conf\jboss-service.xml, set the attribute ‘RefreshPeriod‘ of the mbean ‘org.jboss.logging.Log4jService’ to 600 (10 minutes) from the default 60 seconds.

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